Monday, March 9, 2020


To start the meeting, Eddie Conner led us in another wonderful guided visualization entitled “Letting Go of Self-Criticism – Guided Visualization”.   This and all his meditations are available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA

One of our members described how he did not listen to the doom’s day talk of the doctors when he was found to be HIV positive.  Instead, he cured himself through positive thinking. He is now known as “Miracle Mike”.  Here is a link to the Miracle Mike Video.  

Mike presented an LOA coronavirus update so that members could calibrate to their Source energy.  The message is it’s not the virus itself that is so dangerous. It’s the constant vibration emitted by the media at the same time the Universe is broadcasting a powerful well-being vibration 24/7.  To whom do you want to listen?  Ignore the subject and listen to Source’s signal.  Ramona’s mantra is “Count me out!”

The evening’s topic covered the subject of self-criticism.  The opening video is called “Letting Go of Self Criticism”  and is available, along with all our videos, on YouTube at MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe and receive all our videos as they are released.

In the video, Abraham helps a young man who was raised in an environment of criticism and has become critical of others and himself. He feels his critical behavior is due to his upbringing, but Abraham points out an alternative.  Sometimes when people are raised in a loving environment – it could be only one family member who exhibits uncompromising love – then they encounter the shock of dealing with the public.  However, this man’s situation is different.  

When he is in his favorite environment which is creative (singing, playing guitar) he is fine.  When he has to interact with others, however, he feels they are critical of him.  When you have the mindset that people are critical, the Law of Attraction is unable to find the path of least resistance and, therefore, unable to line you up with people who are loving.  

Abraham advises him to get to the point where he doesn’t need those people to love him in order to be loved.  He must determine what influence he was under when he rendezvoused with them.  If he feels vulnerable and victimized, then that is the type of person he is attracting.  If he feels tapped in, tuned in and turned on, then he will rendezvous with those who feel the same.

It is only your perception that keeps you from feeling good when starting an interaction with others.  The fellow thinks it is fear of being criticized.  Abraham explains that fear is merely not being in sync with your Inner Being.  When he feels guilty about something he has done, Abraham explains he is not listening to his Inner Being.  He is using the emotional guidance scale (link to emotional guidance scale) to beat himself up because of where he is on the scale.  Instead, he should use the scale as it is meant to be used – to discover where you are vibrationally and as an assist in moving up to a better, feel-good place.  The better you feel, the more like your Inner Being you will be at that moment.  Your Inner Being is NEVER critical of you for any reason.  So, when you are self-critical, you have moved away from your Inner Being.  That’s what makes you feel bad.  

Abraham encourages us to never give up on our desires.  What we need to do is give up on our resistance.  While in that field of resistance, however, we are struggling with what we really do want.  When we get to the point of giving up, and we give up the resistance, a breakthrough happens and we have access to all we put into our vortex.

The young man had overdosed and ended up in a psych ward.  Abraham explained that while he was unconscious, he released the resistance long enough that it provided him with a new vibrational set point.  That was his path of least resistance.  

Life and struggle and contrast cause us to place a lot of wants into our vibrational reality.  You may not realize it, but what we are doing is asking.  You know what you do not want, which means you know what you do want by default. It is actually step 1 – ASK.  

This vibrational reality was real; cooperative components are being gathered whether we are ready or not.  This is step 2 – It Is Given.

While he was unconscious and his vibrational setpoint was being reset, he was able to release the resistance which placed him in the receiving mode.  By releasing resistance and letting the cooperative components in, he was in step 3 – Allow.  And during the time he was unconscious, he received a great offer in his favorite field – music.

