Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Ramona welcomed the group and had new members and guests introduce themselves.

EddieConner led the group in a guided meditation.  Be sure to visit Eddie’s website to learn about his upcoming classes and spiritual journeys.  If you want an audio file of Eddie's fantastic meditation, here is the link to download.  It will only be available until June 21, so don't wait.  Meditation.  

Members shared their wins since the last meeting. 

We picked this topic because Mike and Ramona are feeling overwhelmed with their decision to sell their Michigan home and move to California. 

Ramona asked what the members learned from the video.  Answers included:
         Just appreciate all of it.
         Everything can be fun.
         Engage the cooperative Universe.
         The Universe loves it when we ask for something.
         Listen to something uplifting every day.
         Need realignment?  Take a nap.
         HELP is an acronym for Hello Eternal Loving Presence.
         Stop, breathe and affirm “Everything is always working out for me.”
         Follow your bliss regardless of physical circumstances.
When you feel resistance, stop and repurpose your emotional perspective.

Ramona added the following:
         Is negative emotion pointing out how stupid I am?
         There are only better choices and worse choices.
We tend to jump into action before we’ve aligned ourselves with our desired outcome.

How can we align ourselves with our desired outcome?
         Get more rest.  Take naps.
         Have the proper intention.
         Hold happy thoughts for the joy of it.
         Breathe in the light.
         Focus on high pure thoughts.

How do we get rid of strong, negative emotion?  By catching it before it gets out of control.  Learn to listen less to others and trust your own inner guidance system.  Continue to hold the idea of what you want – recite it, rehearse it, practice it until it becomes normal.

Ramona asked what the members learned from this video.  Answers included:
         Do it your own way – always.
         Take the path of least resistance.
Swim downstream – it’s a lot easier and relaxing than swimming upstream.
Be struggle free.
Everything is always amazing.

When we give up the struggle we enter into the flow of acceptance.  The path of least resistance always feels more powerful, more light, more relaxed, more laid back, more inspirational.  You cannot lose by caring about how you feel.

A member observed that we are trained to care for others first instead of ourselves.  Ramona agreed and responded that we are here to take care of ourselves in the most grounded way.  See others as their soul’s essence instead of trying to fix them.  This will free us up to focus on the happier times for the joy of it.  If you find you are pushing yourself into doing the work, DON’T!  Let it go and get into the receptive mode and see what happens.

Remember – If you have five things you really care about and four are not working, your tendency is to work on the four that are not working.  Instead, concentrate on the one that is working and that will affect the vibration of the others.  Think about the things that empower you, lift you up, make you smile, laugh and be happy.  Lead by example.  Mirror other people’s beauty.  Be a “you bet” person, not a “yeah but” type.  Always take credit for your wins, successes and powerful moments. 

Ramona asked the group “Are you ready to close the book on feeling overwhelmed?  Then shout to the Universe:
I release feeling overwhelmed.
I’m taking back my power.
I’m going to find increasing alignment with whom I am.
I like all parts of my life.
And so it is!!!

One of our members, Fatimata, wrote the following prayer affirmation, and recited it for our closing:

So how grateful I am to awaken to a new day, a new beginning, a new adventure, and to the continued unfolding of my divine nature. I admit that I am a vibrational being, a direct extension of non-physical energy in this physical life experience, living at the leading edge of thought, here to reveal the universe in a unique way that it has never been expressed before. Unconditional Love is my source and my supply and I know that my higher self gives me everything that I need.

            I now turn my mind and my heart to the infinite intelligence that creates and sustains worlds in the knowing that all my needs met: I know that all I am requesting is already fulfilled through the universal laws of spiritual living. Indeed, I know that as life has caused me to ask for my expansion in in health, wealth, love, success, wholeness, happiness, poise, confidence and prosperity, Source has already answered, and all my needs are met. I ask Divine Love to guide me today in my practice of ALLOWING so that I can release any form of resistance that holds me in the past and that I transmute my vibration and energy to align with the higher version of myself that is already complete in the Vortex of Collective Consciousness;

            I ask that divine ease and grace guide me through my healing, as I walk through the way and the light of Letting Go and FORGIVENESS, which frees me from any bondage to the past, any feeling of hurt, betrayal, not having enough, not being good enough, not being worth it, not being lovable, because indeed I am of the same source than the light that lights up the world. I know that I am a perfect ideal in the mind of Source; a unique emanation of love, beauty, and divine intelligence;

            So today, I stand in remembrance that my consciousness is always still, pure source, which observes our content thoughts that is dynamic, evolving and embodying higher and nurturing thinking as I evolved in this physical life experience. Inspired thinking and Unconditional Love motivate my actions. Today, and every day, I surround myself with great company and hold great conversations that raise our vibration and enable me to embrace the principles of Truth in every moment. I know that all my needs are met right now and everything is working together for my own good. Through the dedicated practice of meditation, reading, teaching and prayer, I remember the law of Infinite Potential and the knowing that when I achieve vibrational alignment with that which I desire, it must manifest in my life. It is law.

           Today, I hold myself in higher thought and higher action and surrender my life to more goods than I can possibly imagine: I am willing to be the instrument through which unconditional love, joy, prosperity, unconditional giving, success and happiness manifest; because sincerely, this is my true mission in life.

            I know these qualities and the words that have been spoken now have already been fulfilled in the mind of source, and I am grateful for all I have been given. So, I release the words, and let it be by simply saying: “And so it is.” Amen.

