Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Ramona opened the meeting welcoming members and guests. Past experiences and successes with the Law of Attraction were shared.

The meditation was provided by one of our members, Krista Haitz, in the form of her you tube video  Guided Meditation Poem – As I Began to Love Myself .

The format of the evening’s meeting was to separate the attendees into eight mastermind groups. Each group was given one of four topics to discuss and present. The topics were Prosperity, Love and Relationships, Self Worth, and Career Success. Here are the pearls of wisdom generated by the eight groups, presented by topic.

Make 2015 your most prosperous year yet.
Focus on gratitude as that will attract great things.
Remember to tell your own story and put it into action.
Do what you love to do and what you are seeking will come to you.
Remember reciprocity – what you give out, you will get back.
Look at the world, even the homeless, and learn from what you observe.
Be joyful in everything you do. Surround yourself with joyful people.
Do not feel guilty about feeling joyful even if others around you do not.
Keep your own joyful vibration and do not succumb to the vibration of others.
Have a good intention to set your path.
Do not expect – be open to whatever is coming your way.
Do not be anxious over issues, especially financial ones.
Appreciate the little things as they accumulate versus setting goals too big to achieve.
Do not think about the money as that will get in your way of achieving your goal. Redefine prosperity as abundance, not money.
Have a feel-good attitude and things will come to you.

Love and Relationships: 
All good relationships start with self love.
Pick your battles. Accept the little things.
Don’t try to change the other person.
Deal with issues in a positive way.
Do not engage the other person on a “bad day”. The encounter will spiral out of control.
Enjoy doing things together, but allow for each to do their own thing.
Work on self growth. Allow the other to catch up. Do not push them.
Look at relationships in terms of what we can give as opposed to what we can get.
Be in partnership – working together.
Stop “doing” and start allowing.
Focus less on “observable reality” and focus on creating our desired reality.
Keep commitments – do what we say we are going to do.
Take care of yourself as well as and before everyone else.
Give others the benefit of the doubt.

Self Worth:
Determine the benefit you provide to others and charge what you feel you are worth.
Use self worth to understand what you need to do.
Consider starting your own company.
Avoid people, situations and habits that deter from your self worth.
Release perfectionism.
Be aware that you are whole and complete.
Have compassion on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Appreciate the ins and outs of your life.
Realize you are a part of Source.
Write a letter to your future self describing your perfect day.
Write your manifestation on a piece of paper and place it in a manifestation jar.

Career Success:
It’s OK to change careers/jobs. Step back; release resistance; go to the job you want.
Keep a positive focus when dealing with customers.
Put out the right intention, but don’t be too specific.
Going general provides a better chance of getting what you want.
Pre-pave by setting your intention before every job or project.
Avoid ego as it gets in your way as resistance and control.
Take time to BE rather than DO so you replenish yourself.
Believe in what will happen. The past is not evidence of the future.
Learn from the past to use in the future.
Don’t place expectations on yourself.
Make your intention while relaxed and allow it to come to you.
Use positivity.
Be accepting and open; we are all where we are supposed to be.
Release the ego as you give and receive (as in co-creating).
Instead of avoidance, do it any way without worrying about the outcome. Relax.
Do it only if it feels good.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 10. See you there.  And remember:


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