The group added their pearls of wisdom gleaned from the video, and their additional thoughts as follows:
-Not to speak more about what I don’t want.  Instead, I choose to look at and speak about all the things that I do want and that I do love.
-I take naps when I get knotted up because it makes me feel happier.
-Whatever I focus on expands, so I now look at good things for the joy of it.
-I no longer talk about bad customers or their nasty behavior because I don’t want to attract more of the same.
-I love connecting to my inner being.  It’s my first place to rendezvous.
-That my crippling thoughts feel more like static radio.  As a result, when I feel this emotional static, I choose to look at things that beef up my pure alignment to Source.
-Static feels bad; joy feels good.
-We are all guilty of “Shoulding” on ourselves.
-I don’t overanalyze any longer.  I play in my feel-good heart energy instead.
-Trust – I continue to trust my inner being and to trust my gut feelings.
-Our Inner Beings do not “go down the rabbit hole” when we do.  It holds the space for us until we choose to reconnect to it.
-Everything in our lives right now is an exact reflection of what we are vibrating.
-I love marinating in joy and a good feeling place because I’m learning to take good care of myself.  I realize that if I don’t, no one else will be a match to my desire for joy.
-I convert intellectual language into absolute heart-feeling language because feelings create 99.99% of our lives.
-Before I speak, I breathe.  Before I act, I breathe.  Before I think, I breathe.  I do so because that pause helps me focus on what I do want instead of what I don’t want.
-It’s fun to let go of my old story, just because.
It’s easier to count my blessings

We had two members who participated in love seat sessions.  Members happily played the “what if?” game.

Our closing video was “Kid Hero” from KOLR News in Springfield, Missouri. 
Thank you.  Our next meeting will be on April 6.  Hope to see you there.

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Monday, February 10, 2020


This meeting marks the 9th year of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group bringing Abraham into your lives and making life better for all of us.  We give thanks to Eddie Conner for introducing us to Abraham in 2001 and for taking notes at all the meetings so that we can produce this blog.  We thank Kathy for talking us into hosting these meetings.  We thank Robin for being at 101 of the 102 meetings and helping at the front desk.  Thanks also go to Burgandy for her front desk help.  And where would we be without PJ who takes photos and bails out Mike every time there is an AV glitch.  And special thanks to all our friends who keep coming back for more.  We love you all.  -Mike and Ramona

To start the meeting, Eddie Conner led us in another wonderful guided meditation entitled “The Crystal Chair”.  This and all his meditations are available on our channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  

The evening’s topic covered the newest concept from Abraham which they call “Calibrating.”  The opening video is called “Calibrate”  and is available, along with all our videos, on at MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe and receive all our videos as they are released.

In the video, Abraham covers two main points.  First, it may take some time to put all the pieces together for you to calibrate properly, but your patience will pay off.  Second, split your effort to calibrate into two parts – segment intending where you are asking for what you want, and calibrating where you are finding what’s in sync with your inner being.  The patience alludes to the time between the segment intending and the calibrating.  

During the process of segment intending, you identify where you are, and set your intention for what you want.  Say and write statements that activate good feelings about what is going to happen.  All these feel-good statements are calibrating to sync what you are asking for with your inner being.  Once you find what’s in sync with your inner being, you have calibrated your inner being to what you want.  

Just be patient between the segment intending and the calibrating.  You should hear yourself say “It is what it is” or “I have time to wait for the Law of Attraction to put all the pieces together” or “I’m certainly capable to wait for all the cooperative components to gather” and most important “I am willing to take my time to calibrate myself to the precision of this answer, and if it takes some time – so be it.”  When you feel impatient, ask yourself “Why?”  Your inner being is patient.  Why aren’t you?  If you just can’t get ahead of it, if it’s just not flowing, then take a break.  When you are ready, restart by calibrating to things you know you are in sync with, such as love and appreciation.  “I know my inner being is love, so I’ll calibrate to love.  I know my inner being is appreciative, so I’ll calibrate to appreciation.”  Just calibrate to general, familiar things to start the process.

It’s not about the time it takes - it’s about calibrating.  Your inner being is willing to give you as much time as needed to calibrate.  Once you start calibrating properly, you’ll find yourself needing to be a whole lot less patient because you’ll find a whole lot more happening.  Patience is only something that someone who hasn’t learned to calibrate energy needs to learn.  

Calibrating is really the process of preparing for Step 1, the “Ask.”   When you have calibrated properly, you have asked properly.  Now you are ready to go out into the world ready for Step 2, “It is given.”  

Comments from members about the video included the following:
Calibrating takes off the pressure.
Going general feels better and easier, so go general
The Universe doesn’t rush us – be patient.
The Universe doesn’t like a vacuum; the moment we have pure intention, the Universe fills it.
Start by making a list of things you love, appreciate and make you happy.
There is great power in pure relaxation and contemplation; it feels so good.
Sometimes it’s good to step away and realign with the end-result feeling - just let go.
Forcing things to happen always feels hard.
It’s never our job to figure out how and why; it’s our job to just feel good.
Remember, desperation prevents creation.
Writing general, pleasant things is a great way to calibrate and be in the flow.

