Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced EDDIE CONNER who provided another outstanding guided meditation “Be Kind to Yourself”, otherwise known as “Treehouse”.  And a big thank you to Eddie for taking notes, especially since the recorder did not work this time.  Be sure to check out Eddie’s website for information on his Spiritual Peru Trip.  Deadlines are fast approaching.

After group sharing of our “new stories” the opening video was shown – “The Essence of Step 5”.  

Ramona reviewed Abraham’s first 4 steps and the new step 5, as follows:

1.  ASK – Contrast causes asking.
          Do you ever experience contrast?  Source provides us contrast to cause us to send rockets of desire so we can create bigger, better and brighter physical manifestations. 

2.  ALLOW – Source answers by vibrationally assembling everything necessary.
          First, manifest by “going general”. It makes us feel more pure positive energy and provides the Universe with all that is necessary to prepare your manifestation to materialize.

3.  BE AWARE OF EMOTIONS - You find yourself in a vibrational match to what the Vortex has waiting for you.  Always in the direction of alignment.
          When we feel bliss we are in the flow of the Universe’s abundance.  Desperation puts up roadblocks; worrying creates blocks and activates more contrast.  When we vibrate lack we attract lack; when we vibrate joy we attract joy.  Becoming aware of what you say to yourself about yourself, and changing it into positive words can shift us to a higher vibration.  The same words said in different ways can carry different vibrations.

4.  MAINTAIN A RECEPTIVE MODE – More consistently acknowledging the condition hasn’t changed but your alignment has.   It is a matter of having practiced it until you’re consistently there. 
          Align yourself with Source for the sake of aligning, not to make something happen.  Do not become ruffled by what others are living – do an Abe process to soothe yourself about that issue.  Be happy where you are – use an Abe process if needed.  Just be satisfied with what is.  If not familiar with Abe’s processes, a good book to explain them is “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

5.  ACCEPT CONTRAST - This is the most fun.  Step 5 is WELCOMING CONTRAST. You no longer need to beat yourself up for feeling contrast.  You are sure of where you are and you’re in love with this world of variety.  When a contrasting thing happens, you are able to acknowledge its value.   We are inspired by Source. 
As humans we can choose “from spirit” to enjoy contrast and use it to get back into the vortex.  Condition your core essence to BELIEVE you can have what your heart desires.  Make clear, pure decisions that feel peaceful in your solar plexus to get back into the receiving mode.  Make sure your intention does not carry any attachment – that will make you feel better and put you back in the flow.

The closing video was “PetHorse Becomes Racing Champion”.  

Our next meeting will be December 8, 2015 and will be our annual Holiday Pot Luck.

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