Thursday, March 8, 2018


Eddie Conner provided an opening meditation which is available on YouTube at EDDIE’S MEDITATION Be sure to visit Eddie’s website as it contains a wealth of information and is easy to remember -  www.EddieConner.Com.

Ramona showed the opening video “No More Self-Sabotage” by Abraham Hicks which is available on YouTube at No More Self Sabotage. 

Ramona asked, “Where does Self-Sabotage live?”  It resides in ourselves in misunderstanding and in talking about stuff we don’t want.  The video pictures a stick and Abraham makes the point that like a stick, every subject has two ends.  One end is what is wanted; the other end is the absence of what is wanted.  The key is to know where to place your attention.  If we are not careful we can be sloppy thinkers – willing to put up with thoughts that don’t feel good.  That leads us to believe the non-feel good thought is true and therefore we think that thought.  When we have developed patterns of thought that revolve around what we are observing we continue to get more of them.

These self-sabotaging thoughts make us feel unworthy to receive what we want, what we deserve.  We declare ourselves not based on our thoughts and feelings.  It’s all based upon our connection to a broader perspective. It’s like trying to use a vacuum cleaner without plugging it into the power source.  We need to be connected to Source before we begin observing and manifesting.  Only then will the things that come back to us be pleasing.  We sometimes think self-sabotage lives deep inside us, but it doesn’t.  It’s right out in the open because we keep talking about it.  Our inner being wants nothing to do with it.  That’s what’s deep inside us – true self-appreciation, self-adoration. The other stuff is just junk we’ve heard someone say. When we repeat it we just activate self-sabotage.  So Don’t!  Connect to Source and appreciate your own self-worth.

Ciera of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group was in the “Hot Seat” at a recent Abraham workshop.  In the first part of her interaction with Abraham, Ciera asks why her career suffers when she is in a relationship, and vice versa.  In the second part, Ciera asks for more clarification and wants to know if she can have a career and a relationship at the same time.  A YouTube video of her interaction may be viewed at Ciera Video.

Abraham explained that the career issues have nothing to do with the relationship because it has nothing to do with the other person.  Another person cannot introduce static and resistance into the equation. It has only to do with what we are thinking.  This creates self-sabotaging thoughts.  Recognize them as such and know that we do not want whatever they represent.  Connect yourself to Source.  Now knowing what we don’t want will help us know what we do want.  This exercise adds clarification to our vortex.  Having this relationship has now helped us because the most amazing relationship now exists in our vortex.  Think about this:  Every “not-so-great” experience we have had with any relationship (work, family, friends, etc.) has created even better experiences to come in our vortex.  The next time we are in the receptive mode (through relaxation and meditation or any way to feel good and connected to Source) we will be inspired to a new relationship or job or anything, and it will be one that matches our evolving life as it lives in our vortex.

What some people call Self-Sabotage Abraham refers to Self-Preservation (the basic instinct to protect oneself from harm).  Basically we think we can’t have it all.  Abraham says when we are awake we are always in the receptive mode.  The question is are we in the receptive mode of Source energy or the receptive mode of paranoia – what our Inner Being knows or what others are telling us.  Before we knew about being connected to Source while in the receptive mode, we were attracting all over the place.  We listened to what others were saying which made us reactionary.  We didn’t even know how we were attracting the things we attracted.  We just noticed that we did.  We are the ones who are calling everything to us. 

Now that we understand this, life is causing us to want what we want most from where we are now – what’s in our vortex now.  There is an active and revolving reality that has a strong point of attraction – and it is us.  Just remember, everything is already cued up for us and all we need to do is to get into alignment.  When we are inspired on all levels of our Inner Being, it’s influence is reaching us.  And when we are open, we are inspired to the things that work well for us.  That’s how it works.

A question was raised about what to do with complaining people.  Here are some of the suggestions.  Picture the complainers living their best selves until this becomes a habit; focus on the solution, not the problem; focus on the happy end result, not the issue; snap yourself out of the discussion and make yourself feel good again; change the subject to a topic that feels better; write what you do want and how you want to feel so you attract more of what you do want.

Another question related to being impatient when something is wanted, especially money.  Here are some suggestions.  Remember we can’t control our first thought, but we can control our next action; when we do estimable things we vibrate prosperity consciousness; count our blessings to feel good; appreciate what we do have ($) so we attract more; when we stay tuned to our emotions and feelings and connected to Source, we continue to enhance our lives in all areas.

After the discussion, we ended with a “hot seat” for members to “What If” their desires and many great suggestions were provided to uplift the participants.

Our next meeting will be April 3 at 7PM at Spiritworks in Burbank.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Provided by Eddie Conner. Check out Eddie and the helpful services he provides at and at LA Talk Radio’s Video Channel Fridays, 1 PM PST.  His meditation is on our YouTube channel.

In celebrating their 7-Year Anniversary with the Burbank Law of Attraction Group, Ramona and Mike acknowledged their friends and faithful members, Kathy and Robin with flowers.

Kathy was the person who talked Ramona into putting herself out in the world and sharing her passion for Law of Attraction. Robin has not missed a meeting in seven years. Mike and Ramona honored their LOA Friends with appreciation, flowers, and hugs.


QUESTION: Why is harmonizing with our desires important?
ANSWER:     Harmonizing means to be “in agreement with our desires.”

