Thursday, January 11, 2018


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How many times have you asked yourself “Why am I not getting what I want out of life?  Why isn’t it happening?  I think I’m doing all the right things, but my desires are not manifesting.” 

If you are asking these questions, perhaps the problem lies within yourself.  Here’s a helpful video that explains how to get out of your own way and manifest your desires.  How to get out of your own way by Abraham Hicks.     

In this video Abraham helps a young woman realize that the answers she is seeking are within her and available, but she is not paying attention to the messages her inner being is sending.  She has inner blocks that keep her from hearing or seeing those messages.

What is our inner being?  It’s the non-physical part of each one of us.  Our inner being attempts to show us the way, but knows we have many beliefs that get in our way.  It offers us guidance and soothing all the time and knows we don’t listen for its messages.  Our inner being will sometimes take an unconventional way around our limiting belief by giving us a different answer.  As an example, we may believe we’ve lost an item and cannot find it.  That belief will keep us from finding it.  Our inner being may suggest we look for something else it knows is next to the item we believe is lost.  When we look for that item, we find the lost one.  In the video, Abraham uses the example of looking for her gold pen she knows is in her purse.  It’s a great example.

Remember your inner being knows you have resistant thoughts and does not hold it against you, and doesn’t try to get rid you to rid yourself of them.    Your inner being simply shows you another way to get to where you want to be.  Your inner being knows your path of least resistance (which is also the path of most allowance) and shows you how to get yourself there.  But we tend to argue for our limitations.  We explain why we will never find our lost item, or why we will cannot achieve our desires.  We do not make it easy for our inner being to guide us.

What’s the answer?  Stop being so defensive.  Keep an open mind.  Admit when we make mistakes.  Meditate every day to get yourself into that good feeling place so you are in alignment and READY TO ALLOW.  Keep in mind that problems (contrast) are the beginning of wonderful solutions.  We signed into this world knowing we are in the right place at the right time and we are doing good things.


Here are some additional thoughts to ponder…

Stay in the present moment, in the flow, with ease and joy.
Feel good now.
What we see and hear can affect us.  Choose what you see and hear.
Don’t argue for your limitations – life is meant to be fun.
In the past I overworked to get; now I give.  It feels so happy and joyous.
Remain open and in alignment to receive guidance and gifts from our inner being and the Universe.
Contrast is a gift because it leads to resolution.
We reach our greatest potential when we stay in the moment, in the flow, and are aligned.
You are the only person who gets in your way.
You are in control and the Universe supports you unconditionally.
Harmonize with the things that make you happy, thrilled, and connected to Source.

Following the discussion, the group enjoyed our annual pot luck and took the opportunity to get to know one another better.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  See you then.

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