Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Ramona welcomed members and guests and asked new members to introduce themselves.

Eddie Conner (Click Here for Eddie's Website) provided an inspiring meditation that allowed us to use our imaginations to think of ways our lives could be if we just think in positive terms of “What if?”  And a big thank you to Eddie for always taking such great notes for our blog.

Members shared their pure experiences based on LOA experiences from the past.

The opening video was “You can be do or have anything” 

The evening’s topic was an exercise based on the book “What If It All Goes Right” by Mindy Audlin. The subject is similar to an Abraham-Hicks process or law they refer to as “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” 

The author asks if we have areas in our lives where we feel stuck in a cycle that isn’t giving us the results we want. What if we saw those “stuck” areas from a new perspective?  She explains that this process helps us navigate the dark waters of our minds. The question “What if?” carries the power to create or to destroy. It can carry the key to inspiration, or it can be the birthplace of our greatest fears.  It is our choice.  Think of the possibilities if we transformed every complaint, challenge and heartache into inspiring possibilities for a better reality.

“What if” thoughts can move us in two directions – up or down. Humans often focus on the “What if” DOWN thoughts. What if I make a mistake? What if I fail?  Humans have a unique ability to focus on the negative. The good news is we can change our thoughts to focus on the positive by focusing on “What if” UP thoughts. These are fun, easy, what if it works, what if I can make it happen types of thoughts. What if” UP thoughts cause the initial idea to grow and thrive.

There are areas in our lives that tend to make us think “What if” DOWN thoughts. The first step is to identify these areas and start exploring “What if” UP thoughts instead. Directing our thoughts on possibilities that generate a sense of joy and excitement, the feelings are electromagnetic in nature and can be measured scientifically. Studies are starting to show that shifting our electromagnetic signature could, on a quantum level, influence our reality at an atomic level. That is a scientist’s way of saying that our thoughts can change our reality, and they do so by changing the atoms that comprise our physical bodies. Have you ever thought you not feeling well? The more you think it, the worse you feel, physically. That is our electromagnetic signature changing the atoms in our bodies.

Here are the basics of the process:

Step One - Identify a challenge of idea

Step Two – Take note of how you approach the idea or challenge. What are your first thoughts? Are you considering the worst case scenarios (What if DOWN) or are you seeking possibilities and taking inspired action (What if UP).

Step Three – What if UP!  Challenge yourself to mentally expand possibilities beyond what you believe to be possible.

Consider the following:

What if this is easy?
What if I really let myself have fun?
What if an idea comes that really changes my life?
What if I have a major breakthrough on this matter?
What if there are people out there who really want to help me?
Allow yourself to be ridiculous!!!

Ramona led an exercise called “The Black Dot Exercise”. Each person was given a page with a big black dot on it. Instructions are to use your imagination to see other things the black dot could be. Allow yourself to be ridiculous and imagine at least ten things the black dot could be. Be brave and bold. Have fun and think outside your current belief system. Was this exercise easy? Fun? Imaginative? Fluid? Light feeling? Did you notice that the more ideas you had, the easier they started coming?  Our imaginations are a mental muscle that when used more frequently the greater an asset it becomes for us.

There are (at least) three things that can make our lives more difficult. The author highlights these and calls them “Havoc Breaking Habits”.

One – Worry.  This is a common symptom of an imagination when it is not vibrating high, as on a High Flying Disc. It is allowing our imaginations to build a future that is the opposite of what we truly want.

Two – Preparing a worst case scenario plan.  What if you do not prepare for the worst case?  What if instead of developing a worst case scenario plan, you identify the fears that are popping up and create empowering alternatives for them?

Three – Bad Storytelling.  Drop the old story NOW! What if “upping” is vision therapy for the mind? In Abraham-Hicks terms, this would be called “Tell a New Story”. Imagination ignites good, new ideas.  It spits out the ideas; wisdom provides the feedback.

Ramona led a second exercise directing us to write down anything we would love to have happen. Make it fun. Be outrageous. Vibrate, think, radiate, and visualize way outside the box. Then volunteers stated their desires and the group offered the volunteer “What if” UP statements to raise the volunteer’s vibration and move them up Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale.  Closing, Ramona asked the group “does your vision for the future feel joyful or daunting?” If this exercise feels good, you are in the “What if” UP. Be sure to stay around “What if Up” people who are tuned in, tapped in and turned on!

The closing video was Johannachanneling Aretha Franklin!  

Another great video of Johanna on Good Morning America can be viewed HERE

Our next meeting will be August 4, 2015.  What if you join us and feel ten times better than you did when you walked in? That is a promise!

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