Monday, January 13, 2020


After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a meditation “To Merge With Light” available on our YouTube channel at To Merge With Light.

Tonight’s video is entitled “Tell A New Story” and may be accessed through our YouTube channel at MikeAndRamona.LOA.  In the video, Abraham does one of her rampages explaining how to create your new story.  If you are getting a lot of what you do not want in life, this video will explain how to create a new story of what you do want.

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To create a new story you must first think the thought that gives you relief before things can change.  Everything we are living is in response to the story we are telling.  It is a result of what we say, the way we feel and the way we think,  If a thought makes you unhappy or feeling negativity, you must change that thought to one that makes you happy and lighthearted. You must tell the story the way you want it to be.

Try hearing the story Source is telling you.  When Source says “All is well”, what do you say?  “Well, Source, if all is well, what about this; what about that?”  Thoughts and feelings such as these are counterproductive to a happy life.  Instead, you need to look upon the “this’s and that’s” as contrast which leads us to knowing what we do want.  It’s the “what we do wants” that should be in our new story.

Start telling the story in a way that shifts your emotion, like “I am abundant”.  Instead of thinking about what is, think about what you want it to be.  Nothing ever turns out different than what you expect.  Stop telling the story of what you already lived; write about where you are going, how you want it to play out, and what emotions you want to feel.  If there are areas that need tweaking, tell about those areas.  Make it an empowering story that works for you rather than against you.  Remember you have lived long enough to know what you don’t want.  Start a notebook or journal and call it “My Life Story”.  Chapter one is “My life story relative to abundance, relationships, etc.”  Begin telling the story of your desires.  Add details of positive aspects you can find that match those desires.  Embellish your positive expectation and do a “wouldn’t it be nice if…”  

Do not let the comments of others affect your story.  Tell it the way YOU want it to be.  Something like this; that you are abundant in nature, well-being is always coming to me, I am often understood by the people I am interacting with, I’m loving life, it’s fun to expand and grow, I love the contrast because it helps me identify the things I want, my life just gets better and better, I know who I am, I feel the well-being, I’m detached from the thoughts of others, and I know the purpose of my life.

Practice the story that resonates with who you really are, and it becomes your vibration.  Think it; feel it; vibrate it and it will become your life.  If you say you have to work hard for what comes to you, then you will have to work hard for what comes to you.  Instead, say things are coming easier and I’m beginning to understand how the universe flows, I am understanding the vibrational flow, I’m leveraging my time more by pre-paving, I’m not reacting to so many things, I’m sensitive to energy, I’m more intuitive, People like me.  

Also know that no matter what happens, you can always improve your story or even create a new story.  You can tell a better and better story, no matter what, because you are in control of your own destiny.  Love your expansion!  Love where you are!  Love where you are going!  Love where you’ve been!  That’s the story you want to tell !

The group contributed their thoughts generated from watching the video:

We each have the power and capability to do your own appreciation rampage throughout the day.

We are reminded to use our inner being consistently instead of only using our physical assertion.

Practice, practice, practice the new story you desire in your heart of hearts.

The less attachment you have to what you do want, the faster it will manifest across the board.

Appreciate your talent and power on a consistent basis.

Make sure you are a vibrational match to your inner being.

It feels good, really good, to deliberately align yourself with your highest good.

Do not seek acknowledgment or approval or validation from others; instead, see, hear, love, and joyously appreciate all of yourself.

Rewriting our new stories is about vacating the old shanties of our past and standing inside the mansions of our conscious and subconscious minds.

Change is really our friend – if we allow it.  It’s our playmate, a place of life-changing momentum.

Take care of yourself first, and be gentle with yourself.

Practice the art of not caring and it works great. 

Contrast is not the enemy; it’s a gift.  It teaches powerful new ways to see and live our lives.  It’s your playmate.

Be positive regardless of whatever is physically going on at the time.

Let go of control.

Focus on the good parts of people.

When you pivot, do so into the positive aspects of your life instead of your old story.

When you change your story regularly you start to see your true power.

Ramona led the group into the “Love Seat” for the “What If?” game.  Members beautifully allowed the group to shower them with subjects like:
A career in the creative arts
Launching a TV show
Extreme financial success

Each member of the group wrote out the problem, issue or attribute they wish to get rid of in 2020.  Ramona and Mike will take them to their home and burn them so they will no longer bother us.

We have a private Facebook page with daily posts by Ramona.  Members may add Abraham/Law of Attraction posts if they wish.  Here is the link: Private Facebook Page.

Our next meetup will be February 10.  Hope to see you there.

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