Tuesday, March 5, 2019


After introductions of new members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation designed to help us be prepared to close the vibrational gap.

Time is running out to sign up for Eddie Conner’s “Explore Spiritual Peru” trip May 1 through May 10, 2019.  If you have not been to Machu Picchu you won’t want to miss this magical trip.  We have been on this trip three times and had mystical experiences each time.  Sign up on Eddie’s website at Eddie Conner Peru Trip

The opening video was “Close the Vibrational Gap” available on our YouTube channel.  Please subscribe to our channel at MikeAndRamona.LOA by clicking on the “Subscribe” button on that page.

Do you know what’s holding you back? Is it the feeling that you’re being held back?  Or your attention to not being where you want to be?  What can you do?

First, lighten up with where you are.  Make the best of it.  Remember, every moment of your life YOU have the option of making the journey pleasant or miserable.  It’s your decision.  Make sure you get happy where you are.  What’s holding you back is the THOUGHT that something is holding you back.

Second, when something comes up and you feel negative emotion, that is merely a new desire being born.  Your immediate reaction is that the gap has widened. That is the time to apply some positive statements such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “What can I learn about this that I really like…”.  Then you will be going in the direction of what feels a little better than where you are. Here’s an example:

Esther tells about the time Jerry organized everything into boxes.  Esther wanted to get something and knew where it used to be.  She got upset, but soon realized it wasn’t because she couldn’t find the object, but rather that she felt her life was out of control…her control. What we experience is giving us a constant representation of what we are vibrating.

Another example is the feeling we get when the credit card bill comes and it activates the feeling of a lack of money.  When we are in that moment we need to remember to ask ourselves why this made us worry.  We know we will work it out somehow.  What we need to do is say things such as “I know I will figure out something.  I always do.” Also think of positive aspects about the credit card, such as “I wouldn’t have this card if I didn’t have good credit” and “I know when I call them to explain why I cannot pay off the balance, they will be happy to make alternative arrangements.”  These statements or thoughts do not solve the problem, but they get us moving in the right direction.

Remember, negative emotion means we are systematically marching toward negative manifestations.  Being upset is merely our inner beings alerting us that we are out of alignment.  The way to get to where we want to be is by CLOSING ONE GAP AT A TIME.  When we do, we will end up standing in a stable good-feeling place and nothing can upset us.

We viewed an additional video “What’s the One Thing?” available on our YouTube channel at MikeAndRamona.LOA. Here are some additional thoughts from the group:

Instead of defaulting to worry, go to expectation and joyous anticipation bridging the vibrational gap.

Instead of habitually saying “outdated beliefs,” use that same powerful energy to speak one thought, one feeling, one breadth and one feel-good step at a time.

Let go of ego and physical aspect and hold on to the core essence of the end result you will have when the manifestation comes.

Flip your inner dialogue “bitching” to what you do want and how you want to feel.

When you begin to feel a little off-balance, write out your personal appreciation rampage.

When we shift on purpose for the joy of it, we are changing ourselves which will change our physical outcome.

Regrouping our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies create a happier heart within and a happier reality without.

Be gentle, easy loving, kind and purely focused with yourself.

When fear holds our attention we are blocking ourselves.  As fear pops up, stop it quickly and reach for better feeling thoughts that will lift you up.

Fear, insecurity, and need for control remind us that we are out of alignment.

When in traffic, choose to shift the vibration from traffic to things we like.

Changing frequency and perspective allows us to feel and access our true higher self.

The love of our inner being is always unconditional love and always guides us.

We are more than physical bodies.  We are unconditional love personified – love in action.

Several members took turns in the “love seat” and shared their “wants” using the "What If" game as the group ramped up their vibration.

Our closing video “The Messiah Project” features one of our members who is actively involved with helping the homeless of Los Angeles.  

Our next meeting will be on April 1.  Don't be an April Fool.  Come to our meeting entitled "Releasing Old Wounds and Triggers".  Sign Up Now!

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Monday, February 4, 2019


After introductions, we listened to a guided meditation by The Honest Guys entitled “The Garden of Tranquility”. 

