Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The meeting opened with introductions and EDDIE CONNER (EDDIECONNER.COM) provided a guided visualization to connect members with their highest heart’s desire.

RAMONA showed a video clip of her experience with INA AND THE ALCHEMISTS.  The highlight of her session was when the Alchemists suggested to Ramona that she avoid resistance by envisioning herself as a greased pig, so slippery that she is unable to hold on to the resistant thought.

INA will be at SpiritWorks next Tuesday, January 19, from 7 to 9:30 PM for a special session with Burbank Law of Attraction Group members.  The cost is $45.  INA is a trans-channeller similar to Esther Hicks, and THE ALCHEMISTS are similar to ABRAHAM. The size of the audience is limited so your chance of getting into the “hot seat” is much better. The session will be recorded and we expect to offer DVDs and downloads for sale soon thereafter.

We viewed a segment (Why does he deny himself the practices that work?) from Abraham’s DVD “Laying New Pipes – Cancun 2013”.  Since this is a DVD there is no link available.

RAMONA asked members to share the good parts of their 2015 and why it is important to focus on the good parts. Responses included keeping positive momentum flowing into 2016.  Abraham’s message is about believing you can have what you want; you can create the best life you desire by having fun, flowing energy, laughing, being joyous and being of service to others.  Volunteering is a great way to generate more beautiful energy especially because it feels good to your heart.  Some members use breathing techniques to raise their vibration and their heart’s desire.  Our perceptions are important.  By changing our perception about difficult subjects can open us up to greater ease with those subjects.  Being in a space of allowing can take us into new directions for the joy of it.


The first discussion was about maintaining positive thoughts in their purest form.  It’s about what we feel when we think a thought.  When resistance pops up acknowledge it, admit it, speak it out loud.  This can free up the negative frequency and bring clarity.  Look for the good in all situations.  Fear is on the emotional guidance scale – look it up and move to feelings that are higher on the scale.  Upon awakening start your day in an appreciative vortex, a happy, feel-good place, so you stay relaxed throughout the day.  Some say “I am grateful I am alive” when they awake, and “I am grateful for my day” when they go to sleep. Others use the “yes, yes, yes” mantra. 

Sometimes we don’t know what the problem is, we just don’t feel good.  Trying to find out what our resistance is can create even more resistance so be careful.  Focus on the solution, not the problem because focusing on the negative brings more negative.  Instead, focus on the things that work for us or provide lightness.  FEAR is an acronym for false evidence appearing real.  When we are fearful, acknowledge that it is not real.  Learn to love yourself in an unconditional manner.  Tell yourself the truths you know – “I am a good person”; “I am kind”; “people like me”.  Asking yourself what you love about yourself will help us grow into our power in natural ways.

Go general
Remember you created it so say “Thank Me”.
Say “Everything is always working out for me”.
Take a nap.
Do a rampage of appreciation.
Pivot away from the negative.
Do the placemat process.
Summon life force energy.
Have a sense of humor.
Do Abraham’s 30-day challenge.
Focus on how you want your reality to be.
Live on your high-flying disc.
Watch Abraham videos.
Listen to beautiful music.
Stay in a vacation frequency.
Stay light, fun and adventurous.
Remind yourself how powerful you are.

All of these are great ways to have a sweet ’16.

Our closing video was Abraham-HicksThe Hilarious Cat Story – Cancun 2014. 

Our next meeting is a special one on January 19 with Ina and the Alchemists.  Our next regular meeting will be February 9.    

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