Wednesday, November 6, 2019



Tonight’s meeting is a mastermind in which members may ask any question and the group provides Abraham based guidance.  It was so successful we decided to forgo the showing of any videos.

Ramona greeted members and guests and introduced EDDIE CONNER who provided a GUIDED MEDITATION which may be viewed on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  

The first person wanted to know the role of detachment in attracting what you want, like a new, better job.

Put the desire out there (Ask for what you want) and then just do whatever makes you happy.  The job will come to you.
Don’t think with your brain, use your gut.  Concentrate on appreciation, excitement and belonging.
Harmonize with the core essence of the type of job you desire.
Flow energy towards the job you want before you go to sleep and before you get out of bed each morning.
Figure out why you are attached to the outcome so you can let go of the negative feelings.
Be in the place and space of receiving what you want and why you want it.
Let go of nerves.
Let go of worry.
Let go of fear.
Let go of insecurity.
Let go of outdated programs.
Make a list of all the positive attributes you want in your new career position.

How do I feel good when it seems that everything in my work and money are going down the drain.

Go general.
Break old patterns.  This current situation is only temporary.  Concentrate on creating a new, artistic and expansive YOU.
Don’t use your worry as an imaginative, magnetizing tool because you will accidentally keep attracting more of what you don’t want.
Send light.
Send love and pure appreciation to everything that already is working for you, not against you.
Simply focus on what you want.

Need a lift?

Find someone with whom you can play the “Top That” game. For examplet, the first person says “I found a hundred dollar bill”. Second person tops that by saying, I won a million dollars in the lottery.  And so on…  It will make you both feel good.

How do I feel good when I have to take in a difficult parent?

Send them light and love before they move in.
Set boundaries.  Just say “no”.
Go general with your intentions.  
Take care of yourself FIRST!
Visualize your parent finding alternative housing and being happy.

Why do I continue attracting relationships with men who get sick and die?

Your vibration is where you last left it.
You are a healer and you attract people who desire to be healed.
The definition of a love relationship is one of giving more to it than I get back.
Learn to put yourself first, others second.
Stop talking about what is.  Talk about what you want in your heart of hearts.
Focus only on all the things that are working, that feel peaceful, that lift you up, that inspire your heart, mind, and soul.

Our next meeting is our annual holiday meeting/pot luck on December 9.  Click here to sign up now.  Hope to see you there.

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