Tuesday, December 10, 2019



After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a meditation to release old outdated beliefs inside an amethyst and clear quartz crystal.  This meditation  may be heard on our YouTube.com channel at Releasing Outdated Beliefs

Tonight’s video was a combination of three hot-seat episodes in which Esther uses humor to make three important points.  The video is entitled Funny Abraham Moments and may be viewed on YouTube.com at FunnyAbrahamMoments.

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The first episode is entitled “Esther’s Revenge”.  The hot-seat person is wondering why his inner being is sending him weird/crazy thoughts. Abraham’s key point is that your thoughts become manifestations that realize into the creation of our initial thought.  So, be careful of your first thoughts.  You can be in the receptive mode of your inner being or in the receptive mode of trouble or torment.  If you are overwhelmed or angry, be careful about how it plays out.  Esther gave an example of how someone took her parking spot and what she did to them.  If you feel great, however, watch as things line up and unfold for you.

In the second segment, Abraham states that when we were non-physical we were Source Energy Consciousness.  That energy can remain when we become physical entities.  When we tune into that frequency it is amazing and exuberant.  We feel clarity.  All we need to do is STOP doing “That thing you do” that cuts us off from those feelings – things like worry or fussing over non-controllable events.  Just give up control of the uncontrollable because those things are controlled by the Law of Attraction.  When you decide to control the way you feel by achieving emotional clarity, then emotional manifestations take place.  The process will be easy:  Emotions – Thoughts – Visualization.  Abraham gives an example of Esther’s recent experience with the TSA.

The third segment shows us how easy to manifest when coming from a state of emotional clarity.  When you ask, it is given!  Period.

The key take-aways were:
Focus on what you DO want.
Give up the uncontrollable things in life and you will be happier.
The only things you CAN control are how you think, feel and react.
When you ask, it is given.  Just be in the receptive mode to recognize it.
Let go of attachment and give love unconditionally.
We are always changing and evolving.  We do best when we go with the flow.

Before the potluck and “Get to know one another” game, members prepared their annual letters to the Universe listing their three biggest desires for 2020.  

Our next meeting will be January 13, 2020.  Please note – due to the holidays, this is a little later in the month than normal.

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