Think about an orchestra in flawless harmony or a quartet’s vocals in perfect unison.
These examples are the same with the vibrational frequencies humans constantly send out to the Universe. We are either, “in harmony with” our desires, or not.

We are eternally sending out invisible signals. The problem is, most of us Do Not realize we’re sending negative, contradicted signals from our hearts and out to the Universe. How often does this happen? Every single micro-second of our lives.

By accident, we mostly vibrate unconscious signals of lack, not enough, and “where is my stuff,” instead of consciously vibrating prosperity, abundance, and wellness. We speak about what we Do Not want more often than not.

It’s true you work hard, struggle, and sacrifice at times in your life. What you may not understand is that the Universe only responds to your feelings and your invisible frequencies about working hard! The Universe is not responding to your hard work; it’s actually responding to how you FEEL about having to work hard.

How do you feel about working hard and not being compensated fairly in today’s FEAR-conomy? Not so good, right?

If we feel overworked and underpaid, the Universe is saying, “Yes” to our tired, exhausted, and, “life’s not fair” feelings.

When we harmonize with our heart’s desire without contradicting that desire, we are in pure energetic flow. Here are fun points to remember in aligning your heart and desires as ONE!

OUR HEART…                                           
…Is unconditional love.                                          
…Is tied to the Gut-Brain.
…Is the twin flame soul to our solar plexus.                     

…Are driven by your higher self.
…Are also driven by our soul’s purpose.
…Came with our soul to this planet to manifest our heart’s desires.

At the heart, of our heart’s desires is the pure positive, nonphysical energy that creates worlds. This energy is unconditional love in action. Added to this, is the fact that our heart and our desires are soul mates that work in perfect, miraculous harmony to bring us our personal heaven on Earth experiences.

QUESTION: What blocks us from expressing this “expanded consciousness?”
ANSWER:     Our resistance.


It’s not more money you want, it’s the freedom that having more money will bring.

It’s not love you want, it’s the feeling that living in your heart’s desires will bring.

It’s not a new job you want, it’s a desire to connect with new like-minded people.

The word, “heaven” means, “expanded consciousness.”

To create heaven on earth means to harmonize with your heart and soul’s essence.

The word, “miracle” means, “A change in perception.”

Once we change our outdated perceptions and choose to expand our consciousness we’ll be in harmony with our heart’s desires.

Let go of the physical thing you want and hold onto the essence you believe it will bring.

Make Resistance your friend. See the gift in Resistance.

Thank Resistance for helping you realize when you’re not in the flow of life.

Talk to your heart-mind all day, every day, for the joy of it.

Talk to your gut-brain all day, every day, for the joy of it.

Harmonize with your Higher Self, stand in your light, and share your love!

Our next meeting will be March 6, 2018.  See you there.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


GUIDED MEDITATION provided by Eddie Conner.  Check out Eddie and the helpful services he provides at EddieConner.Com.

How many times have you asked yourself “Why am I not getting what I want out of life?  Why isn’t it happening?  I think I’m doing all the right things, but my desires are not manifesting.” 

If you are asking these questions, perhaps the problem lies within yourself.  Here’s a helpful video that explains how to get out of your own way and manifest your desires.  How to get out of your own way by Abraham Hicks.     

In this video Abraham helps a young woman realize that the answers she is seeking are within her and available, but she is not paying attention to the messages her inner being is sending.  She has inner blocks that keep her from hearing or seeing those messages.

What is our inner being?  It’s the non-physical part of each one of us.  Our inner being attempts to show us the way, but knows we have many beliefs that get in our way.  It offers us guidance and soothing all the time and knows we don’t listen for its messages.  Our inner being will sometimes take an unconventional way around our limiting belief by giving us a different answer.  As an example, we may believe we’ve lost an item and cannot find it.  That belief will keep us from finding it.  Our inner being may suggest we look for something else it knows is next to the item we believe is lost.  When we look for that item, we find the lost one.  In the video, Abraham uses the example of looking for her gold pen she knows is in her purse.  It’s a great example.

Remember your inner being knows you have resistant thoughts and does not hold it against you, and doesn’t try to get rid you to rid yourself of them.    Your inner being simply shows you another way to get to where you want to be.  Your inner being knows your path of least resistance (which is also the path of most allowance) and shows you how to get yourself there.  But we tend to argue for our limitations.  We explain why we will never find our lost item, or why we will cannot achieve our desires.  We do not make it easy for our inner being to guide us.

What’s the answer?  Stop being so defensive.  Keep an open mind.  Admit when we make mistakes.  Meditate every day to get yourself into that good feeling place so you are in alignment and READY TO ALLOW.  Keep in mind that problems (contrast) are the beginning of wonderful solutions.  We signed into this world knowing we are in the right place at the right time and we are doing good things.


Here are some additional thoughts to ponder…

Stay in the present moment, in the flow, with ease and joy.
Feel good now.
What we see and hear can affect us.  Choose what you see and hear.
Don’t argue for your limitations – life is meant to be fun.
In the past I overworked to get; now I give.  It feels so happy and joyous.
Remain open and in alignment to receive guidance and gifts from our inner being and the Universe.
Contrast is a gift because it leads to resolution.
We reach our greatest potential when we stay in the moment, in the flow, and are aligned.
You are the only person who gets in your way.
You are in control and the Universe supports you unconditionally.
Harmonize with the things that make you happy, thrilled, and connected to Source.

Following the discussion, the group enjoyed our annual pot luck and took the opportunity to get to know one another better.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  See you then.