Time is running out to sign up for Eddie Conner’s “Explore Spiritual Peru Trip” May 1 through May 10, 2019.  If you have not been to Machu Picchu, you won’t want to miss this magical trip.  We have been on this trip three times and had mystical experiences each time. Sign up on Eddie’s website at Eddie Conner Peru Trip.

James Sutton has developed a website with several meditations and a downloadable copy of his book “Action-Attraction”.  He encourages members to use his free website which is available at mentorbound.com/homies

Our opening video was “Stop Feeling Overwhelmed” by Abraham Hicks and may be viewed on our YouTube channel MikeAndRamona.LOATo have access to all videos shown at our meetings, subscribe to our YouTube channel “MikeAndRamona.LOA” on YouTube.com.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is merely asking for more than we are allowing.  When we ask for too much at one time and are unable to, or choose not to allow it in, we create a bottleneck.  That’s the feeling of being overwhelmed.  When we are in a state of clarity we are capable of handling much more without the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Abraham says “Things are always working out for me.” If we can say it and mean it – really own it – that mentality helps soothe the overwhelmed feelings. 

In the video, the subject states that he takes prescription drugs to balance out the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Abraham says drugs only mute our ability to know we are overwhelmed.  That isn’t always bad, but it is a coverup, not a cure. 

When we launch a desire and send up those rockets, our desire only gets stronger.  If the vibrational difference between where we are and where our desire is becomes too great, we feel worse until we say we are overwhelmed or depressed or afraid.  That’s why it is important to keep moving in the direction of that desire.  What the Universe wants us to know is we just need to talk and feel in favor of our desires, not against them.

The subject in the hot seat said he is not happy with his body.  It’s always on his mind in its current form.  It’s difficult to visualize anything other than the way he looks right now.  Abraham advised him (and us) to avoid thinking about the current image (or whatever bothers us) so it becomes less active.  Just give it a rest for a while!  Our inner being knows what we want.  By eliminating the frequency of the negative “what is” thoughts, we make room for thoughts of the way we want it to be.  If we keep that image in the forefront of our minds, there won’t be room for the negative thoughts.  And as we know, thoughts turn into things.  So stop beating the drum of what is, and let the “new and improved us” happen.

Two members of our group participated in a Love Seat exercise, one on her relationship with money, and the other on health scares.

The closing video was The Power of Words, available on YouTube

Our next meeting will be March 4.  Hope to see you there.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


After introductions, we listened to a meditation by The Honest Guys
James Sutton announced that he has written a book and it is available free to members through tomorrow only on his website MogulBound.com. James also has a YouTube channel.  There is a "Subscribe" button on his website.  

Patrick Gutman announced his latest project using sound baths to help people by focusing on their heart consciousness leaving them feeling at ease, relaxed and connected.  Check out his YouTube video and learn about Patrick’s sound baths.  

We showed a video, Reversing Negative Thinking, available on YouTube. To receive notifications of Mike and Ramona’s new videos, subscribe to our channel MikeAndRamona.LOA on YouTube.com.  

In the video, the person in the hot seat is frustrated by things such as traffic and work, things that tend to block him from maintaining positive thoughts and a positive outlook. He obtains advice from Abraham on how to stop “pinching himself off” from Source.  

Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, maintaining the same thought pattern increases its momentum.  It makes sense that when the momentum of our thoughts and actions are negative, they will continue in that vein and carry us deeper into that negative space.  Likewise, when our thoughts and actions are positive, we will be carried upwards into better and better places.  Our power sits in our ability to get out ahead of the negative thoughts and actions and reverse the momentum into a positive direction. 

Our problem tends to be that when something negative invades our space, all our attention seems to be placed in that direction – or as it says in the video, we start spewing a mist and cannot stop.  The challenge we face is finding a mechanism to stop the spewing and channel our direction into more positive behavior.  The easiest way to change?  When we sleep, there is no negativity.  We are in effect unconscious and restful with no room for negativity.  When we wake up, if we look at the new day as a new beginning and do not resume the spewing, we can direct our attention towards a more positive outlook.  We may revert to spewing during the day, but by continually switching our momentum to positivity, we will have less tendency to spew each day until it finally disappears.

