Monday, August 6, 2018


Ramona welcomed the group and new members and guests were introduced.  

Eddie Conner provided a guided meditation designed to open the heart, heal chakras and help make better decisions.  Eddie’s meditation is available on YouTube.    

The group shared their wins since the last meeting via the Law of Attraction and how they happily, successfully and lovingly followed their bliss using Abraham-Hicks principles.

The opening video was “Decision Making – LOA Style” and is available on YouTube.   

Members shared their take on the video:
            The key is to follow the art of allowing.
            All paths lead to the perfect place.
            Indecision activates a wishy-washy energy.
            Inspired action is physical action that’s aligned with our pure emotional feelings.
When we harmonize physical and nonphysical as one, we are using our whole soul self.
Happy journey equals happy ending.
It’s fun finding ways to feel good for the simple joy of it.
Get ready to be ready to be ready - a great reminder from Esther Hicks.
If you make the wrong decision you get to make a new one, and another if needed.
I know that the Universe has my back unconditionally.
The art of allowing is the art of non-resistance.
Sometimes we question our ability to know.
The path of least resistance is a thought and feeling path – not an action path.
Whatever you offer vibrationally is the path of least resistance.
When on a negative rampage, it’s easier to stay on that than to change the thought.  When you are blissed out over something, it’s easier to stay on that.
Pay attention to your emotions to know why we feel the way we feel.
When you are in an insignificant place, it’s hard to determine the path of least resistance.  But, if you have activated your appreciation of life or your relationship or ???, then it is easy.
When you’ve taken the time to meditate, bask, dream…you will not react negatively.
You can’t take a wrong turn when you’re in sync with who you are, and you can’t take a right turn when you are not.
If you find yourself trying to please everyone, you will lose your compass and won’t know which way is up.

The Path of Least Resistance always feels good when you are following your bliss, your joy, your feel-good thoughts.  That’s when these action paths begin to unfold magically before you.

Our closing video was “Teen Stops Suicidal People” available on our YouTube Channel.    

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