Another member of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group wrote an article that is well worth reading.  It’s entitled “Six Ways to Reclaim Your Passion for Life”.  ClickHere to read the article.

We will not be meeting in July because of commitments in Michigan.  Our next meeting will be around the middle of August.  Meetup will notify you of the exact date once we have scheduled the meeting.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Ramona welcomed members and guests.  Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation “Connect with your higher self, heart and soul”.  Thank you Eddie for your amazing meditations and for taking notes of the meeting.
In order to listen to Eddie’s meditation, you will need to download the following file.  After it completes the download, it should play in iTunes or whatever music player you have.

The opening video was Abraham-Hicks “You Control Everything Coming to You    

The key points are:
  •  Don’t react, flow instead.
  •  Don’t feed into negativity.
  •  Be a vibrationalist.
  •  You get to choose everything.
  •  Remember only good comes to you.
  •  Hold yourself in a high vibration.

Tidbits picked up by the audience:
  • ·      All is well.
  • ·      How to stay in the flow so you remain connected at all times.
  • ·      See and hear others with beautiful compassion.
  • ·      Train yourself to see others as healed, whole and healthy.
  • ·      You can connect with others who feel bad while not getting yourself into their negative mindset.
  • ·      Always practice a better-feeling thought and build from there.
  • ·      Like nature we have inflection points, ebb and flow.  We can be in these inflection points and not sink into old negative habits.
  • ·      Knowledge is power and pure perspective can create the best inner plan to manifest your outer physical world.
  • ·      It takes strength and humility to hold your purest vibration regardless of what’s happening around you.
  • ·      We can’t NOT attract things to use, but we can control how we view them.
  • ·      Don’t argue your limitations.

Each time we have contrast we are launching rockets of desire.  Source sees us as perfect and unconditional love.

Remember Abraham’s recommendation that when someone is attempting to bring us down to their level, just mentally say “I don’t care”.  It’s a form of letting go and feeling good.

The second video was Abraham-Hicks “How to gain control of the way you feel”.    

What are our inner thoughts?  Abraham encourages us to soothe ourselves into alignment.  Remind ourselves of what’s right in our lives, not what’s wrong.  Placing your thoughts and intentions in the forefront of your mind and heart shifts your entire life for the better.  Counting our blessings and focusing on what’s right really works.

How do we get to the point of being in control under all circumstances?  We can leave bad circumstances, but wherever we go, the issue follows.  Why?  Because many times the issue is within us.  We must change our perspectives, our thoughts, and our feelings first so that we don’t repeat history with different people, places, circumstances and situations.

Try acknowledging people’s higher selves when you communicate with them.

Change your perspective.  Change your life. 

Ramona asked for volunteers to come forward and be in the “Love Seat”.  The group helped them realign and reconnect to their true core essence so they are in control of their circumstances, not controlled BY them.

When confronted by someone or something that brings back bad memories and feelings, try the following cures:
  • ·      Show gratitude and appreciation for what they taught you.
  • ·      Bless them.
  • ·      Wish them well.
  • ·      Send pure feel-good prayers.
  • ·      Make a new choice to feel good.
  • ·      Acknowledge the negative feeling with love.  Then thank them until you feel it in your heart, mind and soul.
  • ·      Remember these feelings, these people cause us to expand.
  • ·      Always wish people well.
  • ·      Practice forgiveness.
  • ·      Love doesn’t hurt; love lifts us up.
  • ·      Wish them well and let them go.

Observation – there’s good control and bad control.

Choosing to feel good takes more conscious energy than feeling out of control.  Sometimes our out of control feeling is just a habit of old thoughts that are on auto pilot.

Abraham’s power of meditation practices.

  • ·      Start your day with a 5, 10 or 15-minute morning well-being meditation.  This will set the tone for the day and helps you step out of your old, outdated auto-pilot habits.
  • ·      When we choose to soothe our thoughts through meditation we live a solution oriented life that feels much better.
  • ·      We can’t control others, but we can control how we see, hear and feel the world from core essence.
  • ·      Instead of practicing negative thoughts, practice feel-good thoughts.
  • ·      Think positive thoughts about what you love in our world – our freedom, beauty, diversity and ease to create our dreams. 
  • ·      Ignore the political turmoil.  Think positive thoughts instead.
  • ·      Whatever you’re observing is old news, history, already done.  Ignore it.

Here are some links to Abraham meditations:

General Well Being       https://youtu.be/og4B2ZMP-uY

Financial Well Being    https://youtu.be/bzQZnXrkdCo

Physical Well Being     https://youtu.be/ZtEmCGUAxhQ

Relationships               https://youtu.be/hQ4PvkoDEr4

The free iPhone meditation app is called “CALM”.

What does “Living in the Now” mean to us?
  • ·      Being present.
  • ·      In the now.
  • ·      Surrendering without judgement.
  • ·      Living the end result now.
  • ·      Being in joy.
  • ·      Feeling inspired.
  • ·      Being uplifted.
  • ·      Living in the light.
  • ·      OPERATING FROM A BLANK SLATE.  When talking with someone with whom you have history, forget the history – begin as if it is your first conversation with them.

The closing video was from Facebook simply titled "Law of Attraction".

Our next meeting will be June 6 entitled “Avoid Being Overwhelmed.”

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