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This meeting marks the 9th year of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group bringing Abraham into your lives and making life better for all of us.  We give thanks to Eddie Conner for introducing us to Abraham in 2001 and for taking notes at all the meetings so that we can produce this blog.  We thank Kathy for talking us into hosting these meetings.  We thank Robin for being at 101 of the 102 meetings and helping at the front desk.  Thanks also go to Burgandy for her front desk help.  And where would we be without PJ who takes photos and bails out Mike every time there is an AV glitch.  And special thanks to all our friends who keep coming back for more.  We love you all.  -Mike and Ramona

To start the meeting, Eddie Conner led us in another wonderful guided meditation entitled “The Crystal Chair”.  This and all his meditations are available on our channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  

The evening’s topic covered the newest concept from Abraham which they call “Calibrating.”  The opening video is called “Calibrate”  and is available, along with all our videos, on at MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe and receive all our videos as they are released.

In the video, Abraham covers two main points.  First, it may take some time to put all the pieces together for you to calibrate properly, but your patience will pay off.  Second, split your effort to calibrate into two parts – segment intending where you are asking for what you want, and calibrating where you are finding what’s in sync with your inner being.  The patience alludes to the time between the segment intending and the calibrating.  

During the process of segment intending, you identify where you are, and set your intention for what you want.  Say and write statements that activate good feelings about what is going to happen.  All these feel-good statements are calibrating to sync what you are asking for with your inner being.  Once you find what’s in sync with your inner being, you have calibrated your inner being to what you want.  

Just be patient between the segment intending and the calibrating.  You should hear yourself say “It is what it is” or “I have time to wait for the Law of Attraction to put all the pieces together” or “I’m certainly capable to wait for all the cooperative components to gather” and most important “I am willing to take my time to calibrate myself to the precision of this answer, and if it takes some time – so be it.”  When you feel impatient, ask yourself “Why?”  Your inner being is patient.  Why aren’t you?  If you just can’t get ahead of it, if it’s just not flowing, then take a break.  When you are ready, restart by calibrating to things you know you are in sync with, such as love and appreciation.  “I know my inner being is love, so I’ll calibrate to love.  I know my inner being is appreciative, so I’ll calibrate to appreciation.”  Just calibrate to general, familiar things to start the process.

It’s not about the time it takes - it’s about calibrating.  Your inner being is willing to give you as much time as needed to calibrate.  Once you start calibrating properly, you’ll find yourself needing to be a whole lot less patient because you’ll find a whole lot more happening.  Patience is only something that someone who hasn’t learned to calibrate energy needs to learn.  

Calibrating is really the process of preparing for Step 1, the “Ask.”   When you have calibrated properly, you have asked properly.  Now you are ready to go out into the world ready for Step 2, “It is given.”  

Comments from members about the video included the following:
Calibrating takes off the pressure.
Going general feels better and easier, so go general
The Universe doesn’t rush us – be patient.
The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum; the moment we have pure intention, the Universe fills it.
Start by making a list of things you love, appreciate and make you happy.
There is great power in pure relaxation and contemplation; it feels so good.
Sometimes it’s good to step away and realign with the end-result feeling - just let go.
Forcing things to happen always feels hard.
It’s never our job to figure out how and why; it’s our job to just feel good.
Remember, desperation prevents creation.
Writing general, pleasant things is a great way to calibrate and be in the flow.

What are some ways to calibrate:
Anything that makes you feel good will help you calibrate.
Write down things that your heart, mind, and soul love and appreciate. 
It’s easier to just allow in the beauty by setting your tone first thing each morning.
Calibration exercises automatically activate self-love.
Trust, know and receive - just for the joy of it.
Relax before you calibrate.
Meditation is a great calibration technique.

Why is it sometimes hard to calibrate?
We repeat old habits that no longer serve us.
We get in our own way with the nuts and bolts of physical.

How do we get in sync with our inner beings?
Listen to music.
Smile, even in traffic.
Focus on the beauty that surrounds us.
Listen to motivational speakers.
Pet your cat or dog.
Listen to Abraham's videos on
Be in nature.
Sing out loud in your car.
Be kind.
Focus on the good all around us.
Do self-love exercises.
Take a nap.
Observe periods of silence.
Have a mental gratitude list.
Be creative.
Express your artistic energy.
Take a shower.
Watch your favorite TV show or movie.
Sing or listen to silly songs that make you laugh.
Just laugh for no reason.
Practice deep, loving mindfulness.
Align with things that look and feel blissful.
Focus on kindness everywhere you go.
Fill your head with consistently happy thoughts.
Reach out to friends and say “I’m thinking about you”.
Reconnect with old friends.
Take breaks.

Ramona closed with the following comments.  We have been taught to calibrate to the feelings of others.  That means we are usually calibrating to a problem, which creates the solution.  It’s easier to calibrate to what is.  It takes a master to calibrate to your hopes and dreams.  It takes a willingness to feel bad just because so many others do.  Don’t harmonize with others DOWNWARD!  Harmonize UPWARD!  How?  Daily Meditation.  It quiets the mind which stops all calibration.  Get ahead of it.  Identify how you want to feel.  Confirm that feeling each morning and throughout the day.  Try an affirmation such as “I am whole, I am strong, I am happy, I am good at what I do, etc.  Calibrate to the wholeness of who you really are.  Then things just won’t bother you.

Our closing video was “Appreciation Goes Both Ways” from Abraham-Hicks Publications.
Thank you.  Our next meeting will be on March 9.  Hope to see you there.

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