Monday, November 12, 2018


Eddie Conner provided a guided meditation designed to send love and light to our firefighters and the victims of the fires and of recent shootings.  His meditation may be viewed on YouTube at Eddie's Meditation.  After the meeting, the news reported that several areas that had to be evacuated were released by the fire department and ready for evacuees to return to the site of their homes THREE DAYS EARLIER THAN ANTICIPATED.  We believe that is a testament to the power of group meditation.

The opening video was “The Five Creative Steps” available on YouTube.  In it Abraham explains the five steps to create the life we want:
1.    Ask
2.    It is given
3.    Allow it to happen by thinking about what you do want.
4.    Get really good at step 3.
5.    Welcome contrast.

A second video entitled “Connection to Source” is available on YouTube.  This video explains what it feels like to be connected to Source.

Those who were on the Greek Island cruise last month participated in a panel and provided their insights and gems they learned from the Abraham workshops.  

·     One person connected to Source is more powerful than millions that are not.
·     Once you understand LOA you will understand why things happen to you.  
·     Notice what you are paying attention to and you will learn WHY things happen to you.
·     Be aware of the thoughts that satisfy you and make you feel good.  Always choose the better thought until it becomes a habit of thought.
·     Keep elevating your thoughts which will keep you from thinking non-satisfying thoughts.
·     Many think that repeating step 1 is what LOA is all about.  They never get to steps 3 or 4 (allowing).
·     Your world is not broken.  Don’t try to fix it.  Learn to live joyfully in your world.
·     Sometimes the Universe will give us a pure positive push into our greatness.
·     Sometimes bad things happen, but they make room for good things to replace them.  Every minus sign is just half of a plus sign waiting to become positive.
·     Our souls came forth to master LOA.
·     Our lives are filled with contrast which is fantastic because in these step 5 moments we get to play the deliberate co-creation game.
·     It’s fun to flip the script to “feel good” in the present moment.
·     Always look forward because our inner being never ever looks back.
·     Contrast will always bring gorgeous clarity if we allow it.
·     Always be “Under the Influence” of grace, beauty, appreciation, and gratitude.
·     Jealousy is a symptom of the disconnected clump.
·     Fear is just anxiety.
·     Motivation is what you do to keep bad things from happening to you.  Inspiration is something you want to do.
·     Escalation and momentum are the same thing.
·     The path of least resistance is the path of most allowance.
·      We can send love to anyone.
·     Go where the love is in our lives, not away from them.
·     It’s powerful and natural to our inner being to let go of people that are not a match.
·     Connection to Source is our most important asset.
·     There are two kinds of “clumps” (a new Abraham term) of people – those who are connected to Source and those who are not.
·     Being in groups of like-minded people (connected clumps) make us feel seen and heard.
·     When someone is not holding you in as equal a space as you are holding them, be selfishly kind to yourself so that you have beautiful soul reserves available to yourself.
·     Don’t apologize for shining as brightly as you feel.
·     Be a glutton for joy.
·     When we doubt we water down our desires.
·     Kids have their own inner being guidance system.
·     It’s important to allow kids to develop their soul self, their inner being.
·     Kids don’t cut themselves off from Source energy.
·     Engulf yourself in the pre-manifestation energy longer and more joyously than in post-manifestation.
·     Our inner beings always guide us forward into pure positive energy.
·     The more we over think-act-analyze, the more we disconnect from our inner being guidance system.
·     When tempted to over process, go "general".
·     Your inner being will never give you an impulse until you are ready to receive.
·     Do what you love and your inner being will follow.
·     We think of prosperity as what other people have. Source sees it as all that is good in the Universe.
·     When we are in the receiving mode (steps 3 and 4) we realize the prosperity we already have, not our want for more. Then we receive what we want, one thing at a time.
·     When we see something that is not satisfying, do not engage or talk about it.
·     Monitor negative self-talk so you can deliberately focus on what you do want.
·     Holding on to the negative is fighting Source.  Let go!
·     It’s not so much about what you’re doing as it is about feeling satisfied.
·     It’s impossible to be worried and satisfied at the same time.

The closing video was “Change of Heart” courtesy of CBS News.  Sorry but copyright laws preclude us from posting this video on YouTube.

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 10 and will be our annual Holiday meeting and potluck.  Watch our email notifications for details.

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