Monday, September 9, 2019

It's Not Your Job

The topic this evening is NOT YOUR JOB.  The meaning behind the topic is to help us determine what we should be concerned with and what should we not worry about.

Eddie Conner provided another inspiring meditation, available on our YouTube channel at Eddie Conner Meditation. This and many of his past meditations are available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA

The opening video,It’s Not Your Job, is available on our YouTube channel at It’s Not Your Job.  In it, Abraham explains we don’t need to worry about how the earth spins, or if the sun is going to rise, or if our heart will pump blood through our veins.  It’s not your job to worry about things such as these because they are not action-oriented jobs.  Just relax and spend time thinking about things you can do to improve the world we live in.  We don’t need to withdraw from life; just remember there is an energy that creates worlds and it is working for you because you are blessed and deserving.  

When you are exposed to things that are unpleasant, such as people who are hungry or homeless, that experience sends up rockets of desire on how it could be better.  Those rockets are recognized by the energy that creates worlds and that, in turn, gives birth to a better world.  But, if you keep focusing on the problem, and don’t line up with the way you and the Universe would like to see it, nothing will change.  We must quit focusing on the problem and spend our time and energy aligning with the way we want the world to be.  

The animals and babies come into this world expecting well-being to flow.  How can we change the world to make it a better place for us and the animals and babies? Step back from it all for a month and tap into your true power.  Tell yourself you are going to predominantly daydream.  Show up in your wholeness expecting good things and inspiration to come in a timely manner. You will be accessing a higher power through your daydreaming.  Abraham says the energy of a non-resistant thought is more powerful than that of an atom bomb.

Abraham tells the story about Estherwaiting in the first-class lounge at the airport.  She received impulses to take a drink of water, to use a breath mint, and then to go to the departure gate about an hour earlier than needed.  When she was at the gate, someone recognized her and exclaimed that she had been wishing and hoping to run into her.  Esther realized that the person had been sending those thoughts and Esther, having followed each impulse, was drawn to her.  An example of how powerful and energetic those non-resistant thoughts can be.

The Universe knows everything you want and when you follow the impulses, you will be led to the path of least resistance which will give you the most fun along the way.  Usually, however, we want the big payoff, like winning the lottery, instead of the many smaller payoffs we get.  The Universe wants us to understand those smaller payoffs are just as rewarding. When we daydream, we are maintaining a feeling of alignment.  By following our impulses moment by moment, the Universe is delivering the best it has to offer.  That’s what living happily ever after really is.  Our lives will be filled with abundance, amazing rendezvous, and everything we need.

There is nothing we cannot be, or do, or have.  If we hold ourselves in vibrational resistance, however, our minds are enveloped in our resistance instead of where we want to be. Sometimes this is due to measuring our success in life against what others have done, how they have disapproved of us, etc.  In effect, we have given our power over to them.  When we understand this, we will allow ourselves to purposefully daydream and that will create vibrational alignment with what we want. 

Just daydream more, as you did when you were a child.  Start leveraging the energy that creates worlds, go to more places where you feel good, and daydream.  Give yourself time to sit still while your vibration rises so you can receive the impulses to put you in at the right place at the right time for the things you are looking for.  

The salient points picked up by the group were -- relax and allow good things to come, follow your impulses, let go of the struggle and just let it be, remember to take breaks and do the things you enjoy, let go of your old habits of thought one at a time.  Remember to let go of all the things that no longer serve you. Allow resistance to be your friend.  Remember that contrast births new rockets of desire; therefore, out of contrast comes beautiful things.  Each day do your part to choose joy and happiness over your old patterns of worry. An old adage is that when we work 30% less we make 100% more.  

We all have self-doubts.  We get them through habit, learning the wrong things to focus upon, following the crowd before we learn to follow our inner guidance system.  We also become complacent instead of staying in the flow of our inner guidance.

We can overcome self-doubt by using a number of tools at our disposal.  Dare to daydream, enjoy the small victories, focus on the happy moments, play, imagine, pretend, make-believe, be in the moment.  

A question was raised asking how to stay in the “not your job” mood when it comes to global warming and climate change.  The answer is no one person can reverse the situation.  We must all do our part.  If each person in the world planted one tree it would replace the damage being done to the Brazilian rain forest.  Just focus on what you want instead of the opposite.  Pay attention to, and place your focus upon what is working for the greater good.  The newer generations coming into this world is comprised of advanced souls that are coming forth to participate in healing our planet. Remember, the Universe always has our back.

Summary.  When we are faced with contrast or resistance, remember that’s what sends up rockets of desire for what you truly want.  Allow yourself to daydream about how you can contribute to the solution of the problem, the resistance, the contrast.  Don’t concentrate on the problem or on things over which you have no control. Daydream solutions.  Just daydream more.

