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In celebrating their 7-Year Anniversary with the Burbank Law of Attraction Group, Ramona and Mike acknowledged their friends and faithful members, Kathy and Robin with flowers.

Kathy was the person who talked Ramona into putting herself out in the world and sharing her passion for Law of Attraction. Robin has not missed a meeting in seven years. Mike and Ramona honored their LOA Friends with appreciation, flowers, and hugs.


QUESTION: Why is harmonizing with our desires important?
ANSWER:     Harmonizing means to be “in agreement with our desires.”

Think about an orchestra in flawless harmony or a quartet’s vocals in perfect unison.
These examples are the same with the vibrational frequencies humans constantly send out to the Universe. We are either, “in harmony with” our desires, or not.

We are eternally sending out invisible signals. The problem is, most of us Do Not realize we’re sending negative, contradicted signals from our hearts and out to the Universe. How often does this happen? Every single micro-second of our lives.

By accident, we mostly vibrate unconscious signals of lack, not enough, and “where is my stuff,” instead of consciously vibrating prosperity, abundance, and wellness. We speak about what we Do Not want more often than not.

It’s true you work hard, struggle, and sacrifice at times in your life. What you may not understand is that the Universe only responds to your feelings and your invisible frequencies about working hard! The Universe is not responding to your hard work; it’s actually responding to how you FEEL about having to work hard.

How do you feel about working hard and not being compensated fairly in today’s FEAR-conomy? Not so good, right?

If we feel overworked and underpaid, the Universe is saying, “Yes” to our tired, exhausted, and, “life’s not fair” feelings.

When we harmonize with our heart’s desire without contradicting that desire, we are in pure energetic flow. Here are fun points to remember in aligning your heart and desires as ONE!

OUR HEART…                                           
…Is unconditional love.                                          
…Is tied to the Gut-Brain.
…Is the twin flame soul to our solar plexus.                     

…Are driven by your higher self.
…Are also driven by our soul’s purpose.
…Came with our soul to this planet to manifest our heart’s desires.

At the heart, of our heart’s desires is the pure positive, nonphysical energy that creates worlds. This energy is unconditional love in action. Added to this, is the fact that our heart and our desires are soul mates that work in perfect, miraculous harmony to bring us our personal heaven on Earth experiences.

QUESTION: What blocks us from expressing this “expanded consciousness?”
ANSWER:     Our resistance.


It’s not more money you want, it’s the freedom that having more money will bring.

It’s not love you want, it’s the feeling that living in your heart’s desires will bring.

It’s not a new job you want, it’s a desire to connect with new like-minded people.

The word, “heaven” means, “expanded consciousness.”

To create heaven on earth means to harmonize with your heart and soul’s essence.

The word, “miracle” means, “A change in perception.”

Once we change our outdated perceptions and choose to expand our consciousness we’ll be in harmony with our heart’s desires.

Let go of the physical thing you want and hold onto the essence you believe it will bring.

Make Resistance your friend. See the gift in Resistance.

Thank Resistance for helping you realize when you’re not in the flow of life.

Talk to your heart-mind all day, every day, for the joy of it.

Talk to your gut-brain all day, every day, for the joy of it.

Harmonize with your Higher Self, stand in your light, and share your love!

Our next meeting will be March 6, 2018.  See you there.

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