What are some ways to calibrate:
Anything that makes you feel good will help you calibrate.
Write down things that your heart, mind, and soul love and appreciate. 
It’s easier to just allow in the beauty by setting your tone first thing each morning.
Calibration exercises automatically activate self-love.
Trust, know and receive - just for the joy of it.
Relax before you calibrate.
Meditation is a great calibration technique.

Why is it sometimes hard to calibrate?
We repeat old habits that no longer serve us.
We get in our own way with the nuts and bolts of physical.

How do we get in sync with our inner beings?
Listen to music.
Smile, even in traffic.
Focus on the beauty that surrounds us.
Listen to motivational speakers.
Pet your cat or dog.
Listen to Abraham's videos on
Be in nature.
Sing out loud in your car.
Be kind.
Focus on the good all around us.
Do self-love exercises.
Take a nap.
Observe periods of silence.
Have a mental gratitude list.
Be creative.
Express your artistic energy.
Take a shower.
Watch your favorite TV show or movie.
Sing or listen to silly songs that make you laugh.
Just laugh for no reason.
Practice deep, loving mindfulness.
Align with things that look and feel blissful.
Focus on kindness everywhere you go.
Fill your head with consistently happy thoughts.
Reach out to friends and say “I’m thinking about you”.
Reconnect with old friends.
Take breaks.

Ramona closed with the following comments.  We have been taught to calibrate to the feelings of others.  That means we are usually calibrating to a problem, which creates the solution.  It’s easier to calibrate to what is.  It takes a master to calibrate to your hopes and dreams.  It takes a willingness to feel bad just because so many others do.  Don’t harmonize with others DOWNWARD!  Harmonize UPWARD!  How?  Daily Meditation.  It quiets the mind which stops all calibration.  Get ahead of it.  Identify how you want to feel.  Confirm that feeling each morning and throughout the day.  Try an affirmation such as “I am whole, I am strong, I am happy, I am good at what I do, etc.  Calibrate to the wholeness of who you really are.  Then things just won’t bother you.

Our closing video was “Appreciation Goes Both Ways” from Abraham-Hicks Publications.
Thank you.  Our next meeting will be on March 9.  Hope to see you there.

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Our YouTube videos at, search for  MikeAndRamona.LOA  

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Monday, January 13, 2020


After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a meditation “To Merge With Light” available on our YouTube channel at To Merge With Light.

Tonight’s video is entitled “Tell A New Story” and may be accessed through our YouTube channel at MikeAndRamona.LOA.  In the video, Abraham does one of her rampages explaining how to create your new story.  If you are getting a lot of what you do not want in life, this video will explain how to create a new story of what you do want.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Go to and search for MikeAndRamona.LOA to subscribe and see these and all our videos as they are released.

To create a new story you must first think the thought that gives you relief before things can change.  Everything we are living is in response to the story we are telling.  It is a result of what we say, the way we feel and the way we think,  If a thought makes you unhappy or feeling negativity, you must change that thought to one that makes you happy and lighthearted. You must tell the story the way you want it to be.

Try hearing the story Source is telling you.  When Source says “All is well”, what do you say?  “Well, Source, if all is well, what about this; what about that?”  Thoughts and feelings such as these are counterproductive to a happy life.  Instead, you need to look upon the “this’s and that’s” as contrast which leads us to knowing what we do want.  It’s the “what we do wants” that should be in our new story.

Start telling the story in a way that shifts your emotion, like “I am abundant”.  Instead of thinking about what is, think about what you want it to be.  Nothing ever turns out different than what you expect.  Stop telling the story of what you already lived; write about where you are going, how you want it to play out, and what emotions you want to feel.  If there are areas that need tweaking, tell about those areas.  Make it an empowering story that works for you rather than against you.  Remember you have lived long enough to know what you don’t want.  Start a notebook or journal and call it “My Life Story”.  Chapter one is “My life story relative to abundance, relationships, etc.”  Begin telling the story of your desires.  Add details of positive aspects you can find that match those desires.  Embellish your positive expectation and do a “wouldn’t it be nice if…”  

Do not let the comments of others affect your story.  Tell it the way YOU want it to be.  Something like this; that you are abundant in nature, well-being is always coming to me, I am often understood by the people I am interacting with, I’m loving life, it’s fun to expand and grow, I love the contrast because it helps me identify the things I want, my life just gets better and better, I know who I am, I feel the well-being, I’m detached from the thoughts of others, and I know the purpose of my life.