The closing video may be found at  

Our next meeting will be on October 7.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, August 5, 2019


After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a meditation “A Gift of Love” available on  

The opening video was “Trust the Universe” available on YouTube through our channel MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Abraham is asked “How much can we trust the Universe?”  

Abraham says that this is an exercise in continuing attention because we are a continuing, evolving, fast changing being.  We create through our attention, which in other words is through our emission of vibration.  Our struggle comes about because we have become used to our way of doing things in the past, and now there are new ways.  In effect we have one foot in the old world, and one in the new, which creates a struggle.

The newer generations, however, don’t have that struggle.  They are pure positive energy and know where they should be headed. And what do we do with these new entries into our world?  We try our best to teach them the old ways, the ways with which we are comfortable.  We pull them out of the path they know is the right one for them, and we try our best to focus them on our reality.  And when they don’t comply, when they act out because we are forcing them in a direction they don’t want to go, what happens? We complain about it.  THAT KEEPS US FROM THE REALITY WE WANT.  

Abraham told a story about Esther travelling and encountering a flight delay.  Esther thought about how she had been lied to in the past and the flights that had been delayed, then cancelled.  She almost fell into the trap of worrying about how she was going to get to her final destination.  Then she realized she had plenty of time to either fly there or rent a car and driver. That relaxed her enough that she remembered the Universe has your back, no matter what.  So, Esther trusted that everything always works out for her, and waited for the flight to be boarded, which it did exactly when the delayed flight departure board indicated.

The moral of the story is that the Universe always has a plan for you.  You don’t have to figure it out.  Often when you try to figure it out on your own, you create more unnecessary resistance.  Things are always working out for you and nothing serious is really going on. Sometimes it is tempting to play out the worst case scenario because we want the adventure; we want to prove our worthiness; we want to triumph.

Abraham encourages us to be playful and have fun with our lives.  Accept the surprises the Universe has in store for us and delight in as many ways as we want.  NEVER ask the Universe to give you exactly what you’ve planned for yourself.  That would lead to a very boring life.  If you allow the Universe to reach out to all the possibilities, then it will “stand on its head” to give you all you want, when you want it.

The video brought out some good thoughts.  Just relax, chill out, take a breath, go general and let it go. Observe the things that are working for you.  Remember you can activate a new consciousness in only 17 seconds.  There is nothing really serious going on.  Just stay in the moment with the proper intention for the joy of it.  Meditate, take inventory of everything that is working out for you, count your blessings, segment intend and visualize what you do want.

Let go of the past, especially if it is negative.  Focus on feeling good because it lowers resistance.  Do not sweat the small stuff because in the end, it’s all small stuff. Feel the mantra “Let it go”.  Pull white light from the crown chakra through your body, mind and spirit. Play with your pets; connect with other like-minded people; think better and better thoughts; channel love to yourself and others.

It’s not your job to solve the world’s problems.  It ISyour job to stay in the flow of the Universe so you attract solutions.  Everything in our lives is an opportunity to beautifully stay tapped in, tuned in and turned on to the pure, positive energy of the Universe.  Know in your heart that everything always works out for you for your best and highest good.  Ask yourself what feels best in this moment; then use your inner guidance system to get the answers.

The group played the “What if” game for a member who seeks the highest and best way to attract a better job.  In the game, the group  suggests ideas that add positive energy to the end result the member desires. The group offered the following.  Make it a game; play the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” game to elevate your energy; love the job you are in now; list everything you appreciate about your current job.  Play the “My job” game, as in my job is to feel good; my job is to chill out; my job is to appreciate; my job is to be in the moment; my job is to feel joyous.

Believe you can have what you most desire; trust and accept and rejoice - the Universe will provide unconditionally; let go of control - be in the flow; remember to let go and just enjoy the process as it unfolds; do mini-shifts every five minutes to realign your purest intentions; create a sound track of music that amplifies your core essence energy; play guided meditations that take your heart, mind and soul to the perfect career you strongly want; know that you are right on time.

Ramona asked the group what makes them feel blissful. Suggestions were nature, meditation, hiking, pets, music, beach, photography, friends, appreciation, dancing, making love, good food, aha moments, sound baths, being there for others, listening to Abraham, and rejoicing in the beauty all around us.

Some books were recommended.  Sanaya Roman’sOpening to Channel”, “Soul Love”, “Spiritual Growth”, “Personal Power Through Awareness”, “Creating Money”, “Living With Joy”, and others.  Sanaya is a great Law of Attraction teacher and specializes in sending light, lowering resistance, and harmonizing with the heart’s desire.  Also recommended was “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

Ramona read the following mantra which the group repeated out loud.
Dear Universe, I am happily going to chill more than in the past, and to trust the Universe much more often. So be it.

The closing video was “Simple Acts of Kindness – Paying it Forward” available on YouTube.  

