Tuesday, January 8, 2019


After introductions, we listened to a meditation by The Honest Guys
James Sutton announced that he has written a book and it is available free to members through tomorrow only on his website MogulBound.com. James also has a YouTube channel.  There is a "Subscribe" button on his website.  

Patrick Gutman announced his latest project using sound baths to help people by focusing on their heart consciousness leaving them feeling at ease, relaxed and connected.  Check out his YouTube video and learn about Patrick’s sound baths.  

We showed a video, Reversing Negative Thinking, available on YouTube. To receive notifications of Mike and Ramona’s new videos, subscribe to our channel MikeAndRamona.LOA on YouTube.com.  

In the video, the person in the hot seat is frustrated by things such as traffic and work, things that tend to block him from maintaining positive thoughts and a positive outlook. He obtains advice from Abraham on how to stop “pinching himself off” from Source.  

Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, maintaining the same thought pattern increases its momentum.  It makes sense that when the momentum of our thoughts and actions are negative, they will continue in that vein and carry us deeper into that negative space.  Likewise, when our thoughts and actions are positive, we will be carried upwards into better and better places.  Our power sits in our ability to get out ahead of the negative thoughts and actions and reverse the momentum into a positive direction. 

Our problem tends to be that when something negative invades our space, all our attention seems to be placed in that direction – or as it says in the video, we start spewing a mist and cannot stop.  The challenge we face is finding a mechanism to stop the spewing and channel our direction into more positive behavior.  The easiest way to change?  When we sleep, there is no negativity.  We are in effect unconscious and restful with no room for negativity.  When we wake up, if we look at the new day as a new beginning and do not resume the spewing, we can direct our attention towards a more positive outlook.  We may revert to spewing during the day, but by continually switching our momentum to positivity, we will have less tendency to spew each day until it finally disappears.

Another tool is meditation which changes the frequency of our vibration.  Or rampages of appreciation which do the same.  When we meditate or do a rampage before going to sleep, whether at night or taking a nap, we have changed our frequency and allowed the sleep to change our momentum.

When we are spewing, discipline is required to switch our focus to things we feel better about.  Negative things happen and sometimes it seems they are directed towards us.  It is important to learn to not react or be defensive.  We have to be focused on other things.  It is impossible to focus on negative and positive at the same time. It is helpful to have something positive to draw upon to replace the negatives as soon as we realize the negatives are “attacking” us.  Examples are thoughts of our children or grandchildren, pets, pleasant memories from our past, etc.  If possible, take a little nap.  Say to yourself “Things are always working out for me”.  Look for the value in the lesson being taught by the negative circumstance.  

As we feel better more of the time, positive things will begin to flow to us.  If we feel vulnerable or picked upon, the best course of action is to withdraw from the situation.  Meditation or rampages of appreciation are great tools to raise our vibration.  We don’t need to disengage from life or hide from people and things (TV) that affect us negatively.  We just need to acknowledge that stuff happens and then remind ourselves of who we really are and that we have the tools and ability to get above the confrontation. Learn to observe what is happening without getting caught up in it.  Acknowledge that you are a magnificent person, that good things are coming to you, that life is supposed to be fun, and that everything is always working out for you.

What should we do if something or someone from the past continues to haunt us and keeps us in a negative space?  There are many exercises available, here is one.  First, most negativity comes from a person.  One tool is to have a higher-self discussion with that person. Have your higher self talk to the other person’s higher self and describe whatever is causing your negativity. Whether you know why the person is seemingly attacking you or not, apologize to the other person’s higher self for whatever you may have done to cause the negative feelings coming your way.  Explain that you forgive them for their actions towards you.  Then, in a visualization, take images of that person and/or the things they did, place them in an imaginary basket, tie several helium-filled balloons to the basket, and release it, watching it rise into the Universe, leaving the problem for Source to resolve.  Sometimes you may need to repeat the exercise, but each time the negativity you feel coming from the other person will decrease.  Continue until all the negativity has dissipated.

The closing video was “Joshua – Feeding Those in Need”

Our next meeting will be February 4.  

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