Another tool is meditation which changes the frequency of our vibration.  Or rampages of appreciation which do the same.  When we meditate or do a rampage before going to sleep, whether at night or taking a nap, we have changed our frequency and allowed the sleep to change our momentum.

When we are spewing, discipline is required to switch our focus to things we feel better about.  Negative things happen and sometimes it seems they are directed towards us.  It is important to learn to not react or be defensive.  We have to be focused on other things.  It is impossible to focus on negative and positive at the same time. It is helpful to have something positive to draw upon to replace the negatives as soon as we realize the negatives are “attacking” us.  Examples are thoughts of our children or grandchildren, pets, pleasant memories from our past, etc.  If possible, take a little nap.  Say to yourself “Things are always working out for me”.  Look for the value in the lesson being taught by the negative circumstance.  

As we feel better more of the time, positive things will begin to flow to us.  If we feel vulnerable or picked upon, the best course of action is to withdraw from the situation.  Meditation or rampages of appreciation are great tools to raise our vibration.  We don’t need to disengage from life or hide from people and things (TV) that affect us negatively.  We just need to acknowledge that stuff happens and then remind ourselves of who we really are and that we have the tools and ability to get above the confrontation. Learn to observe what is happening without getting caught up in it.  Acknowledge that you are a magnificent person, that good things are coming to you, that life is supposed to be fun, and that everything is always working out for you.

What should we do if something or someone from the past continues to haunt us and keeps us in a negative space?  There are many exercises available, here is one.  First, most negativity comes from a person.  One tool is to have a higher-self discussion with that person. Have your higher self talk to the other person’s higher self and describe whatever is causing your negativity. Whether you know why the person is seemingly attacking you or not, apologize to the other person’s higher self for whatever you may have done to cause the negative feelings coming your way.  Explain that you forgive them for their actions towards you.  Then, in a visualization, take images of that person and/or the things they did, place them in an imaginary basket, tie several helium-filled balloons to the basket, and release it, watching it rise into the Universe, leaving the problem for Source to resolve.  Sometimes you may need to repeat the exercise, but each time the negativity you feel coming from the other person will decrease.  Continue until all the negativity has dissipated.

The closing video was “Joshua – Feeding Those in Need”

Our next meeting will be February 4.  

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Monday, December 10, 2018


After Ramona greeted the group, Eddie Conner provided a humorous meditation designed to merge our inner beings with the OVAL Mirror of Life (Observe, Vibrate, Attract, and Live). This meditation and all previous meditations are available on our YouTube channel MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe.

The video was “Habits of Thought” which is also available on our YouTube channel.  In the video, there is an example of how Esther did not get what she wanted and settled for it for a long time.  Esther and Jerry remodeled a guest house and did not like the floor tiles substituted by the contractor.  She did not like it and complained about it to everyone who came to the house. Eventually, she realized she was holding on to something that did not please her and there was no reason to do so. Why do we hold on to things that do not please us?

Our mood is our true indicator of how we are managing our vibrational gap between how we see things and how our inner being sees it.  Once we recognize what our mood is telling us, it is analogous to an infant growing into an adult.  We want our infant thoughts to grow up immediately.  If they do, however, we will miss out on all the growing up years – the joy of the journey. We need to let the thoughts develop into the vibrational reality.  Our satisfaction only exists when we are moving in the direction of our desire. Our life is what our thoughts make it. Our thoughts become things.  Never, ever, ever settle.  Think the thoughts that satisfy you until they grow into the things you want, then act.

Following the video, the group enjoyed the potluck and a game designed to help us learn more about one another.

Monday, November 12, 2018


Eddie Conner provided a guided meditation designed to send love and light to our firefighters and the victims of the fires and of recent shootings.  His meditation may be viewed on YouTube at Eddie's Meditation.  After the meeting, the news reported that several areas that had to be evacuated were released by the fire department and ready for evacuees to return to the site of their homes THREE DAYS EARLIER THAN ANTICIPATED.  We believe that is a testament to the power of group meditation.