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


After Ramona welcomed members and guests, we participated in the Five-Minute Calming Meditation by The Honest Guys available on YouTube. 

Ramona introduced David Minkin, International Champion of Magic and a member of our group. Before entertaining us with some of his magic, we showed a short video explaining how he persevered in the development of his latest act.  A sample of his magic may be viewed here along with information about his show. When you buy tickets, use the code "LOA" to get a discounted price.

The opening video was “Magical Perseverance” available on YouTube.  

Life causes you to create, even when you don’t realize it’s happening, and causes you to launch rockets of desire.  Those rockets of desire gather in your vortex.  Then, your Inner Being draws more to you until it becomes a vibration. As the vibration is enhanced, it becomes a thought, which is also your vision.  So, once it becomes a thought/vision and builds momentum, it will become a thing/reality UNLESS you think in opposition to it.  

Examples of opposition to your thought/vision are thoughts such as “It’s too hard; it’s too late; it’s never been done before” etc.  Those statement and thoughts wipe out the momentum you’ve built up towards obtaining your vision.  You can have results, or you can have excuses, but you cannot have both!

You can hold your vision even when contrast rears its ugly head. Remember your Inner Being never stops thinking those thoughts and never stops projection them to you.  All you need to do is stop thinking the thoughts that are in opposition to your vision so that you get back into the receptive mode.  How do you do that?  GET HAPPY AND STAY HAPPY.  That’s when thoughts become things.  And that’s what rings your bell.

When you are feeling you are losing the momentum, it’s because you are countering your vision with other thoughts that are in opposition to your vision. You are the only one who can add resistance to your vision.  Instead, focus forward.  Stop looking at the resistance because that builds more resistance.  Stop the gremlins in your head.  Be nice to yourself.  Go slowly.  Go general. You’ll get more clarity and make better decisions.  You have to catch it early, though.  And here’s what you need to do:
         Care about how you feel.
         Recognize that you are a vibrational being.
         Remember that vibrations matter.
         Make sure your opinion is in sync with your Inner Being
This will make you feel wonderful.  If in contradiction, you will feel terrible.

Your Inner Being knows your desire and knows the path of least resistance to get you there. If there is any resistance, YOU PUT IT THERE!  BUT, your Inner Being gives you guidance through clues to get you through, over, and around the resistance you put there.  So, your singular intention should be to remain in connection with your Inner Being so you can receive the clues/impulses it sends you.

The vortex did its job and held our desire/vision.  That part has been accomplished.  What comes next is the desire/vision becoming true – thoughts becoming things. What stops it is the resistance we place in its way.  What we must do is remain in connection with our Inner Being, follow the clues to get around the resistance, and perseverance in maintaining the vision and remaining in the receptive mode.  That’s how thoughts become things.  Through perseverance.  

Members added the following thoughts:
Choose to stay in a feeling of joy.
Allow yourself to be right.
Make the right decisions.
Love yourself regardless.
Flip negativity to happiness.
Follow your inner guidance.
Realize you are complete, healed and perfect.
Meditate when you awake to set the tone for the day.
Send your body love.
Substitute negativity into pure positive thoughts.
Make your heart and soul sing.
Hold a vision of the world in love.
Find ease and flow in life.
Change perseverance into “ease-everance”.
Realize how powerful we are.
Every day at noon chant “Peace and Love”.
Feed your pure thoughts and feelings over the negative ones.
Stay calm, cool and solution oriented.
Physical effort is not the only component that creates our reality.
Our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies create 99.99% of our reality.
Learn to let go.
Allow yourself to be loved.
Love yourself first.  It’s life-changing.
If you love from within, you will love all around you.
Affirm that you are worthy to receive the greatest good.
Realize you deserve all the greatness the Universe’s love sends every day.
Create your daily reality through the law of attraction.
Mentally build a grid (general outline of how your day will flow) so your day will flow perfectly.
With the law of attraction, you are always in control.
Clear your mind by releasing negative thoughts.
Spin your perspectives (via LOA) higher, faster and more pure.
Encourage loving, joyful, feel-good thoughts for the joy of it.
Just know that all is well.
Perseverance is about being in the flow.

Ramona suggested the group play the daydreaming exercise.  It puts you in the receiving mode by tuning into your vortex. Just daydream about what you would really like to accomplish and share it with the group.  Here are some of the daydreams:
Opening a vegan donut and coffee shop.
Creating inspirational greeting cards.
Moving one block to be on the beach.
Creating a 4-day a month speaking business.
Help 100 people lose 100 pounds each.
Become a professional astrologer.
Have a TV special as a magician.
Sell my script.
Take an Alaskan Abraham cruise.
Write for TV for the joy of it.
Finding missing children using skills as a medium.

Our next meeting will be on August 5.  Hope to see you there.

