Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Ramona welcomed members and guests and asked new members to introduce themselves.

Eddie Conner (Click Here for Eddie's Website) provided an inspiring meditation to connect us with our High Flying Discs.  And a big thank you to Eddie for always taking such great notes for our blog.

Members shared their pure experiences based on LOA experiences from the past.

Mike announced an increase in future meeting fees of $5 to cover increasing costs.

What is doubt?  It can be fear of the unknown, a feeling of unworthiness, lack of focus, or any contradiction of your energy. The brain does not know the difference between right or wrong until we teach it. We have conditioned ourselves with old habits of thought and we must raise our vibration and then create new habits of thought.

In reviewing the Emotional Scale (as defined by Abraham-Hicks) doubt is far down the list. We must raise our vibration and desire to keep our feelings high. Keeping our thoughts and feelings in the upper portion of the list is imperative to alignment with Source.

There are several things we can do to talk ourselves out of doubt. Going general about topics we have no resistance to such as a pet or nature will move us away from doubt.  A good tool is to fill in a focus wheel to stay connected to Source. There is a focus wheel app available for some smart phones http:/focuswheel.dk. Using a focus wheel can soften our negative thoughts until we feel better about our new perspective. Use a scripting technique and write “as if” our perfect day is already here. Any “what if” techniques should help. Sometimes merely “spacing out” in a good way will help identify old negative patterns that we can change using self-help techniques.

Always savor your highest intention and keep practicing it until it becomes your daily frequency. Get real with yourself in a beautiful way.  If we don’t own our issues, they will come to own us. Focus on our frequency of joy, passion, appreciation and adoration. Write regular gratitude lists for the joy of it. Gratitude is about pulling beauty from your daily life experiences. Be grateful for the life lessons you learn and your good will come back.

One exercise is to write your old beliefs followed by your new current beliefs, whether they have materialized or not. What is important is that they feel great to you.

When you are in a “funk” turn it around by saying, doing and giving love and kindness to others. Once you have raised your vibration out of the bottom third of the list, you can do some of the exercises mentioned previously to help you rise further. Additionally, you can list 100 things that feel like a match to your pure desires; pay loving attention to your belief that is under your existing thought; go general with your desires; don’t keep telling your story – create a new one; when you say something spot on that feels good, repeat it often.

Two people from our group individually volunteered to express their biggest doubt and have the group help them raise their thought patterns. Both were able to move from the middle echelon of the list (doubt is number 13 on the list) up to the highest echelon. The first was able to raise his feelings from doubt up to number 5 – optimism.  The second raised her feelings from doubt up to number 6 – hopefulness.

Ramona closed the meeting by encouraging members to see their present and future circumstances through the eyes of Source energy – in a loving way.

Next meeting will be June 23.

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