Monday, October 7, 2019


After Ramona welcomed members and guests, Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation “A Desire to Fix Things”, available on our YouTube channel.  

The first video was “A Desire to Fix Things”, available on our YouTube channel.    In it Patrick, one of our members, was invited to the hot-seat and expressed his desire to want to fix things.  Abraham explained that is a normal human response.  Since subconscious thoughts are not active, we just need to leave them where they are.  Anything we focus upon, however, will get bigger.  If we go to a healer to fix whatever is broken inside us, the healer will usually try to dig as deeply as possible into the broken “part” to get to the root of the issue.  Abraham equates that type of analysis to digging a deep hole from which we start a journey uphill. Abraham suggests a better approach would be to start from where you are and head towards where you want to be.

Abraham says “You are where you are.  Just make peace with where you are.”  Whenever you find yourself in a state of negative emotion, Source would tell you to just go to bed.  If you try to fix things while in a state of negative emotion you eventually get to a point where you just give up.  

Patrick described an experience he had in a breath workshop concentrating on the chakras.  Some negative emotions came to the surface.  Instead of focusing on the issue that arose, he worked his way through the emotions and, at the end of the exercise, he felt really good. 

When attempting to get to the bottom of something like a childhood trauma, your Inner Being or Source are not going to bring that solution to you because you are concentrating on a negative thought.  If you concentrate on the trauma, it just gets bigger like any negative emotion.  Thankfully, when you focus on the good in life, the good also just gets bigger.  EVERYTHING WE FOCUS UPON GETS BIGGER.  The natural conclusion is do not focus on the problem.  Instead, focus on the SOLUTION.

Members added the following:  Focus on the fix, not the problem; If you want to go up in life, don’t go down first; Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want; When we choose to appreciate things, we can shift from negativity to a high; No two things can occupy the same space at the same time; The fix is the desired end result of joy we are reaching for; Happiness is always alive and well within us whether we’re aware of it or not;  Pick up “the end of the stick” that’s what you do want-not what you don’t want; Remember we are worthy, aligned and enough; As humans we may move backwards, but our inner being is always moving forward.

The second video was “Contrast Leads to Solution” available on our YouTube channel.  Patrick describes how our Inner Being can lead us through a moment of contrast knowing that will lead us to a solution.  That’s because our Inner Being knows where we are and only wants thriving and well-being for us.  Patrick’s breath work was a form of meditation because it made him focus upon one thing – the problem.  But then Patrick disengaged from the problem and concentrated on his breath, he connected with Source and had a step 5 (contrast) moment where his Inner Being addressed the problem and determined its irrelevance.  

Contrast is merely variety.  Resistance is a slowing or stopping of the energy.  Patrick’s breath work allowed him to focus on the problem in a meditative state which showed him what the issue was AND THE SOLUTION.  

We are on a continuum of “Becoming.”  Everything that has happened before is developing momentum. Where you are now is the sum total of all you have lived.  And where you are now affords you constant new choices.  That provides you with a “picture” of the possibilities that are ahead of you.  Listen to your Inner Being when deciding on the choices.  Over time, as you move through those choices, you will lessen the resistance.  As humans we have the feeling that in order to move forward we must sacrifice and suffer and earn.  Once we get over those feelings, then large amounts of resistance fall by the wayside.  Resistance isn’t all bad; consider it a step 5 moment in which it activates your Inner Being to lead you to the solution.  

It is important to maintain a positive now reality.  If your manifestations are positive, but your now reality is negative, you will only bring out more negatives.  You must have a positive now reality to manifest positive results.  You can’t completely ignore your past because it is part of your continuum of becoming.  Just don’t concentrate on the negatives.  Sift through the past step 5 moments.  And by listening to your Inner Being in making choices you will be leaning towards a positive becoming which is leaning in the direction of who you really are.  Once you like what you are becoming and what you are, you can say “Thank you for everything that I’ve been, that led to everything that I am, that’s leading to everything that I’m becoming”.  That is forgiving yourself!  

Patrick’s discussed his experience in the hot seat.  Staying in step 5, even with his history, feels good to him because he knows that coming from a good place, the contrast can help lead to a solution.  Redirecting his focus is the key since he knows his power in is the “now”.  Looking back at his past, he can see it and talk about it without resistance.

Members added the following:  We are reminded that we did our best back in the day; Forgiveness is not needed; Even in contrast, we can stay calm; Remember to breathe so we can feel better by choice; Contrast is really just variety providing many delicious things from which to choose; The law of attraction has always been my friend; Use your natural gifts to stay in your personal natural flow; We should avoid revisiting our past for the reason something isn’t working today-rather we should stay in the moment and choose the highest thought possible; It’s more fun to sift through the beautiful moments past, present and beyond; There are gifts everywhere today-love looking for them and speaking about them daily; Feel good because it feels good to feel good; Abraham doesn’t talk about learning lessons-instead Abraham speaks of being, awareness and alignment; Our inner being is always giving us a way to reframe and align with our personal evolution; Breathwork, which is really a form of meditation, can keep us happily shifted and miraculously redirected to what we do want.

Our next meeting will be Monday, November 4 at 7PM. The topic will be “Bring it On” – Your Law of Attraction Questions Answered in a Mastermind Format.  All questions will be answered, so bring ‘em on!

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