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Monday, June 3, 2019


Eddie Conner( led us in a guided meditation asking our spirit guides and angels to help us connect to our higher self and maintain healthy bodies.  Eddie Conner Meditation.  

Ramona introduced the opening video, All Diseases Are Curable, a compilation of extracts from two Abraham-Hicks presentations. In the video, Abraham is asked how we can be able to heal ourselves rather than having to rely on doctors.  Can we?  Those people who never seem to get sick maintain a small gap between where they are and what they want.  People who are really sick have had an unhealthy vibration going on for a long time. They are not aware that their vibration was in opposition to what they truly wanted.  

There are people who are really good at creating wellness; however, it’s a lot harder to create from a place of serious illness such as cancer. But it is possible. There are people who develop illnesses that are never diagnosed.  And yet they are able to get over whatever it is.  Those are the people who are able to close the gap between what they want and what they are living.  They refocus and come back into alignment.

Abraham suggests that if they were in our shoes, they would be working on moving up the emotional scale long before being labeled “Terminally ill.”  For more information on Abraham’s Emotional Guidance System, see chapter 22 of “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Abraham teaches that there is no disease that is incurable.  We can get to where we want to be from where we find ourselves by maintaining a high vibration and staying “up” on the Emotional Guidance Scale.  It isn’t easy because people want to tell you about others who have had the disease; doctors keep doing more tests leaving you with the impression something is really wrong, and you learn about others who have died from the disease.  Just get a handle on your vibration while you are feeling good, and stay in that vibration.  Non-physical would like to zap us with worthiness and purpose because there is not a reason in this world for any of us to be sick.

What does having enemies do to us?  Anytime we make anyone or anything the enemy, it’s like putting up an umbrella that stops our awareness of the guidance we are being offered. What keeps us from being healthy is not the food we eat, it’s what we are thinking.  When we have non-gracious thoughts about our neighbor, boss, mother, father, etc. we are having negative thoughts that do not serve us.  They affect our vibration.  Instead, we need to start looking for, thinking about and talking about what feels good about those people or things.  Notice the way your body feels when thinking negative thoughts (depressed) versus when we are happy, feeling appreciation.  Start noticing the emotional factor which is the indication of your vibrational factor.

Be careful when listening to others or reading books by so-called experts.  They usually have no idea who you really are.  Start floating freely in a sea of well-being.  Let all your problems be wherever they are.  Leave them there.  Then watch what begins to happen to your body.

True healing power is knowing your wellness.  When you are not in your true healing power, you are needing healing.

What does momentum feel like when you can change the outcome? It feels like invincibility, clarity, satisfaction, certainty, security, empowerment and self-assuredness. What does it look like to others?  Arrogance, obnoxiousness, lunacy.

Discussion points from the group follow:
Our beliefs start with us as children based on what our parents taught us.
Conflict sometimes exists between medical science and our personal well-being.
Doctors don’t necessarily know what we know – that our inner beings are pure, positive energy and can and will heal us every time.
The moment we make someone our enemy we cut ourselves off from our guidance which provides our personal wellness.
Our inner being is always guiding us if we allow ourselves to stay in its flow.  It is the unconditional, pure, positive flow of the Universe.
Work with others of like mind in all areas of expertise to complete your circle of healers and thereby healing yourself.
Meditation is a beautiful avenue to communicate with all areas of your body.
Meditation stops all negativity and creates ease and flow with our body, mind, and system.

Mike shared his personal experience with cancer and how he beat it.  His comments are listed at the end of this blog entry and titled The Big C Stands for Change”. Mike feels he beat cancer by maintaining a positive attitude, using traditional medicine (surgery and chemo) and alternative therapies coupled with the law of attraction techniques and never owning the cancer.

A member asked for guidance on how to handle receiving a bad diagnosis and staying purely focused on what feels right.  Here is the group’s input:
A proper acid/alkaline balance prevents disease and helps.
Stay focused on what does feel good and feels right to you as you are your own authority.
Remember our cells regenerate and become completely new every three years.
Meditation helps to heal.
Pure positive prayer works.
Our bodies produce 500 million cells every day so we can heal ourselves.
We have more powerful leverage to become well from a relaxed state of being.
The power of community helps us connect to others of like mind.
Never intend, pray or act from a place of desperation or neediness.
Don’t talk to anyone who makes you go down into a negative space of worry or fear.
Best intentions are always the purest “at heart” and “at the soul”.
The highest frequencies like joy, humor, lightness, and happiness are feelings that bring us back to true healing.
A patient’s body is what heals itself. Not medicine, therapy, food or supplements.  Our bodies and our beliefs about our bodies are what heal.
Strong, positive faith, inner knowing and pure belief is true healing medicine.
Self-care and self-love can translate our bodies from disease to pure positive ease.