Practice the story that resonates with who you really are, and it becomes your vibration.  Think it; feel it; vibrate it and it will become your life.  If you say you have to work hard for what comes to you, then you will have to work hard for what comes to you.  Instead, say things are coming easier and I’m beginning to understand how the universe flows, I am understanding the vibrational flow, I’m leveraging my time more by pre-paving, I’m not reacting to so many things, I’m sensitive to energy, I’m more intuitive, People like me.  

Also know that no matter what happens, you can always improve your story or even create a new story.  You can tell a better and better story, no matter what, because you are in control of your own destiny.  Love your expansion!  Love where you are!  Love where you are going!  Love where you’ve been!  That’s the story you want to tell !

The group contributed their thoughts generated from watching the video:

We each have the power and capability to do your own appreciation rampage throughout the day.

We are reminded to use our inner being consistently instead of only using our physical assertion.

Practice, practice, practice the new story you desire in your heart of hearts.

The less attachment you have to what you do want, the faster it will manifest across the board.

Appreciate your talent and power on a consistent basis.

Make sure you are a vibrational match to your inner being.

It feels good, really good, to deliberately align yourself with your highest good.

Do not seek acknowledgment or approval or validation from others; instead, see, hear, love, and joyously appreciate all of yourself.

Rewriting our new stories is about vacating the old shanties of our past and standing inside the mansions of our conscious and subconscious minds.

Change is really our friend – if we allow it.  It’s our playmate, a place of life-changing momentum.

Take care of yourself first, and be gentle with yourself.

Practice the art of not caring and it works great. 

Contrast is not the enemy; it’s a gift.  It teaches powerful new ways to see and live our lives.  It’s your playmate.

Be positive regardless of whatever is physically going on at the time.

Let go of control.

Focus on the good parts of people.

When you pivot, do so into the positive aspects of your life instead of your old story.

When you change your story regularly you start to see your true power.

Ramona led the group into the “Love Seat” for the “What If?” game.  Members beautifully allowed the group to shower them with subjects like:
A career in the creative arts
Launching a TV show
Extreme financial success

Each member of the group wrote out the problem, issue or attribute they wish to get rid of in 2020.  Ramona and Mike will take them to their home and burn them so they will no longer bother us.

We have a private Facebook page with daily posts by Ramona.  Members may add Abraham/Law of Attraction posts if they wish.  Here is the link: Private Facebook Page.

Our next meetup will be February 10.  Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019



After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a meditation to release old outdated beliefs inside an amethyst and clear quartz crystal.  This meditation  may be heard on our channel at Releasing Outdated Beliefs

Tonight’s video was a combination of three hot-seat episodes in which Esther uses humor to make three important points.  The video is entitled Funny Abraham Moments and may be viewed on at FunnyAbrahamMoments.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Go to and search for MikeAndRamona.LOA to subscribe and see these and all our videos as they are released.

The first episode is entitled “Esther’s Revenge”.  The hot-seat person is wondering why his inner being is sending him weird/crazy thoughts. Abraham’s key point is that your thoughts become manifestations that realize into the creation of our initial thought.  So, be careful of your first thoughts.  You can be in the receptive mode of your inner being or in the receptive mode of trouble or torment.  If you are overwhelmed or angry, be careful about how it plays out.  Esther gave an example of how someone took her parking spot and what she did to them.  If you feel great, however, watch as things line up and unfold for you.

In the second segment, Abraham states that when we were non-physical we were Source Energy Consciousness.  That energy can remain when we become physical entities.  When we tune into that frequency it is amazing and exuberant.  We feel clarity.  All we need to do is STOP doing “That thing you do” that cuts us off from those feelings – things like worry or fussing over non-controllable events.  Just give up control of the uncontrollable because those things are controlled by the Law of Attraction.  When you decide to control the way you feel by achieving emotional clarity, then emotional manifestations take place.  The process will be easy:  Emotions – Thoughts – Visualization.  Abraham gives an example of Esther’s recent experience with the TSA.

The third segment shows us how easy to manifest when coming from a state of emotional clarity.  When you ask, it is given!  Period.

