Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced new members and guests.

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation, “The Abundant Tree Meditation” available on YouTube.  

The opening video was "Abraham Hicks 💜Do This Every Morning To Be The Most Powerful Person!"   The video creatively explains the steps to achieving the life you desire.  

Ramona led a “Bring It On” mastermind where anyone could ask anything Abraham-Hicks related.  

1)   The first question asked to define Source.  Answers included the following:
·     Your other half. 
·     Your soul’s essence. 
·     The part of you that is the pure positive energy that creates worlds.

2)   What do you think about Esther’s calling herself “A Vibrational Snob”?  
·     It’s staying in the flow of your Source regardless of what’s happening around you. 
·     It’s not allowing other people’s behavior to affect you.
·     It’s choosing to feel good for the sheer joy of it.

3)   What does Abraham-Hicks mean when referring to the 17 Seconds?  According to Abraham-Hicks, 17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifesting.  If you hold a thought for 17 seconds, you set in motion that manifestation.  The purpose behind this rule is to get you to think purely for 17 seconds and to have that desire become stronger until it reaches 68 seconds (four times the 17 seconds).  17 seconds is equivalent to 2,000 man hours of work.  Each additional uninterrupted 17 seconds multiplies that number by 10 so that 68 seconds of uninterrupted thought is equivalent to 2 million man hours of work, thereby creating a truly powerful point of attraction.

4)    Why is it that more and more people are getting sick and infirm as they age?  How do I avoid going down that road when it’s all I see?  
·     Don’t observe or listen to others as they complain about their aging issues.
·     It’s the belief in decline that’s the reason for aging.
·     Maintain the desire to stay healthy as you age because age is entirely a state of mind.
·     Focus only on all things that lift your thoughts and feelings.
·     Focus on things that make you feel light.
·     Age has to do with vibration.  The higher your vibration, the better you feel.
·     Acknowledge everything that is working for you.
·     Keep learning, growing, traveling and staying aware.
·     Through the eyes of Source we are perfect, healed, whole and healthy.
·     Proper alignment with Source keeps us young.
·     One reason for the decline is paying attention to negative things and not paying attention to things that work, feel good, and lift you up.
·     Look for all beautiful things that inspire your heart and mind.

5)    Thinking about a career change, not sure what to pursue, how do I ask the Universe to assist me?
·     Start by loving the job you are in now so you can leave it feeling powerful and empowered.
·     Make a list of everything that you’re good at, what lights you up, what feels good.
·     You may not know what you want to do, but you know how you want to feel when you get there.
·     Take inventory of what works and what feels good. This will shift your energy from the old job into a new one.
·     Go out on a limb.  You’ll know it when it presents itself.

6)    Can a person manifest a relationship with a specific person?
·     Define exactly what you are attracted to.
·     Focus your energies easily on all the good stuff that works.
·     Once you are clear on your feelings about love, the Universe conspires to bring that to you.
·     Look upon each relationship as a learning experience.  Finding out what you don’t want helps you determine what you do want.

7)    I need help staying focused on positive thoughts and avoiding the negative ones.
·     Remember and use your favorite memories and thoughts to lift yourself.
·     Find humorous things that feel good to you.
·     Find things that make you feel good to the core of your being.
·     Look at funny pictures.
·     Make a list of the good things that have happened to you and refer to it when needed.
·     There is an app called “FeelGoood” (Yes, with three “O’s” in Goood) that allows you to pick your place on the emotional scale, then helps you rise up to a better feeling place.

After the mastermind session, a few members did the “WHAT IF”  in the  “Love Seat”. They shared their biggest dream and the members gave them “what if” reasons why it all could go right and actually come true.
The closing video was “Love Is Who We Are – Daniel Christopherson”.  

Our next meeting will be June 12 at 7PM at SpiritWorks in Burbank.  The title is “Bring It On – the Sequel”.  We will be continuing the May meeting format by popular demand.  Think about the Abraham-Hicks questions you have and BRING IT ON!



Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Ramona started the meeting by welcoming members and guests, and introduced Eddie Conner who provided a guided visualization.  After sharing this month’s “wins”, we showed an Abraham video Rampage of Love.

Rampages are good, but are conditional because needing a rampage assumes the person is in not as good a place as he or she should be.  Feeling good is where the power lies.  Fun is powerful; joy is in the journey; it just feels good to feel good.
 When Source speaks of unconditional love, unconditional alignment, unconditional clarity; unconditional balance; unconditional worthiness – Source is really saying that Source loves us unconditionally – as we are; who we are; where we are.  We are the ones who set the conditions.  We are on our path.  Always have been and always will be.  As we launch our rockets of desire on the path, we and the Universe evolve more.  It’s alright when we do not feel good because our guidance is still working telling us we are off the path and to get back on.  Source is always leading us to what we want.
 We came forth wanting to sift through variety knowing it would focus us into greater awareness of what we want.  Source knew that if we cared enough about knowing who we are, we would eventually develop a fulfillment of knowing who we are.  When we are selfish enough to care about how we feel, we return that love to ourselves.  What’s that all about?  Expansion for the joy of expansion; the ability to translate the experience you are having into a vibrational emotional experience that feels good to you.
 There is no greater value we could be that value to Source.  There is no greater value that Source could be than the value Source is to us.  Source is always focused on the perfection they know you are.  When we stray we don’t feel good, so our job is to come back to how Source feels about us.
 How are we supposed to feel and stay joyful when we are working hard?  First, by lowering our resistance, then choosing the path that feels good.  Pause for a moment, get the “inside” feeling right, and then the outside will follow.  Forgive yourself daily.  Learn to let go of old stories and live a new happily ever after.
 The second video was How to Elevate Your Self Esteem.  The video talks about clogged pipes.  Esther had a pond with fish and the water was getting cloudy because the pipes and filter system were clogged.  It’s like asking Source for something but not receiving it because of our resistance.  After many months of trying to unclog the system, the recommendation was made to lay new pipes.  Is it easier to lay new pipes of general appreciation, or new pipes about yourself? Do whichever is easier!
 Self-appreciation may be viewed by others as selfish or arrogant.  It’s trained out of us at an early age.  Actually, self-appreciation is merely trying to see yourself through the eyes of Source who never stops looking at you in that way.  If that is hard to understand, think of it this way.  Feel the appreciation Source has for our planet – the mountains, oceans, flowers, etc.  It’s a new way of looking at it.  Self-appreciation is nothing more than hooking up with the appreciation Source feels about you.  And alignment with Source always feels good.
 What others think of you can be disturbing, but it really does not matter.  It’s the knowledge of who you really are that’s important – your self-esteem; your self-love.  Keep things in perspective, in a point of view that serves your highest good.  If you are ashamed of something from your past, start where you are today.  Address the shame.  Approach it with love.  Appreciate yourself.  Know it’s a consciousness.  See yourself through the eyes of Source.  And know that all of your like-minded friends in LOA love you for who you are today.
 As an exercise, Ramona handed out a form for each person to fill out.  It asked to list three accomplishments of which each person is most proud, three skills each possesses, and three things each person loves about themselves.  (As they filled out the form the energy in the room escalated and more smiles were seen.)
 The closing video was A Love Letter to You From the UniverseOur next meeting will be May 1 at 7 PM at Spiritworks in Burbank.  Hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Eddie Conner provided an opening meditation which is available on YouTube at EDDIE’S MEDITATION Be sure to visit Eddie’s website as it contains a wealth of information and is easy to remember -  www.EddieConner.Com.

Ramona showed the opening video “No More Self-Sabotage” by Abraham Hicks which is available on YouTube at No More Self Sabotage. 