Another member asked for guidance in a situation where a loved one has a chronic diagnosis. How can I be there for them without focusing on their current reality?
Focus on what lifts YOU up, lights YOU up and feeds YOUR soul because you will be bringing in your shining disposition to lavish upon them.
Abraham says there is no disease.  There is only dis-ease from our own spirit.
Spirit mind treatments work beautifully to get you and your loved ones back to their healed, whole an healthy self.
Don’t give others advice on their disease unless they ask for it.
Hold your loved ones in a place of unconditional love, wellness, kindness, and joy because it brings your soul self and your human self together as one.
Laughter is the best medicine.
Watching funny movies lightens our minds and brings us back into our own true self.
Don’t be selfish with your loved ones.  Don’t ask them to stay around for you.  Let them go if that is their desire.
Don’t feel sorry or sad for people who are ill because they will feel your lower vibration.

Ramona read an exercise from the book “Chronic Pleasure” by Karen Lorre which helps keep us connected to Source:
“Get out a piece of paper or make notes on your phone or computer.  Write down beliefs that you feel lift you up and lighten you now.  If they really make you feel better, then you can read this list of relevant, light, raised up thoughts over and over. The more you read them, the better you will feel.  And you can add to them as you find new, happier thoughts.  This will become a list of wonderful, feel better ideas that you refer to any time you want to feel better.”

For our closing, Fatimata recited a closing prayer she wrote for our group.  It is reproduced in her new book, “31 Universal Spiritual Principles” based on the teachings of Michael Beckwith.  To purchase a copy and learn about her non-profit, visit and click on "Book".

Our next meeting will be July 1.  David Minkin has offered to entertain us with one of his newest magic tricks he calls “Perseverance”.  If you have never seen David perform, you will see why Johnny Depp said of his magic “That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen” and why David has the designation “International Champion of Magic.”

Here is Mike’s story about cancer and how he beat it.

The Big C Stands for Change

I had a Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor, GIST for short. It attached itself to my duodenum and spread from there to my pancreas, stomach and bile duct.  

At first, I freaked out. I thought of all the things I needed to get in order - our finances, update my will, notify my family and worst of all, tell my mother who was 93, going downhill with dementia and relying on me for her end-of-life issues.

I obtained copies of Lancet Oncology and read everything I could on GIST. I learned that most GIST patients have an operation called the Whipple and then die within 5 years. Most of the rest die within the next two years. Very few make it past that 7-year threshold.  If the patient does not have the operation, death comes sooner than 5 years. 

I joined a FB page called “Whipple Surgery Survivors”.  There was some good information, but a lot of the posts started out “I am sorry to report that my beloved…”  Yes, they survived the surgery, but didn’t survive the diagnosis.

Working with my patient advocate, Ramona, we decided having the operation would allow me a longer life than not having it.  While we decided to go with traditional medicine,  we blended in alternative therapies. 

It is impossible not to raise your vibration when you live with Ramona and somewhere along the line we decided I was going to be OK through all this.  Whenever anyone contacted me to say how sorry they were to hear the news, I said “I am going to have an operation to remove it and I am going to be OK.” Most importantly, I believed it.  In Abraham terms, I moved up the emotional guidance scale.  To this day I believe one’s mental state is the single most important factor.  For that reason, I dropped out of the FB page and stopped reading Lancet Oncology.

We were referred to a local cancer center.  They lined up several people for us to talk with – an operating room nurse, an oncologist, an insurance specialist, an anesthesiologist, and a social worker who was the most interesting.  She asked “How are you doing?” We said “OK”.  She said, “No, I mean how are you REALLY doing?”  We replied that we were really OK with where we were and what’s going on.  She said “But you have a rare cancer.” We replied we don’t personalize it.  It’s “The cancer”, not “My cancer.”  It went on from there.  In her defense, most people freak out and stay that way when they receive a diagnosis of cancer. After a few more exchanges the social worker gave us a reference book of services available to us and said “You will need this at some time. Don’t be afraid to call upon us when you do.”  We never even opened the book.  This was an Abraham example of projecting away from what we are told or read.

The chemo was a tablet taken for several months before the operation designed to shrink the tumor. Ramona came up with the idea of referring to it as “Pac Man”.   She downloaded the Pac Man theme on to her iPhone. As I would take the tablet, Ramona would play the Pac Man theme, run her iPhone over my abdomen, and we envisioned it eating up the tumor.  This lightened the experience of having to take chemo. 

I looked horrible, but it didn’t affect the outcome of wellness because of the momentum we had built up.  And, I simply never owned the cancer.

There are three types of genetic mutation causing GIST.  Two of them account for about 99.9% of death by GIST because they are fast growing. After the operation, the biopsy revealed I had the least frequently occurring type of GIST – the slow grower. I had evidence of it in 1998, 13 years earlier.  It’s now been over 7 years since the Whipple and a recent scan was clear.  The doctors keep looking, but they never find anything except good health.