The opening video was “The Five Creative Steps” available on YouTube.  In it Abraham explains the five steps to create the life we want:
1.    Ask
2.    It is given
3.    Allow it to happen by thinking about what you do want.
4.    Get really good at step 3.
5.    Welcome contrast.

A second video entitled “Connection to Source” is available on YouTube.  This video explains what it feels like to be connected to Source.

Those who were on the Greek Island cruise last month participated in a panel and provided their insights and gems they learned from the Abraham workshops.  

·     One person connected to Source is more powerful than millions that are not.
·     Once you understand LOA you will understand why things happen to you.  
·     Notice what you are paying attention to and you will learn WHY things happen to you.
·     Be aware of the thoughts that satisfy you and make you feel good.  Always choose the better thought until it becomes a habit of thought.
·     Keep elevating your thoughts which will keep you from thinking non-satisfying thoughts.
·     Many think that repeating step 1 is what LOA is all about.  They never get to steps 3 or 4 (allowing).
·     Your world is not broken.  Don’t try to fix it.  Learn to live joyfully in your world.
·     Sometimes the Universe will give us a pure positive push into our greatness.
·     Sometimes bad things happen, but they make room for good things to replace them.  Every minus sign is just half of a plus sign waiting to become positive.
·     Our souls came forth to master LOA.
·     Our lives are filled with contrast which is fantastic because in these step 5 moments we get to play the deliberate co-creation game.
·     It’s fun to flip the script to “feel good” in the present moment.
·     Always look forward because our inner being never ever looks back.
·     Contrast will always bring gorgeous clarity if we allow it.
·     Always be “Under the Influence” of grace, beauty, appreciation, and gratitude.
·     Jealousy is a symptom of the disconnected clump.
·     Fear is just anxiety.
·     Motivation is what you do to keep bad things from happening to you.  Inspiration is something you want to do.
·     Escalation and momentum are the same thing.
·     The path of least resistance is the path of most allowance.
·      We can send love to anyone.
·     Go where the love is in our lives, not away from them.
·     It’s powerful and natural to our inner being to let go of people that are not a match.
·     Connection to Source is our most important asset.
·     There are two kinds of “clumps” (a new Abraham term) of people – those who are connected to Source and those who are not.
·     Being in groups of like-minded people (connected clumps) make us feel seen and heard.
·     When someone is not holding you in as equal a space as you are holding them, be selfishly kind to yourself so that you have beautiful soul reserves available to yourself.
·     Don’t apologize for shining as brightly as you feel.
·     Be a glutton for joy.
·     When we doubt we water down our desires.
·     Kids have their own inner being guidance system.
·     It’s important to allow kids to develop their soul self, their inner being.
·     Kids don’t cut themselves off from Source energy.
·     Engulf yourself in the pre-manifestation energy longer and more joyously than in post-manifestation.
·     Our inner beings always guide us forward into pure positive energy.
·     The more we over think-act-analyze, the more we disconnect from our inner being guidance system.
·     When tempted to over process, go "general".
·     Your inner being will never give you an impulse until you are ready to receive.
·     Do what you love and your inner being will follow.
·     We think of prosperity as what other people have. Source sees it as all that is good in the Universe.
·     When we are in the receiving mode (steps 3 and 4) we realize the prosperity we already have, not our want for more. Then we receive what we want, one thing at a time.
·     When we see something that is not satisfying, do not engage or talk about it.
·     Monitor negative self-talk so you can deliberately focus on what you do want.
·     Holding on to the negative is fighting Source.  Let go!
·     It’s not so much about what you’re doing as it is about feeling satisfied.
·     It’s impossible to be worried and satisfied at the same time.

The closing video was “Change of Heart” courtesy of CBS News.  Sorry but copyright laws preclude us from posting this video on YouTube.

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 10 and will be our annual Holiday meeting and potluck.  Watch our email notifications for details.

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Monday, October 8, 2018


Ramona welcomed the group and had new members and guests introduce themselves.  She also announced that in an effort to help our environment, starting in January, we will no longer be providing plastic bottles of water.

Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation designed to help us meet our master teacher, a special animal totem, and a medicine man and woman to integrate the positive aspects of both your conscious and subconscious minds. Eddie’s meditation is available on YouTube.  

