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Ramona greeted the group and welcomed new members and guests.  Eddie Conner led the group in a guided meditation.  Be sure to check out Eddie’s website for his latest message and information on upcoming spiritual tours.  The group then shared personal “wins” since the last meeting.  One member shared the best book he has read recently is "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg.  It explores the science behind habit creation and reformation.

A video was shown from Abraham’s Rome workshop. The segment we showed is “She needs a job” which is on You Tube.  Other parts of the Rome workshop are available on YouTube.

Several members of the group attended the workshops on the recent cruise and shared insights they learned.  Other members included their thoughts.  These are some of their collective thoughts.

Key points:
Getting anchored into her inner being through meditation was the greatest gift.
She was reintroduced to spontaneity and going within herself even more than normal.
Lesson learned: Enjoy the journey; stay in the moment; enjoy the NOW.
Love yourself first.

Question: How do you learn to love yourself?
First through meditation; then thinking of yourself as heart energy and heart centered.
Say to yourself “I see myself as great, awesome and I own it joyfully.”
We are trained to put others first and ourselves second.  Learn to place yourself first.
Ask yourself “Does my current thought feel good?”  If it feels good, think more of it.  If not, change your thoughts to higher, faster and better.
When we love ourselves first, we have something to offer others.
Pre-paving helps by taking us back to basics.
Let in pure appreciation and joy – moment by moment.
Stop comparing yourself – it leads to being disconnected.  Not comparing helps you realize every love song, movie and magic moment is your inner being loving you back into connection.
Use your inner light first.  It makes you happy.

Key points:
“GET OFF IT!”  The more we relax the more in the flow we will be.
When we “get off it” we relax and let go and live in the flow.
Enjoy the flow.

Key points:
When we have vibrationally negative thoughts, learn to distract yourself with joyous, step 3 realities – happy beautiful things, stunning environments, gorgeous people, etc.
Make “feeling good/great” your personal receiving mood.  This will keep you positive.  Let go of your “should haves”.
Learn to listen with your inner being.
You don’t need anything outside of you to gain connection.  You gain it internally by being connected to your inner being.

Question: How do I share this material and these teachings with others that I love and appreciate?
By living the principles, you will entice those you love to want to learn the secrets of your happiness.
When other people are negative, keep your personal energy high and pure.
When wanting to improve relationships with anyone, the same principle applies.  In Abraham’s words “Stay steady in your highest vibration and others will automatically follow you.”

Key points:
Use the placemat process.  On a paper placemat, draw a line down the center.  On the left side write the things you absolutely have to do.  On the right side list all the other things and leave them for the Universe to provide.
#Give it a rest – Use joyful LOA things and thoughts to manifest for the fun of it.  Remember Esther’s story about blue glass, butterflies and feathers.
When you have too many things to do, only do your favorite things that make you happy.  This shifts your daily energy because it turns everything else over to the Universe automatically.  This leads to personal freedom.
Ask yourself what your inner being is broadcasting.  Every second you feel good you are in the receiving mode.

Ramona shared her notes and thoughts from the cruise workshops:
We are still scratching the surface of what could be.
We have things still active in our attraction point that create the blocks we don’t even realize are there.
When you concentrate on what’s missing, you get more missing.  Get your attention off what’s missing, be keenly aware of what’s in your reality and missing items will fill in.
Realize the mode you are in – receiving mode or taking score mode?
We have to recognize what alignment feels like; we can’t force it.
Catch yourself feeling good and recognize it and appreciate it.  Do this for all good feelings.  You can adjust yourself up to superiority or down to mediocrity.
Savor each manifestation.  Let it be enough.  Moment by moment we are manifesting something.  Savor it.  Don’t dwell on the parts that aren’t manifesting.
When you feel satisfaction that means you are in sync with your inner being.
Feeling fear is denying the love that Source is offering you.  You are not in the receptive mode.
When you “croak”, you only take your vortex version of yourself into non-physical.
Think of contrast as a clarifying thing.  They are reminders of the importance of daily meditation with the intent of quieting the mind.
Notice the entire world as your well-being center – you must catch yourself in alignment.  Notice it, then milk it.
Once you accomplish the steady momentum of alignment others notice and things line up perfectly.
We have adjusted ourselves down to so much less of our potential power than what is available to us.
When things appear to be going not so well, remind yourself you are doing good and it’s OK.
It’s OK when you detach from the stream of well-being.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I’ll be me and you be you.
Your daily question is “Where am I?”
How can you get beyond “what is” if you don’t take your eyes off “what is”.  If you focus on a problem before becoming fully aligned, you become part of the problem.  Wanting to be somewhere else causes you to dwell where you are.  Look through the windshield, not at the floorboard or rear-view mirror. 
Be selfish enough to follow the thought that feels best to you.
The only question to ask yourself is “Am I in the receiving mode, and which one – Source or what man says?”
We need more emotion and less action.  There is guidance given but you may not be able to hear it.
Stop hammering at the question and just let the answer come to you.  Know that it is coming.
When you are asking questions, you are not in the receiving mode – you can’t get the answer.  Try writing the question and let it be; just walk away.  Don’t get in the way of the answer by trying to figure it out.  You are better off taking a nap, meditating, etc.  The vortex has the answer.  Your inner being knows the way to the answer.  You just need to forget about it.
If you don’t keep the problems/questions activated, the answers can come to you.
Change your focus off of what is, and focus on what is coming.
Don’t use your smart phone for Googling questions; use your inner being wisdom.  That’s the smart Google search.  It can be of great benefit to us to enjoy the process of becoming.
What needs to change?  Your perspective of who you are.  Provide better thoughts when you go to bed and when you wake up.  Can you say to yourself “I’ve given enough attention to this problem”!
Your inner being never looks back – only forward.  Looking back is lack based and not satisfying.
Talk less and observe more.
Source is ever expanding through us, constantly growing and moving.  And we are part of the expansion.
Life’s experiences que up the next question.  The question causes the contrast.  The contrast gives us fuel to take action.  Action is following your bliss and intuition and impulses.  That is creation.
Remember, YOU are the creator of your desires and creations, not Source.
Always ask yourself “How can I have the most fun right now?”
Simply do not focus on what is not working by seeking a solution.  Focus on the joy and satisfaction of what IS working.
If I feel negative emotion with my desire to help, change, or take on responsibility for anybody or anything, I am still in step 1.  I am part of the problem.
Unconditional love is finding the balance and freedom of alignment with my inner self no matter what is happening before me.
If the problems of the world cause us to feel anything negative, give it a rest.  Why?  Because not to means you are feeding the situation.  Tell yourself you are not helping in the least because I would become part of the problem.  Instead – LET IT GO!

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