Looking back I realize that the cause of the cancer in my abdomen was internalized issues eating at my insides – divorce and its after-effects when children are involved, and certain people I had worked with and could not completely forgive.  As Abraham said, I was sick and didn’t know it and my vibration was not good.

To us, the big C stands for change.  We changed our view of the illness, did not personalize it, and changed our emotions which raised our vibration.  I am convinced that if I believed the statistics I had read, the FB postings, the faces of several people who wished me well - the result would not have been as positive.

Monday, May 6, 2019


After Ramona welcomed new members and guests, we listened to a meditation by The Honest Guys available on YouTube.  

The opening video was “Stop Worrying About Money” by Abraham-Hicks, available on
our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe to our channel so you can see all our videos.

What beliefs do you hold about your financial situation? Are they negative in nature?  What trips us up is the difference between our thought and our feelings.  The emotion follows the thought.  Things can escalate.  Maybe the money that was coming in has stopped.  If it’s been this way for a while, your savings account may be depleted and your credit cards maxed out.  The feelings of tension and worry are what you feel most of the time.  These thoughts and feelings create a momentum that supports more worrisome thoughts.  You lie awake during the night, unable to sleep.  More conditions come up during the day that will match the lower momentum. HOW DO YOU BREAK THIS CYCLE?

First, you have to change the subject to something that feels good.  Acknowledge that you are a vibrational being.  Remember that your Inner Being knows your financial status and knows where you are in terms of your vortex.  It knows your path of least resistance and how to bring you from one to another.

Second, and this may sound odd, but one of our greatest gifts is that we are fickle.  Our inner beings know we can’t focus on one thing all day long, and when things come up that feel good to us, our inner beings help fill that gap with thoughts that match it.  Now that our vibration has shifted, hold on to that better feeling and worrisome thoughts will lessen.  

Abundance comes to you through your vibrational payment(which means your attention to things that feel good) and before you know it you have distracted yourself from what’s bothering you.  Now you are a different person standing in a different place. Your Inner Being knows this and it gets easier to line up with the abundance you seek.

Remember that thoughts become things.  How?  Because the Law of Attraction causes momentum to get strong enough that they actually become a reality.  You have a choice about which thoughts turn into things.  Once you realize that the Universe is yielding to you, you will get those shivers of recognition that you received an impulse and you followed through on it, and you will see your thoughts turn into things.  

Don’t try to do it all at once.  If there are ten subjects and nine of them cause you to worry, focus on the one that feels good.  “Let your cork rise” to the top.  Focus on that thought long enough and pretty soon, by your lack of attention to the others, they will also start floating to the top.

Ramona asked if we realize that we write the script of our lives, or if we are following the script that has been passed on by others.  Think about that, then decide what your NEW SCRIPT is going to be.

Remember this Abraham quote:  “Make peace with outrageous abundance.  You are more likely to have pure vibration and attract more abundance if you leave money out of the equation. But it isn’t because money is the “root of all evil.”  It’s because it messes up your vibration, usually.”

Members added the following thoughts:

Be a“YES SAYER”, not a naysayer.  
Don’t allow your worst enemy to reside between your ears.
Sometimes we are not aware that we are blocking our desires.  Increase the awareness of your thoughts.
Just laugh more.  It increases your frequency and vibration.
Force a laugh if you have to and it will generate into a real laugh.
Remember there are no wrong decisions.  Accept the course you chose.  If it isn’t the correct course, it may still lead you to the right one.
Make the best decision based on what you know at the time. 
The best time to make decisions is when coming from inspired action.
Was your decision wrong? Or was it just a lesson? 
You have to experience what you don’t want to know what you do want. 
Conflict creates clarity.
You have to be ready to receive by maintaining the best vibration.
Filter out the lies you hear and don’t believe them.  Find the truth.
If your feeling is coming from a lie it will feel wrong.
Listen to Abraham CD’s or watch the videos or write affirmations to remove undesirable thoughts from your head.
It’s impossible to not be happy when you skip.  Physical actions can change your momentum.
Appreciation can change your vibration.  Appreciate the good that surrounds you.
Pre-pave the day, week, month, year, and life you want.  Start with the day and extend from there.
Start your day with “This is going to be a great day.”
When you awake you are coming out of non-physical with no worries.  Start your day out positive to set the tone.
You cannot buy happiness with money.  
Do what you need to do, but do not practice “emotional forecasting.”

Before closing, Ramona handed out “Checks from the Universe” that people could fill out with any amount they desired.  It was suggested that the checks be placed where they can be readily seen to raise vibrations.

The closing video was “Beauty in the Ashes” which is about the artist, Shane Grammer, who went to Paradise, California and painted the faces of people who lived in the houses that are now demolished except for chimneys, etc.  

