Tuesday, November 14, 2017


We enjoyed an inspiring meditation by Eddie Conner (EddieConner.Com).  The meditation is available on our YouTube channel at MEDITATION.  Eddie also provided the following wisdom:

Attract what you expect
Reflect what you desire
Become what you respect
Mirror what you desire

The group watched a video from the September 2, 2017 Chicago workshop.  Watch it up to the “Forefront” page.

If what you want is not manifesting yet, it might be better to say you are not in the receptive mode to see it coming to you.  Why?  You are living some beliefs that are blinding you.  Think of some of the beliefs you carry that blind you to the truth.  It’s hard; it takes time; it will never work out; self-doubt; minimizing our abilities; need to line up more energy.

Here’s an example.  If you are on a long trip going down the highway, you are manifesting being there.  Yet, most of the time you are not there.  You shouldn’t get discouraged by not being there yet, because you know you are getting closer to your destination.  It’s the same with any manifestation.

When a dog hears something that we are not able to hear, he is trusting his sense of hearing that something is there.  Likewise, we should trust our senses even when we cannot see our manifestation coming to fruition.  Trust that your manifestation is coming to you because it is!

Abraham tells us to stop being patient because it means we are tolerating not being in the receptive mode.  We say to ourselves “I’ve asked and it is given; but I’m not seeing it or letting it in so I have to be patient.”  Abraham says to just let it in.  Look a little more carefully.  Use your senses to know it is manifesting.

When a farmer plants corn, he doesn’t stand over it and expect it to grow immediately.  He knows it is going to grow and will produce a harvest at the appropriate time.  This is knowledge, as opposed to patience.  So, he plants the seeds and gets on with other things.  Patience is not a positive emotion because we are working in the wrong direction.  Instead, be optimistic and eager.  Feel good.  Get on with life.  Have fun and enjoy holding the space of what you do want within your heart.

Think, believe, see, imagine, pretend, make believe, sense and vibrate – all in unlimited ways.  Expectation is a vibration that brings a manifestation.

The second video was also from the Chicago workshop and continues on the same YouTube video.  Start at the “Forefront” page

Being impatient is telling you that you are not allowing it.  It’s a sign that your point of view about what you want and our inner being’s point of view are different.  You are feeling it’s taking too long; your inner being knows it’s right on track.  You are feeling you’ve done something wrong; your inner being knows it’s alright.  In time, you just peel those layers off until you are now in sync with your inner being.  Focus on what feels good because that good moves the energy.

Meditation is the path to feeling better.  Abraham points out that in the lady’s mind, she wants things to manifest (book, art, etc.) so that she will feel better.  Through meditation she does feel better, but the items have not manifested.  Abraham points out that feeling better is the goal and the lady has achieved that.  It’s also evidence that the things she is manifesting are coming too, but she could not see that because of her focus on the one thing that hadn’t manifested yet.

Our flawed premise is … if we do this, or get that, we will feel better.  We don’t count on feeling better until do this or get that.  We have been taught to believe that if we do this or that, we will get what we want.  But, what if we could get what we want without doing this or that?  Meditation slows the angst within us and places us in the receiving mode.  Sometimes the thought we receive doesn’t seem related to what we think we want.  But these thoughts are getting us ready to be ready to be ready.  Eventually, when we have received enough of these thoughts, we can connect the dots.  This is always true because what we want is vivid in our vortex and all the reasons we want them are there too.

Just be satisfied with feeling better and rejoice in the fact that when we wake up we want to be up and happy, then we are ready to be ready and more clarity will come to us.  Joy is the journey.  Being fixated on the manifestation keeps it from manifesting.

Notice the difference between manifesting and manifested, or creating and creation.  It’s the manifesting and creating where the fun is.  Once it’s manifested or created, the fun is gone.  The Joy is in the Journey.

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