Do you ever have a feeling of disconnection from something you want?  The disconnection is not between you and whatever you want.  THE DISCONNECTION IS BETWEEN YOU AND SOURCE.

The opening video is “Day Trader” available on YouTube.  
Simply stated, if you feel worried or dissatisfied in the moment of decision, don’t take any action.  Readiness to act is all about your “in the moment” emotion. You should not jump into your next step.  You should glide into it as your next logical step – whatever you are ready for – your path of least resistance.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  If you are optimistic about it, you are ready.  If you are not, or if you feel worrisome about it, you are not ready. It’s all about the emotion you feel at the moment.  Knowing the difference is what DELIBERATE CREATION is!

Practice the feeling of satisfaction.  For a few days, think of topics or actions with little or no risk or resistance.  Notice when you feel satisfied and when you do not.  Show yourself that you can determine which influence you are under. After a few days, you will be able to apply your new tool to tougher subjects.  

The reason we don’t get everything we ask for is that we are not in a satisfied state of emotion when we ask.  We ask for more and more, but we don’t keep up our emotions of satisfaction with that which our inner beings have achieved.  Our inner beings get there vibrationally before we are able to believe that we can achieve what we want.  We don’t become less satisfied.  Our inner beings become more satisfied.  That leaves us feeling dissatisfied, out of sync with our inner beings.  We need to stay off the subject that’s stopping us and get on to subjects that will help us close the gap between our feeling of dissatisfaction and our inner being’s vibration.  Think about or do whatever makes you feel good, feel satisfied, so you are able to close the gap between where you are emotionally and where your inner being is. (Outdoors, grandchildren, pets, etc.). Do whatever it takes to break the spell of dissatisfaction.

Members and guests detailed the main points as they saw them: 
Do things that satisfy me. 
Do all kinds of things that align my head and my heart.
Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. (Henry Ford)
The better I feel, the easier it is to feel aligned with Source.
Releasing doubt is a good attribute to practice for the joy of it.
We need to learn to let go of things that cause us to worry and feel unsatisfied.
Focus on what’s right instead of what’s wrong.
Take a nap and realign.

The group had a mastermind session with questions primarily about love, money, caregiving and career.  Here are the main points.

A member is on a dating app and not getting anywhere.  Suggestions were -- Step back from online dating because of the way you feel towards it right now.  Wait until you feel a positive relationship with the app.  –Until you are clear about what you want you will continue to get some “not ready” people.  –Desire to have someone in your life comes from a feeling of not having someone now. –Love yourself first and you will attract someone who matches your heart’s desire.  –A “You First” attitude in a clear manner and in a clear intentional way shifts your inner being to higher consciousness.  –Play with the energy of lightness, love, light and you will attract a mate that matches these attributes.  –Keep an open mind and an open and fun-loving heart.  –Date for the joy of it.  –Date for the fun of it.

Several members feel disconnected from Source regarding money. An independent contractor stated that her income can be good one month and low the next.  The inconsistency is a problem.  She would like to live in prosperity, feel abundant and feel rich. Suggestions were – Travel to places, visit spaces, hang with friends, and do things that feed your soul.  
–As empathetic, sensitive people we accidentally get lifted up when we are around rich-minded people, so hang around them. –Stay private with your innermost thoughts and emotions about things that make your soul sing.  
--The happier I am, the more money that flows to me. –Focus on beauty, calm, ease and flow and anything that speaks to your inner being.  –Shift your perspective and lift your thoughts to appreciation and thanksgiving.  –Put it out there and let it go.  –Consciously focus on your worth, your value, and your truth because this elevates your prosperity consciousness.  –Focus on being more appreciative because appreciation ramps up our wealth consciousness. –Being happier attracts money. –As soon as we let it go, it comes back around.

A member who is primary caregiver for her mother wants to stay aligned with Source while caregiving her parent in a difficult situation. Suggestions were – Take lots of breaks to replenish.  –Spend off-time with likeminded friends.  –Stop holding your relative in an old space in your mind.  –Meditate or take a nap before you spend time with a negative relative. –Remind your relative how lovely they were throughout your life.  –Point out pleasant memories you shared together over the years.