The key take-aways were:
Focus on what you DO want.
Give up the uncontrollable things in life and you will be happier.
The only things you CAN control are how you think, feel and react.
When you ask, it is given.  Just be in the receptive mode to recognize it.
Let go of attachment and give love unconditionally.
We are always changing and evolving.  We do best when we go with the flow.

Before the potluck and “Get to know one another” game, members prepared their annual letters to the Universe listing their three biggest desires for 2020.  

Our next meeting will be January 13, 2020.  Please note – due to the holidays, this is a little later in the month than normal.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019



Tonight’s meeting is a mastermind in which members may ask any question and the group provides Abraham based guidance.  It was so successful we decided to forgo the showing of any videos.

Ramona greeted members and guests and introduced EDDIE CONNER who provided a GUIDED MEDITATION which may be viewed on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  

The first person wanted to know the role of detachment in attracting what you want, like a new, better job.

Put the desire out there (Ask for what you want) and then just do whatever makes you happy.  The job will come to you.
Don’t think with your brain, use your gut.  Concentrate on appreciation, excitement and belonging.
Harmonize with the core essence of the type of job you desire.
Flow energy towards the job you want before you go to sleep and before you get out of bed each morning.
Figure out why you are attached to the outcome so you can let go of the negative feelings.
Be in the place and space of receiving what you want and why you want it.
Let go of nerves.
Let go of worry.
Let go of fear.
Let go of insecurity.
Let go of outdated programs.
Make a list of all the positive attributes you want in your new career position.

How do I feel good when it seems that everything in my work and money are going down the drain.

Go general.
Break old patterns.  This current situation is only temporary.  Concentrate on creating a new, artistic and expansive YOU.
Don’t use your worry as an imaginative, magnetizing tool because you will accidentally keep attracting more of what you don’t want.
Send light.
Send love and pure appreciation to everything that already is working for you, not against you.
Simply focus on what you want.

Need a lift?

Find someone with whom you can play the “Top That” game. For examplet, the first person says “I found a hundred dollar bill”. Second person tops that by saying, I won a million dollars in the lottery.  And so on…  It will make you both feel good.

How do I feel good when I have to take in a difficult parent?

Send them light and love before they move in.
Set boundaries.  Just say “no”.
Go general with your intentions.  
Take care of yourself FIRST!
Visualize your parent finding alternative housing and being happy.

Why do I continue attracting relationships with men who get sick and die?

Your vibration is where you last left it.
You are a healer and you attract people who desire to be healed.
The definition of a love relationship is one of giving more to it than I get back.
Learn to put yourself first, others second.
Stop talking about what is.  Talk about what you want in your heart of hearts.
Focus only on all the things that are working, that feel peaceful, that lift you up, that inspire your heart, mind, and soul.

Our next meeting is our annual holiday meeting/pot luck on December 9.  Click here to sign up now.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 7, 2019


After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation “A Desire to Fix Things”, available on our YouTube channel.  

The first video was “A Desire to Fix Things”, available on our YouTube channel.    In it Patrick, one of our members, was invited to the hot-seat and expressed his desire to want to fix things.  Abraham explained that is a normal human response.  Since subconscious thoughts are not active, we just need to leave them where they are.  Anything we focus upon, however, will get bigger.  If we go to a healer to fix whatever is broken inside us, the healer will usually try to dig as deeply as possible into the broken “part” to get to the root of the issue.  Abraham equates that type of analysis to digging a deep hole from which we start a journey uphill. Abraham suggests a better approach would be to start from where you are and head towards where you want to be.

Abraham says “You are where you are.  Just make peace with where you are.”  Whenever you find yourself in a state of negative emotion, Source would tell you to just go to bed.  If you try to fix things while in a state of negative emotion you eventually get to a point where you just give up.  

Patrick described an experience he had in a breath workshop concentrating on the chakras.  Some negative emotions came to the surface.  Instead of focusing on the issue that arose, he worked his way through the emotions and, at the end of the exercise, he felt really good. 

When attempting to get to the bottom of something like a childhood trauma, your Inner Being or Source are not going to bring that solution to you because you are concentrating on a negative thought.  If you concentrate on the trauma, it just gets bigger like any negative emotion.  Thankfully, when you focus on the good in life, the good also just gets bigger.  EVERYTHING WE FOCUS UPON GETS BIGGER.  The natural conclusion is do not focus on the problem.  Instead, focus on the SOLUTION.