Our next meeting will be on June 3.  And at our July 1 meeting, we will be treated to some David Minkin Magic.  We hope to see you at both meetings.

Monday, April 1, 2019


After introductions of new members and guests, the group welcomed PJ back home after her deportation and spending 266 days with her family in India.  Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation designed to help us release old wounds and triggers.

The opening video was “Deep Wounds and Triggers” available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe so you can watch all our videos and Eddie’s fabulous meditations.

You know how you can be in alignment, and then something happens to trigger an old wound or memory?  Abraham says no deep wounds have to exist when you are under the influence of Source Energy. The answer is to stop thinking about the old wound and especially stop talking about it. The more attention you put towards the old wounds, the more entrenched they become. When you think about an old wound you return to who you were when it happened. That’s not who you are now. Thinking about it makes you try to become the person from the past which separates you from what you’ve become – a more developed being.

Esther tells the story of Jerry’s sweater. He would sit by the fireplace and occasionally a spark would land on his sweater. If he flicked it off quickly the sparks would do no harm. But if the sparks lingered, they would burn a hole in his sweater. Bad memories and wounds are similar. If you allow them to fester, they will “burn a hole”.  If a lot of memories have been burning for a long time, it’s too late to flick them off, but it’s not too late to change them. Remember you are not wearing the same sweater and you don’t have to keep talking about the old wounds. That will keep renewing them and dragging them forward into the now. The vibrational memory of it will fade if you don’t renew it and renew it and renew it. 

Remember that when we hold a thought for as little as sixteen seconds, it can change our thought patterns. And if another thought like it joins in, the thought becomes stronger. If you hold those thoughts for sixty seconds, you can create something active enough that you will attract even more, similar thoughts. You need to decide which thoughts you want to attract and keep – those that burn a hole in your sweater, or new, more pleasing thoughts. The choice is yours. If you focus on the thoughts that feel better, eventually, little by little, those old wounds will fade and disappear and be replaced by your new thoughts. 

Your success depends on what you bring to the table. At your table sits your inner being and Source Energy. Don’t invite anyone else to your table. When something arises think to yourself “What’s the most valuable focus I can have right now?” Then allow yourself to be influenced by Source Energy. You can’t be reborn and start all over, but you can make choices that lean in a better direction…but only if you decide to feel good. You have the right to feel good all the time. So, pay attention to the stories you are telling, the ones that feel good and the ones that don’t; the things you observe that feel good and the ones that don’t; the people you hang around with and the ones that don’t feel good to be around. Those are the distinctions, the choices you and only you can make. Once you start making these distinctions, you can be “born anew”. Your vortex will be the new you.

What about the contrast we were born into? Abraham says these are choices we need to make in life. Doesn’t that sound better than “contrast”? Source asks us “If it doesn’t feel good, can’t you make a choice that feels better?” Do this daily and your thoughts will be better than they were yesterday, and tomorrow they will be better than they were today. Before long, you will be waking up rested and with a happy heart as though you are new to this world. Your vortex will be filled with everything you’ve sorted out. You will know that the Universe has your back and that this pure, positive energy is focused on your behalf. As you do this day after day, you will go out into this world as an up-lifter, find it’s nearly impossible in time to find anything or anyone who can take you from that dominant knowing because that is who you are! And you will know you’ve been successful when you look back on those wounds, and their thoughts don’t drag you back to the person you were when they happened. Your past has morphed into the perspective you now hold.

Here are the main points members took away from the video:
Stop thinking about old thoughts.
Choose happiness.
Utilize your inner guidance.
Choose to be selective and deaf to negative thoughts.
Enjoy feeling good for the joy of it.
Choose good and happy words because they have power.
See things in a more loving way.
Reframe each subject to feel blessed and uplifted.
Remember the Universe has your back.
Make a conscious choice to see, hear and feel the bright side of every subject.
Act as if you are already where you want to be.

Most people habitually look back into the past thinking that will bring them what they want. It doesn’t.  Instead, practice looking forward, counting your blessings and enjoying holding your fabulous heart energy. Other thoughts:
Let go.
Keep score of everything that is working for you.
Remember that only 68 seconds can change a negative thought into a pure positive one.
Segregate your wanted thoughts from your unwanted thoughts.
Take inventory of the gorgeous things that are working for you.
Be decisive on purpose.
Practice deliberate intention.
Be cognizant of what you are bringing to the table hourly, daily, etc.
Use the tools in your LOA toolbox.
Love and support yourself and be your soul’s light.
Let go of the old stories or they will keep repeating.
For each negative thought, think five spiritual truths to uplift yourself.
Choose to lovingly include everyone in life by seeing and hearing them with a happy heart.
Change the word “But” to “And” because it includes what’s desired.
Be focused and on point so you are aligned and engaged.
Ask how you can feel good right here and right now with thoughts that elevate your mind and emotions.
Be mindful of your thoughts and monitor them in a happy joyous manner so you manage your feelings in an honorable way.
Play out your thoughts in a child-like manner – be explorative, innocent, pure and imaginative.