Ramona asked, “Where does Self-Sabotage live?”  It resides in ourselves in misunderstanding and in talking about stuff we don’t want.  The video pictures a stick and Abraham makes the point that like a stick, every subject has two ends.  One end is what is wanted; the other end is the absence of what is wanted.  The key is to know where to place your attention.  If we are not careful we can be sloppy thinkers – willing to put up with thoughts that don’t feel good.  That leads us to believe the non-feel good thought is true and therefore we think that thought.  When we have developed patterns of thought that revolve around what we are observing we continue to get more of them.

These self-sabotaging thoughts make us feel unworthy to receive what we want, what we deserve.  We declare ourselves not based on our thoughts and feelings.  It’s all based upon our connection to a broader perspective. It’s like trying to use a vacuum cleaner without plugging it into the power source.  We need to be connected to Source before we begin observing and manifesting.  Only then will the things that come back to us be pleasing.  We sometimes think self-sabotage lives deep inside us, but it doesn’t.  It’s right out in the open because we keep talking about it.  Our inner being wants nothing to do with it.  That’s what’s deep inside us – true self-appreciation, self-adoration. The other stuff is just junk we’ve heard someone say. When we repeat it we just activate self-sabotage.  So Don’t!  Connect to Source and appreciate your own self-worth.

Ciera of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group was in the “Hot Seat” at a recent Abraham workshop.  In the first part of her interaction with Abraham, Ciera asks why her career suffers when she is in a relationship, and vice versa.  In the second part, Ciera asks for more clarification and wants to know if she can have a career and a relationship at the same time.  A YouTube video of her interaction may be viewed at Ciera Video.

Abraham explained that the career issues have nothing to do with the relationship because it has nothing to do with the other person.  Another person cannot introduce static and resistance into the equation. It has only to do with what we are thinking.  This creates self-sabotaging thoughts.  Recognize them as such and know that we do not want whatever they represent.  Connect yourself to Source.  Now knowing what we don’t want will help us know what we do want.  This exercise adds clarification to our vortex.  Having this relationship has now helped us because the most amazing relationship now exists in our vortex.  Think about this:  Every “not-so-great” experience we have had with any relationship (work, family, friends, etc.) has created even better experiences to come in our vortex.  The next time we are in the receptive mode (through relaxation and meditation or any way to feel good and connected to Source) we will be inspired to a new relationship or job or anything, and it will be one that matches our evolving life as it lives in our vortex.

What some people call Self-Sabotage Abraham refers to Self-Preservation (the basic instinct to protect oneself from harm).  Basically we think we can’t have it all.  Abraham says when we are awake we are always in the receptive mode.  The question is are we in the receptive mode of Source energy or the receptive mode of paranoia – what our Inner Being knows or what others are telling us.  Before we knew about being connected to Source while in the receptive mode, we were attracting all over the place.  We listened to what others were saying which made us reactionary.  We didn’t even know how we were attracting the things we attracted.  We just noticed that we did.  We are the ones who are calling everything to us. 

Now that we understand this, life is causing us to want what we want most from where we are now – what’s in our vortex now.  There is an active and revolving reality that has a strong point of attraction – and it is us.  Just remember, everything is already cued up for us and all we need to do is to get into alignment.  When we are inspired on all levels of our Inner Being, it’s influence is reaching us.  And when we are open, we are inspired to the things that work well for us.  That’s how it works.

A question was raised about what to do with complaining people.  Here are some of the suggestions.  Picture the complainers living their best selves until this becomes a habit; focus on the solution, not the problem; focus on the happy end result, not the issue; snap yourself out of the discussion and make yourself feel good again; change the subject to a topic that feels better; write what you do want and how you want to feel so you attract more of what you do want.

Another question related to being impatient when something is wanted, especially money.  Here are some suggestions.  Remember we can’t control our first thought, but we can control our next action; when we do estimable things we vibrate prosperity consciousness; count our blessings to feel good; appreciate what we do have ($) so we attract more; when we stay tuned to our emotions and feelings and connected to Source, we continue to enhance our lives in all areas.

After the discussion, we ended with a “hot seat” for members to “What If” their desires and many great suggestions were provided to uplift the participants.

Our next meeting will be April 3 at 7PM at Spiritworks in Burbank.