Members added the following:  Focus on the fix, not the problem; If you want to go up in life, don’t go down first; Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want; When we choose to appreciate things, we can shift from negativity to a high; No two things can occupy the same space at the same time; The fix is the desired end result of joy we are reaching for; Happiness is always alive and well within us whether we’re aware of it or not;  Pick up “the end of the stick” that’s what you do want-not what you don’t want; Remember we are worthy, aligned and enough; As humans we may move backwards, but our inner being is always moving forward.

The second video was “Contrast Leads to Solution” available on our YouTube channel.  Patrick describes how our Inner Being can lead us through a moment of contrast knowing that will lead us to a solution.  That’s because our Inner Being knows where we are and only wants thriving and well-being for us.  Patrick’s breath work was a form of meditation because it made him focus upon one thing – the problem.  But then Patrick disengaged from the problem and concentrated on his breath, he connected with Source and had a step 5 (contrast) moment where his Inner Being addressed the problem and determined its irrelevance.  

Contrast is merely variety.  Resistance is a slowing or stopping of the energy.  Patrick’s breath work allowed him to focus on the problem in a meditative state which showed him what the issue was AND THE SOLUTION.  

We are on a continuum of “Becoming.”  Everything that has happened before is developing momentum. Where you are now is the sum total of all you have lived.  And where you are now affords you constant new choices.  That provides you with a “picture” of the possibilities that are ahead of you.  Listen to your Inner Being when deciding on the choices.  Over time, as you move through those choices, you will lessen the resistance.  As humans we have the feeling that in order to move forward we must sacrifice and suffer and earn.  Once we get over those feelings, then large amounts of resistance fall by the wayside.  Resistance isn’t all bad; consider it a step 5 moment in which it activates your Inner Being to lead you to the solution.  

It is important to maintain a positive now reality.  If your manifestations are positive, but your now reality is negative, you will only bring out more negatives.  You must have a positive now reality to manifest positive results.  You can’t completely ignore your past because it is part of your continuum of becoming.  Just don’t concentrate on the negatives.  Sift through the past step 5 moments.  And by listening to your Inner Being in making choices you will be leaning towards a positive becoming which is leaning in the direction of who you really are.  Once you like what you are becoming and what you are, you can say “Thank you for everything that I’ve been, that led to everything that I am, that’s leading to everything that I’m becoming”.  That is forgiving yourself!  

Patrick’s discussed his experience in the hot seat.  Staying in step 5, even with his history, feels good to him because he knows that coming from a good place, the contrast can help lead to a solution.  Redirecting his focus is the key since he knows his power in is the “now”.  Looking back at his past, he can see it and talk about it without resistance.

Members added the following:  We are reminded that we did our best back in the day; Forgiveness is not needed; Even in contrast, we can stay calm; Remember to breathe so we can feel better by choice; Contrast is really just variety providing many delicious things from which to choose; The law of attraction has always been my friend; Use your natural gifts to stay in your personal natural flow; We should avoid revisiting our past for the reason something isn’t working today-rather we should stay in the moment and choose the highest thought possible; It’s more fun to sift through the beautiful moments past, present and beyond; There are gifts everywhere today-love looking for them and speaking about them daily; Feel good because it feels good to feel good; Abraham doesn’t talk about learning lessons-instead Abraham speaks of being, awareness and alignment; Our inner being is always giving us a way to reframe and align with our personal evolution; Breathwork, which is really a form of meditation, can keep us happily shifted and miraculously redirected to what we do want.

Our next meeting will be Monday, November 4 at 7PM. The topic will be “Bring it On” – Your Law of Attraction Questions Answered in a Mastermind Format.  All questions will be answered, so bring ‘em on!

Monday, September 9, 2019

It's Not Your Job

The topic this evening is NOT YOUR JOB.  The meaning behind the topic is to help us determine what we should be concerned with and what should we not worry about.

Eddie Conner provided another inspiring meditation, available on our YouTube channel at Eddie Conner Meditation. This and many of his past meditations are available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA

The opening video,It’s Not Your Job, is available on our YouTube channel at It’s Not Your Job.  In it, Abraham explains we don’t need to worry about how the earth spins, or if the sun is going to rise, or if our heart will pump blood through our veins.  It’s not your job to worry about things such as these because they are not action-oriented jobs.  Just relax and spend time thinking about things you can do to improve the world we live in.  We don’t need to withdraw from life; just remember there is an energy that creates worlds and it is working for you because you are blessed and deserving.  