Ramona disclosed some personal history and how she overcame some significant wounds and triggers. She decided her happiness was more important than her being constantly upset with a situation over which she had no control. She chose happier, easier, loving thoughts in a way to let go of the old triggers and heal the old wounds.

There were two love seat sessions in which members disclosed old wounds.  The group helped by spinning the subjects that felt tough or negative into happier more loving ideas and outcomes.

The closing video was about a window washer who brought light into the lives of a few children with cancer. 

Our next meeting will be May 6 entitled "Breaking the Cycle of Financial Worry".

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


After introductions of new members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation designed to help us be prepared to close the vibrational gap.

Time is running out to sign up for Eddie Conner’s “Explore Spiritual Peru” trip May 1 through May 10, 2019.  If you have not been to Machu Picchu you won’t want to miss this magical trip.  We have been on this trip three times and had mystical experiences each time.  Sign up on Eddie’s website at Eddie Conner Peru Trip

The opening video was “Close the Vibrational Gap” available on our YouTube channel.  Please subscribe to our channel at MikeAndRamona.LOA by clicking on the “Subscribe” button on that page.

Do you know what’s holding you back? Is it the feeling that you’re being held back?  Or your attention to not being where you want to be?  What can you do?

First, lighten up with where you are.  Make the best of it.  Remember, every moment of your life YOU have the option of making the journey pleasant or miserable.  It’s your decision.  Make sure you get happy where you are.  What’s holding you back is the THOUGHT that something is holding you back.

Second, when something comes up and you feel negative emotion, that is merely a new desire being born.  Your immediate reaction is that the gap has widened. That is the time to apply some positive statements such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “What can I learn about this that I really like…”.  Then you will be going in the direction of what feels a little better than where you are. Here’s an example:

Esther tells about the time Jerry organized everything into boxes.  Esther wanted to get something and knew where it used to be.  She got upset, but soon realized it wasn’t because she couldn’t find the object, but rather that she felt her life was out of control…her control. What we experience is giving us a constant representation of what we are vibrating.

Another example is the feeling we get when the credit card bill comes and it activates the feeling of a lack of money.  When we are in that moment we need to remember to ask ourselves why this made us worry.  We know we will work it out somehow.  What we need to do is say things such as “I know I will figure out something.  I always do.” Also think of positive aspects about the credit card, such as “I wouldn’t have this card if I didn’t have good credit” and “I know when I call them to explain why I cannot pay off the balance, they will be happy to make alternative arrangements.”  These statements or thoughts do not solve the problem, but they get us moving in the right direction.

Remember, negative emotion means we are systematically marching toward negative manifestations.  Being upset is merely our inner beings alerting us that we are out of alignment.  The way to get to where we want to be is by CLOSING ONE GAP AT A TIME.  When we do, we will end up standing in a stable good-feeling place and nothing can upset us.

We viewed an additional video “What’s the One Thing?” available on our YouTube channel at MikeAndRamona.LOA. Here are some additional thoughts from the group:

Instead of defaulting to worry, go to expectation and joyous anticipation bridging the vibrational gap.

Instead of habitually saying “outdated beliefs,” use that same powerful energy to speak one thought, one feeling, one breadth and one feel-good step at a time.

Let go of ego and physical aspect and hold on to the core essence of the end result you will have when the manifestation comes.

Flip your inner dialogue “bitching” to what you do want and how you want to feel.

When you begin to feel a little off-balance, write out your personal appreciation rampage.

When we shift on purpose for the joy of it, we are changing ourselves which will change our physical outcome.

Regrouping our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies create a happier heart within and a happier reality without.

Be gentle, easy loving, kind and purely focused with yourself.

When fear holds our attention we are blocking ourselves.  As fear pops up, stop it quickly and reach for better feeling thoughts that will lift you up.

Fear, insecurity, and need for control remind us that we are out of alignment.

When in traffic, choose to shift the vibration from traffic to things we like.

Changing frequency and perspective allows us to feel and access our true higher self.

The love of our inner being is always unconditional love and always guides us.

We are more than physical bodies.  We are unconditional love personified – love in action.

Several members took turns in the “love seat” and shared their “wants” using the "What If" game as the group ramped up their vibration.

Our closing video “The Messiah Project” features one of our members who is actively involved with helping the homeless of Los Angeles.  

Our next meeting will be on April 1.  Don't be an April Fool.  Come to our meeting entitled "Releasing Old Wounds and Triggers".  Sign Up Now!

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