Monday, September 9, 2019

It's Not Your Job

The topic this evening is NOT YOUR JOB.  The meaning behind the topic is to help us determine what we should be concerned with and what should we not worry about.

Eddie Conner provided another inspiring meditation, available on our YouTube channel at Eddie Conner Meditation. This and many of his past meditations are available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA

The opening video,It’s Not Your Job, is available on our YouTube channel at It’s Not Your Job.  In it, Abraham explains we don’t need to worry about how the earth spins, or if the sun is going to rise, or if our heart will pump blood through our veins.  It’s not your job to worry about things such as these because they are not action-oriented jobs.  Just relax and spend time thinking about things you can do to improve the world we live in.  We don’t need to withdraw from life; just remember there is an energy that creates worlds and it is working for you because you are blessed and deserving.  

When you are exposed to things that are unpleasant, such as people who are hungry or homeless, that experience sends up rockets of desire on how it could be better.  Those rockets are recognized by the energy that creates worlds and that, in turn, gives birth to a better world.  But, if you keep focusing on the problem, and don’t line up with the way you and the Universe would like to see it, nothing will change.  We must quit focusing on the problem and spend our time and energy aligning with the way we want the world to be.  

The animals and babies come into this world expecting well-being to flow.  How can we change the world to make it a better place for us and the animals and babies? Step back from it all for a month and tap into your true power.  Tell yourself you are going to predominantly daydream.  Show up in your wholeness expecting good things and inspiration to come in a timely manner. You will be accessing a higher power through your daydreaming.  Abraham says the energy of a non-resistant thought is more powerful than that of an atom bomb.

Abraham tells the story about Estherwaiting in the first-class lounge at the airport.  She received impulses to take a drink of water, to use a breath mint, and then to go to the departure gate about an hour earlier than needed.  When she was at the gate, someone recognized her and exclaimed that she had been wishing and hoping to run into her.  Esther realized that the person had been sending those thoughts and Esther, having followed each impulse, was drawn to her.  An example of how powerful and energetic those non-resistant thoughts can be.

The Universe knows everything you want and when you follow the impulses, you will be led to the path of least resistance which will give you the most fun along the way.  Usually, however, we want the big payoff, like winning the lottery, instead of the many smaller payoffs we get.  The Universe wants us to understand those smaller payoffs are just as rewarding. When we daydream, we are maintaining a feeling of alignment.  By following our impulses moment by moment, the Universe is delivering the best it has to offer.  That’s what living happily ever after really is.  Our lives will be filled with abundance, amazing rendezvous, and everything we need.

There is nothing we cannot be, or do, or have.  If we hold ourselves in vibrational resistance, however, our minds are enveloped in our resistance instead of where we want to be. Sometimes this is due to measuring our success in life against what others have done, how they have disapproved of us, etc.  In effect, we have given our power over to them.  When we understand this, we will allow ourselves to purposefully daydream and that will create vibrational alignment with what we want. 

Just daydream more, as you did when you were a child.  Start leveraging the energy that creates worlds, go to more places where you feel good, and daydream.  Give yourself time to sit still while your vibration rises so you can receive the impulses to put you in at the right place at the right time for the things you are looking for.  

The salient points picked up by the group were -- relax and allow good things to come, follow your impulses, let go of the struggle and just let it be, remember to take breaks and do the things you enjoy, let go of your old habits of thought one at a time.  Remember to let go of all the things that no longer serve you. Allow resistance to be your friend.  Remember that contrast births new rockets of desire; therefore, out of contrast comes beautiful things.  Each day do your part to choose joy and happiness over your old patterns of worry. An old adage is that when we work 30% less we make 100% more.  

We all have self-doubts.  We get them through habit, learning the wrong things to focus upon, following the crowd before we learn to follow our inner guidance system.  We also become complacent instead of staying in the flow of our inner guidance.

We can overcome self-doubt by using a number of tools at our disposal.  Dare to daydream, enjoy the small victories, focus on the happy moments, play, imagine, pretend, make-believe, be in the moment.  

A question was raised asking how to stay in the “not your job” mood when it comes to global warming and climate change.  The answer is no one person can reverse the situation.  We must all do our part.  If each person in the world planted one tree it would replace the damage being done to the Brazilian rain forest.  Just focus on what you want instead of the opposite.  Pay attention to, and place your focus upon what is working for the greater good.  The newer generations coming into this world is comprised of advanced souls that are coming forth to participate in healing our planet. Remember, the Universe always has our back.

Summary.  When we are faced with contrast or resistance, remember that’s what sends up rockets of desire for what you truly want.  Allow yourself to daydream about how you can contribute to the solution of the problem, the resistance, the contrast.  Don’t concentrate on the problem or on things over which you have no control. Daydream solutions.  Just daydream more.

The closing video may be found at  

Our next meeting will be on October 7.  Hope to see you there.

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