Monday, October 8, 2018


Ramona welcomed the group and had new members and guests introduce themselves.  She also announced that in an effort to help our environment, starting in January, we will no longer be providing plastic bottles of water.

Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation designed to help us meet our master teacher, a special animal totem, and a medicine man and woman to integrate the positive aspects of both your conscious and subconscious minds. Eddie’s meditation is available on YouTube.  

Do you ever have a feeling of disconnection from something you want?  The disconnection is not between you and whatever you want.  THE DISCONNECTION IS BETWEEN YOU AND SOURCE.

The opening video is “Day Trader” available on YouTube.  
Simply stated, if you feel worried or dissatisfied in the moment of decision, don’t take any action.  Readiness to act is all about your “in the moment” emotion. You should not jump into your next step.  You should glide into it as your next logical step – whatever you are ready for – your path of least resistance.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  If you are optimistic about it, you are ready.  If you are not, or if you feel worrisome about it, you are not ready. It’s all about the emotion you feel at the moment.  Knowing the difference is what DELIBERATE CREATION is!

Practice the feeling of satisfaction.  For a few days, think of topics or actions with little or no risk or resistance.  Notice when you feel satisfied and when you do not.  Show yourself that you can determine which influence you are under. After a few days, you will be able to apply your new tool to tougher subjects.  

The reason we don’t get everything we ask for is that we are not in a satisfied state of emotion when we ask.  We ask for more and more, but we don’t keep up our emotions of satisfaction with that which our inner beings have achieved.  Our inner beings get there vibrationally before we are able to believe that we can achieve what we want.  We don’t become less satisfied.  Our inner beings become more satisfied.  That leaves us feeling dissatisfied, out of sync with our inner beings.  We need to stay off the subject that’s stopping us and get on to subjects that will help us close the gap between our feeling of dissatisfaction and our inner being’s vibration.  Think about or do whatever makes you feel good, feel satisfied, so you are able to close the gap between where you are emotionally and where your inner being is. (Outdoors, grandchildren, pets, etc.). Do whatever it takes to break the spell of dissatisfaction.

Members and guests detailed the main points as they saw them: 
Do things that satisfy me. 
Do all kinds of things that align my head and my heart.
Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. (Henry Ford)
The better I feel, the easier it is to feel aligned with Source.
Releasing doubt is a good attribute to practice for the joy of it.
We need to learn to let go of things that cause us to worry and feel unsatisfied.
Focus on what’s right instead of what’s wrong.
Take a nap and realign.

The group had a mastermind session with questions primarily about love, money, caregiving and career.  Here are the main points.

A member is on a dating app and not getting anywhere.  Suggestions were -- Step back from online dating because of the way you feel towards it right now.  Wait until you feel a positive relationship with the app.  –Until you are clear about what you want you will continue to get some “not ready” people.  –Desire to have someone in your life comes from a feeling of not having someone now. –Love yourself first and you will attract someone who matches your heart’s desire.  –A “You First” attitude in a clear manner and in a clear intentional way shifts your inner being to higher consciousness.  –Play with the energy of lightness, love, light and you will attract a mate that matches these attributes.  –Keep an open mind and an open and fun-loving heart.  –Date for the joy of it.  –Date for the fun of it.

Several members feel disconnected from Source regarding money. An independent contractor stated that her income can be good one month and low the next.  The inconsistency is a problem.  She would like to live in prosperity, feel abundant and feel rich. Suggestions were – Travel to places, visit spaces, hang with friends, and do things that feed your soul.  
–As empathetic, sensitive people we accidentally get lifted up when we are around rich-minded people, so hang around them. –Stay private with your innermost thoughts and emotions about things that make your soul sing.  
--The happier I am, the more money that flows to me. –Focus on beauty, calm, ease and flow and anything that speaks to your inner being.  –Shift your perspective and lift your thoughts to appreciation and thanksgiving.  –Put it out there and let it go.  –Consciously focus on your worth, your value, and your truth because this elevates your prosperity consciousness.  –Focus on being more appreciative because appreciation ramps up our wealth consciousness. –Being happier attracts money. –As soon as we let it go, it comes back around.

A member who is primary caregiver for her mother wants to stay aligned with Source while caregiving her parent in a difficult situation. Suggestions were – Take lots of breaks to replenish.  –Spend off-time with likeminded friends.  –Stop holding your relative in an old space in your mind.  –Meditate or take a nap before you spend time with a negative relative. –Remind your relative how lovely they were throughout your life.  –Point out pleasant memories you shared together over the years.

The final mastermind was about how to feel good stepping into new career choices.  Suggestions were -- Make a list of what works for you and what makes you happy.  –Make an appreciation list.  –Pick something you love.  –Create your own community of super like-minded people that is joy based, heart driven and soul provoking.  –Stay open to new opportunities.

Ramona read the following closing affirmation from Hay House:
I accept all that I’ve created for myself. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.  I support myself, trust myself, and accept myself, wherever I am.  I can be within the love of my own heart.  I place my hand over my heart and feel the love that is there.  I know there is plenty of room for me to accept myself right here and now.  I accept my body, my weight, my height, my appearance, my sexuality and my experiences.  I accept all that I have created for myself – my past and my present. I am willing to allow my future to happen.  I am a divine, magnificent expression of life, and I deserve the very best.  I accept this for myself now.  I adept miracles.  I accept healing.  I accept wholeness.  And most of all, I accept myself.  I am precious and I cherish who I am.  And so it is.

Our next meeting will be November 12 and will cover the new ideas from Abraham as presented on the Vortex of Attraction Greek Islands cruise.

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