Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Ramona welcomed members and guests and asked new members to introduce themselves.

Eddie Conner (Click Here for Eddie's Website) provided an inspiring meditation “To meet your playful inner child in the vortex of creation”.

Members shared their LOA experiences from the past month.

Sandy Huyett, a member since the beginning, announced she will be relocating to Florida. Ramona introduced Donna Marie Covert who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to send Sandy on her new adventure to Florida. Click Video of Donna Marie Singing to view this beautiful performance.

We showed a video entitled “Abraham Hicks -A Game of Alignment”.
Ramona refreshed our understanding of certain Abraham terms. Momentum is maintaining and growing the vibration we feel. Positive momentum moves you up to a higher flying disc. Negative momentum does the opposite. Why do we step out of pure positive momentum? Mainly because we have trained ourselves that way. It’s a habit.

The Vortex is where all cooperative components come together to manifest your desires. Examples of vibrations we might feel were presented and the group was asked if they felt in or out of the Vortex or in alignment.

Ramona shared the Abraham Prosperity Game. Some examples to create positive momentum are: say “thank you” when paying others; keep the bills in your wallet lined face up and all in the same direction so it flows more prosperously; remember humor magnetizes money; respecting and appreciating money brings more; take some money out and look at it, adore it, love it; always carry extra cash but don’t spend it; Keep $100 bill in your wallet at all times to feel prosperous; go into the dollar store with a dollar in your hand and say “I can buy anything in this store that my heart desires”; Make a list of what feels good, what you love, what you appreciate – it vibrates wealth consciousness which immediately brings even more money.

Since we create our own reality, what do we do when we feel negative momentum? Some responses are; meditate, sing, take a nap, listen to music, dance, watch an Abraham video. To address the negativity we need to go general. Change your old terminology, thoughts, habits into easier, feel-good experiences thought-by-thought. Use “trigger-feelings” to activate a better, happier feeling response.

Going General is a term that means when we sense we are feeling negative about a subject, take a step up to a higher flying disc by considering the main feel-good elements of that subject.  For example, if someone says something to offend you, think about some of the nicer experiences you had with that person. That will switch the momentum to positive. Some simple things you can do to go general and switch to positive momentum is to go for a walk, get into nature, play with your pet – just do something you like. When you feel good and great, go more specific. When you feel bad, go general. 

To move your vibration higher into a feeling of worthiness, remove the initial negative feelings about what worthiness feels like. Sit back, relax, take one breath at a time. Go general first, then become more specific about your value, happiness, estimable traits and worthiness.

It doesn’t matter how you were or were not brought up. Your power is in the now.  Tell yourself that you are here and now and your power will always be in the present moment.

For a fun exercise, when you shower see and feel the old “stuff” flowing down the drain. Also imagine the water is white light showering your body with whatever attribute you think you are lacking. Play the “grabbing game”. Imagine whatever you desire then just grab it whether it be money, a hot guy (or girl), or love. Whatever you desire.

Remember we are all geniuses. We may be a genius when it comes to poverty, but we can turn that into prosperity. Or it could be feeling of lack which we can turn into happiness.

Meditation is a great way to get back into alignment. When you meditate practice the art of realization, of feeling good, of being connected, of clarity, of self-realization, of remembering who we are, recalling good, happy memories and fun experiences.

Play the “I Know” game. On your fingers, say “I know” on each of the first eight fingers. On finger nine say “I know that I know”. On finger ten say “I just have to remember”.

When great things happen in your life, Milk it, love it, appreciate it, amplify it, enjoy it.

When you wake up you are in the vortex. To keep that momentum going think power word phrases like “I am eager, at ease, energized, feel good, have good memories, appreciate people, know that goodness prevails, and feel in love with the world”.

Several members sat in the vortex chair and did rampages of appreciation.

Our honored member Sandy Huyett was wished farewell in a rap written and performed by Andre Roman. Click Here for this must see video of this talented young man.

The closing video was Abraham Hicks – Ask anything and it is given.

Our next meeting is Tuesday April 7.

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