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To start the meeting, Eddie Conner led us in another wonderful guided visualization entitled “Letting Go of Self-Criticism – Guided Visualization”.   This and all his meditations are available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA

One of our members described how he did not listen to the doom’s day talk of the doctors when he was found to be HIV positive.  Instead, he cured himself through positive thinking. He is now known as “Miracle Mike”.  Here is a link to the Miracle Mike Video.  

Mike presented an LOA coronavirus update so that members could calibrate to their Source energy.  The message is it’s not the virus itself that is so dangerous. It’s the constant vibration emitted by the media at the same time the Universe is broadcasting a powerful well-being vibration 24/7.  To whom do you want to listen?  Ignore the subject and listen to Source’s signal.  Ramona’s mantra is “Count me out!”

The evening’s topic covered the subject of self-criticism.  The opening video is called “Letting Go of Self Criticism”  and is available, along with all our videos, on YouTube at MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe and receive all our videos as they are released.

In the video, Abraham helps a young man who was raised in an environment of criticism and has become critical of others and himself. He feels his critical behavior is due to his upbringing, but Abraham points out an alternative.  Sometimes when people are raised in a loving environment – it could be only one family member who exhibits uncompromising love – then they encounter the shock of dealing with the public.  However, this man’s situation is different.  

When he is in his favorite environment which is creative (singing, playing guitar) he is fine.  When he has to interact with others, however, he feels they are critical of him.  When you have the mindset that people are critical, the Law of Attraction is unable to find the path of least resistance and, therefore, unable to line you up with people who are loving.  

Abraham advises him to get to the point where he doesn’t need those people to love him in order to be loved.  He must determine what influence he was under when he rendezvoused with them.  If he feels vulnerable and victimized, then that is the type of person he is attracting.  If he feels tapped in, tuned in and turned on, then he will rendezvous with those who feel the same.

It is only your perception that keeps you from feeling good when starting an interaction with others.  The fellow thinks it is fear of being criticized.  Abraham explains that fear is merely not being in sync with your Inner Being.  When he feels guilty about something he has done, Abraham explains he is not listening to his Inner Being.  He is using the emotional guidance scale (link to emotional guidance scale) to beat himself up because of where he is on the scale.  Instead, he should use the scale as it is meant to be used – to discover where you are vibrationally and as an assist in moving up to a better, feel-good place.  The better you feel, the more like your Inner Being you will be at that moment.  Your Inner Being is NEVER critical of you for any reason.  So, when you are self-critical, you have moved away from your Inner Being.  That’s what makes you feel bad.  

Abraham encourages us to never give up on our desires.  What we need to do is give up on our resistance.  While in that field of resistance, however, we are struggling with what we really do want.  When we get to the point of giving up, and we give up the resistance, a breakthrough happens and we have access to all we put into our vortex.

The young man had overdosed and ended up in a psych ward.  Abraham explained that while he was unconscious, he released the resistance long enough that it provided him with a new vibrational set point.  That was his path of least resistance.  

Life and struggle and contrast cause us to place a lot of wants into our vibrational reality.  You may not realize it, but what we are doing is asking.  You know what you do not want, which means you know what you do want by default. It is actually step 1 – ASK.  

This vibrational reality was real; cooperative components are being gathered whether we are ready or not.  This is step 2 – It Is Given.

While he was unconscious and his vibrational setpoint was being reset, he was able to release the resistance which placed him in the receiving mode.  By releasing resistance and letting the cooperative components in, he was in step 3 – Allow.  And during the time he was unconscious, he received a great offer in his favorite field – music.

The group added their pearls of wisdom gleaned from the video, and their additional thoughts as follows:
-Not to speak more about what I don’t want.  Instead, I choose to look at and speak about all the things that I do want and that I do love.
-I take naps when I get knotted up because it makes me feel happier.
-Whatever I focus on expands, so I now look at good things for the joy of it.
-I no longer talk about bad customers or their nasty behavior because I don’t want to attract more of the same.
-I love connecting to my inner being.  It’s my first place to rendezvous.
-That my crippling thoughts feel more like static radio.  As a result, when I feel this emotional static, I choose to look at things that beef up my pure alignment to Source.
-Static feels bad; joy feels good.
-We are all guilty of “Shoulding” on ourselves.
-I don’t overanalyze any longer.  I play in my feel-good heart energy instead.
-Trust – I continue to trust my inner being and to trust my gut feelings.
-Our Inner Beings do not “go down the rabbit hole” when we do.  It holds the space for us until we choose to reconnect to it.
-Everything in our lives right now is an exact reflection of what we are vibrating.
-I love marinating in joy and a good feeling place because I’m learning to take good care of myself.  I realize that if I don’t, no one else will be a match to my desire for joy.
-I convert intellectual language into absolute heart-feeling language because feelings create 99.99% of our lives.
-Before I speak, I breathe.  Before I act, I breathe.  Before I think, I breathe.  I do so because that pause helps me focus on what I do want instead of what I don’t want.
-It’s fun to let go of my old story, just because.
It’s easier to count my blessings

We had two members who participated in love seat sessions.  Members happily played the “what if?” game.

Our closing video was “Kid Hero” from KOLR News in Springfield, Missouri. 
Thank you.  Our next meeting will be on April 6.  Hope to see you there.

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