Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Ramona welcomed members and guests and asked new members to introduce themselves.

Eddie Conner (Click Here for Eddie's Website) provided an inspiring meditation as usual.  And a big thank you to Eddie for always taking such great notes for our blog.

Members shared their pure experiences based on LOA experiences from the past.

Mike announced a walking tour of Toluca Lake the next two Saturdays.

We celebrated the birthdays of two members present. It was a “magical moment”.

There was a discussion about Source, what it is, and how we are all a part of Source, never separated from it. We as humans can feel disconnected from Source when we feel negative emotion because Source energy serves as our inner guidance system.

The “Emotional Scale” was discussed.  It identifies 22 emotional feelings ranging from the deepest depression and despair up to joy, freedom and love. All of us are always somewhere on that scale. It is important to pay attention to how we are feeling (i.e. where we are on the emotional scale) because our feelings create 99.9% of our physical existence. In effect, where we are on the scale is the disc we are on; so identify where you are and move up to a higher flying disc.

Ramona showed a chart of the emotional scale and explained the different feelings so we can monitor our true feelings. When we are low on the scale our electromagnetic pull is weak for what we want. When we are high on the scale the pull is much stronger. Even though the electromagnetic pull is weak when we are low on the scale, it is still attracting stuff to us – it’s just more of what we don’t want. If you “get up on the wrong side of the bed” and don’t do something to improve your emotional feeling, your day won’t get better.

Signs.  We all get signs. We just need to recognize them.

Ramona shared her experience seeing Mike right after his operation in 2012. She showed photos of him so weak he couldn’t lift his head. He was in tremendous pain and the doctors did not know what was causing it. It was hard on her so she moved her feelings up the emotional scale by looking at a happier photo of the two of them on their beach on Lake Michigan. This caused a nurse practitioner to be inspired and figure out what was causing the pain even when the doctors couldn’t. 

Other members shared their experience of seeing signs from the Universe.
  • One finds beautiful feathers (Eagle, Owl, Hawk, etc.) that tell her she is on the right path.

  • Another sees Egrets in the most unusual places.

  • One lady shared that she looks for signs when deciding whether to date a guy. She met a fellow who gave her his card. His name was Bob Goode, a sign to her he might be “good” to date. The relationship is in its tenth year.

  • A fellow and his mom’s good friend visited his mom’s gravesite. The two of them noticed the gravestone next to his mom’s was “Helen Goodfriend”.

  • Another was contemplating a big decision when a bus passed by with a big sign that read “Be Unstoppable”.

  • A member whose father has passed shared that while driving on the 10 freeway at night, a giant Egret on the side of the road was a sign to her that her father was with her and protecting her.

  • Another asked her departed grandmother to protect her parents as they drove across country. At that moment a flashlight turned on with no one near it and shone a light on her parents’ wedding album.

  • Ramona shared a story Ester tells about a light in her home that would not turn off. She had an electrician fix it, and that night another light came on by itself. She asked “Jerry, what are you doing?” (Jerry had passed a few years earlier). The next day she got in her car and the song on the radio was “Leave the Light On”.
  • Whenever another member looks at a clock and sees the time as something like 11:11, or 3:33, or 2:22, she sees this as a sign of synchronicity. They are reminders to put herself first.

  • Another lady walked into a networking event and felt as though she was invisible because nobody paid any attention to her. She recomposed herself and went into one corner of the room where she met several people who were exactly the type of people who can help her get to the next level in her profession.

  •  Mike shared that when his father was close to passing they had a conversation about what was next. Mike assured his father he would be fine. After his father’s passing, Mike woke up at exactly 4:19 every morning several times over the next few months. Mike’s dad lived and died at 419 University Ave. Mike took this as a sign from his father that he was alright.

  • A lady whose husband has passed sees street lights turn off when she parks under them. It is a sign from her husband that he is still with her. She refers to him as the dearly not departed!

There was a question about the term “Non-resistance”. When we feel non-resistance it means we are still in a pure positive feeling place on the emotional scale. We are not getting in our own way. We are in a state of allowing.

When dancing, we must let go and trust our partner. If we don’t, we have resistance. When we relax and allow, this is trusting the Universe. That places us in a powerfully feel-good place.  The Universe is leading us because we have let go. We trust; we have faith; we go with the flow; we are one with the vortex.

When we are resistant, we can’t see the forest for the trees. Have you ever lost something, gone crazy looking for it, know it is there somewhere, but can’t find it?  Resistance is what’s keeping us from finding it. As soon as we relax and move up the scale, most of the time we find it right where we looked. When facing resistance, flip the switch into thoughts that promote well-being like “this makes me happy”, and “I’m in the flow”.

A few final thoughts. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to love ourselves first. Then remember to ask the Universe for signs. Be clear in and allow the Universe to deliver. It’s important to trust and have faith. And remember, what you think about is what you bring about.

The closing video was “Jessica’sDaily Affirmation” 

Our next meeting will be May 5, 2015. See you then. In the meantime, use the emotional scale to determine where you are and move up to a higher flying disc.

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