Monday, February 4, 2019


After introductions, we listened to a guided meditation by The Honest Guys entitled “The Garden of Tranquility”. 

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James Sutton has developed a website with several meditations and a downloadable copy of his book “Action-Attraction”.  He encourages members to use his free website which is available at

Our opening video was “Stop Feeling Overwhelmed” by Abraham Hicks and may be viewed on our YouTube channel MikeAndRamona.LOATo have access to all videos shown at our meetings, subscribe to our YouTube channel “MikeAndRamona.LOA” on

The feeling of being overwhelmed is merely asking for more than we are allowing.  When we ask for too much at one time and are unable to, or choose not to allow it in, we create a bottleneck.  That’s the feeling of being overwhelmed.  When we are in a state of clarity we are capable of handling much more without the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Abraham says “Things are always working out for me.” If we can say it and mean it – really own it – that mentality helps soothe the overwhelmed feelings. 

In the video, the subject states that he takes prescription drugs to balance out the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Abraham says drugs only mute our ability to know we are overwhelmed.  That isn’t always bad, but it is a coverup, not a cure. 

When we launch a desire and send up those rockets, our desire only gets stronger.  If the vibrational difference between where we are and where our desire is becomes too great, we feel worse until we say we are overwhelmed or depressed or afraid.  That’s why it is important to keep moving in the direction of that desire.  What the Universe wants us to know is we just need to talk and feel in favor of our desires, not against them.

The subject in the hot seat said he is not happy with his body.  It’s always on his mind in its current form.  It’s difficult to visualize anything other than the way he looks right now.  Abraham advised him (and us) to avoid thinking about the current image (or whatever bothers us) so it becomes less active.  Just give it a rest for a while!  Our inner being knows what we want.  By eliminating the frequency of the negative “what is” thoughts, we make room for thoughts of the way we want it to be.  If we keep that image in the forefront of our minds, there won’t be room for the negative thoughts.  And as we know, thoughts turn into things.  So stop beating the drum of what is, and let the “new and improved us” happen.

Two members of our group participated in a Love Seat exercise, one on her relationship with money, and the other on health scares.

The closing video was The Power of Words, available on YouTube

Our next meeting will be March 4.  Hope to see you there.

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