When you are exposed to things that are unpleasant, such as people who are hungry or homeless, that experience sends up rockets of desire on how it could be better.  Those rockets are recognized by the energy that creates worlds and that, in turn, gives birth to a better world.  But, if you keep focusing on the problem, and don’t line up with the way you and the Universe would like to see it, nothing will change.  We must quit focusing on the problem and spend our time and energy aligning with the way we want the world to be.  

The animals and babies come into this world expecting well-being to flow.  How can we change the world to make it a better place for us and the animals and babies? Step back from it all for a month and tap into your true power.  Tell yourself you are going to predominantly daydream.  Show up in your wholeness expecting good things and inspiration to come in a timely manner. You will be accessing a higher power through your daydreaming.  Abraham says the energy of a non-resistant thought is more powerful than that of an atom bomb.

Abraham tells the story about Estherwaiting in the first-class lounge at the airport.  She received impulses to take a drink of water, to use a breath mint, and then to go to the departure gate about an hour earlier than needed.  When she was at the gate, someone recognized her and exclaimed that she had been wishing and hoping to run into her.  Esther realized that the person had been sending those thoughts and Esther, having followed each impulse, was drawn to her.  An example of how powerful and energetic those non-resistant thoughts can be.

The Universe knows everything you want and when you follow the impulses, you will be led to the path of least resistance which will give you the most fun along the way.  Usually, however, we want the big payoff, like winning the lottery, instead of the many smaller payoffs we get.  The Universe wants us to understand those smaller payoffs are just as rewarding. When we daydream, we are maintaining a feeling of alignment.  By following our impulses moment by moment, the Universe is delivering the best it has to offer.  That’s what living happily ever after really is.  Our lives will be filled with abundance, amazing rendezvous, and everything we need.

There is nothing we cannot be, or do, or have.  If we hold ourselves in vibrational resistance, however, our minds are enveloped in our resistance instead of where we want to be. Sometimes this is due to measuring our success in life against what others have done, how they have disapproved of us, etc.  In effect, we have given our power over to them.  When we understand this, we will allow ourselves to purposefully daydream and that will create vibrational alignment with what we want. 

Just daydream more, as you did when you were a child.  Start leveraging the energy that creates worlds, go to more places where you feel good, and daydream.  Give yourself time to sit still while your vibration rises so you can receive the impulses to put you in at the right place at the right time for the things you are looking for.  

The salient points picked up by the group were -- relax and allow good things to come, follow your impulses, let go of the struggle and just let it be, remember to take breaks and do the things you enjoy, let go of your old habits of thought one at a time.  Remember to let go of all the things that no longer serve you. Allow resistance to be your friend.  Remember that contrast births new rockets of desire; therefore, out of contrast comes beautiful things.  Each day do your part to choose joy and happiness over your old patterns of worry. An old adage is that when we work 30% less we make 100% more.  

We all have self-doubts.  We get them through habit, learning the wrong things to focus upon, following the crowd before we learn to follow our inner guidance system.  We also become complacent instead of staying in the flow of our inner guidance.

We can overcome self-doubt by using a number of tools at our disposal.  Dare to daydream, enjoy the small victories, focus on the happy moments, play, imagine, pretend, make-believe, be in the moment.  

A question was raised asking how to stay in the “not your job” mood when it comes to global warming and climate change.  The answer is no one person can reverse the situation.  We must all do our part.  If each person in the world planted one tree it would replace the damage being done to the Brazilian rain forest.  Just focus on what you want instead of the opposite.  Pay attention to, and place your focus upon what is working for the greater good.  The newer generations coming into this world is comprised of advanced souls that are coming forth to participate in healing our planet. Remember, the Universe always has our back.

Summary.  When we are faced with contrast or resistance, remember that’s what sends up rockets of desire for what you truly want.  Allow yourself to daydream about how you can contribute to the solution of the problem, the resistance, the contrast.  Don’t concentrate on the problem or on things over which you have no control. Daydream solutions.  Just daydream more.

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Our next meeting will be on October 7.  Hope to see you there.