The final mastermind was about how to feel good stepping into new career choices.  Suggestions were -- Make a list of what works for you and what makes you happy.  –Make an appreciation list.  –Pick something you love.  –Create your own community of super like-minded people that is joy based, heart driven and soul provoking.  –Stay open to new opportunities.

Ramona read the following closing affirmation from Hay House:
I accept all that I’ve created for myself. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.  I support myself, trust myself, and accept myself, wherever I am.  I can be within the love of my own heart.  I place my hand over my heart and feel the love that is there.  I know there is plenty of room for me to accept myself right here and now.  I accept my body, my weight, my height, my appearance, my sexuality and my experiences.  I accept all that I have created for myself – my past and my present. I am willing to allow my future to happen.  I am a divine, magnificent expression of life, and I deserve the very best.  I accept this for myself now.  I adept miracles.  I accept healing.  I accept wholeness.  And most of all, I accept myself.  I am precious and I cherish who I am.  And so it is.

Our next meeting will be November 12 and will cover the new ideas from Abraham as presented on the Vortex of Attraction Greek Islands cruise.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced new members and guests.

Eddie Conner provided a guided meditation and visualization to release old, outdated belief systems.  Due to technical issues, Eddie’s meditation will not be available on YouTube as usual.  Our apologies to Eddie and the group.

Ramona asked the group to share some of the illogical beliefs they have heard or believed in the past.  Here are a few:
It’s never going to get better.
That’s just the way it is.
Being sick is a contradiction.  Go to work and spread the germs or stay home and get well.
I don’t deserve good things.
I’m not worthy.
I can’t hold on to the good.
Why do bad things always happen to me?
Life is not fair.
You have to work hard to make money.
I’m too old to change.
I’m too young to be successful.
There’s never enough time.
Success requires sacrifice.
This is going to suck.

We watched a YouTube video entitled “Exploring Illogical Beliefs”.   

The video reminded the group of some interesting points:
Focus on the future, not on the past.
Perception is reality. Changing our perception can change our reality.
Living in the past is living our old self.
It’s important to continue our feel-good momentum.
Stop momentum as soon as possible when headed in the wrong direction.
We are more than our five physical senses.
Focusing on positive, happy memories is more advantages than the negative.
Happy memories beget happier present moments.
Meditation is a great tool to flip back into pure positive energy.
Focus on what is working and what feels good.
We are responsible for our own happiness and well-being.

Ramona asked for volunteers to express their illogical beliefs in the love seat.  
The first illogical belief expressed was “We focus on the problem, not the solution, and attract more problems.”  
Instead of being a problem solver, consider yourself a solution-oriented person.
Record, rewrite, revisit and focus on all the moments that worked in the past.
Talk to the light and soul of each person you work with.
Solution energy is a feeling frequency.
Be the feeling of light-heartedness.
Play the “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” game.
Create a “Solution-oriented soul” character.
Play with the energy of positive momentum.
Have fun.
Meditate on the desired end result feeling as if you have already achieved your goal.

The next illogical belief was I can’t be rich.” 
Do a spiritual DNA test to see where your rich gene is located and send it love.
Study biographies of wealthy minded people.
Focus on the wealth you already have.
Affirm in feel-good ways “I am wealthy. I am rich. I am prosperous.”
How big can I think, feel, vibrate, radiate and shine?
Acknowledge your inner being minute by minute.
Visualize being in the stream of your whole soul self.
Carry yourself as if you have just manifested your first million dollars.
Get to the root of why you want what you want.
Focus on all things that are infinite, right now.
Focus on all the things that you like, love and appreciate.
Stay general.

The last illogical belief was (Actor) They don’t like me. What's wrong with me.  What am I doing wrong?
You are not always the perfect fit for all parts.  It has nothing to do with the gifts you bring to the table.
Practice brave vulnerability for the joy of it with people with whom you feel safe.
Shine your light and connect with your unique talent.
Remember, what other people think of me is none of my business.

Ramona closed the meeting with comments about John McCain and how he always focused on the good things.  Even his memories as a POW focused on what he referred to as the fun times and happy memories.

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