Monday, December 10, 2018


After Ramona greeted the group, Eddie Conner provided a humorous meditation designed to merge our inner beings with the OVAL Mirror of Life (Observe, Vibrate, Attract, and Live). This meditation and all previous meditations are available on our YouTube channel MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe.

The video was “Habits of Thought” which is also available on our YouTube channel.  In the video, there is an example of how Esther did not get what she wanted and settled for it for a long time.  Esther and Jerry remodeled a guest house and did not like the floor tiles substituted by the contractor.  She did not like it and complained about it to everyone who came to the house. Eventually, she realized she was holding on to something that did not please her and there was no reason to do so. Why do we hold on to things that do not please us?

Our mood is our true indicator of how we are managing our vibrational gap between how we see things and how our inner being sees it.  Once we recognize what our mood is telling us, it is analogous to an infant growing into an adult.  We want our infant thoughts to grow up immediately.  If they do, however, we will miss out on all the growing up years – the joy of the journey. We need to let the thoughts develop into the vibrational reality.  Our satisfaction only exists when we are moving in the direction of our desire. Our life is what our thoughts make it. Our thoughts become things.  Never, ever, ever settle.  Think the thoughts that satisfy you until they grow into the things you want, then act.

Following the video, the group enjoyed the potluck and a game designed to help us learn more about one another.

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