Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ramona opened the meeting welcoming members and guests and announcing this meeting will experiment with a new format.  Members shared their past experiences and successes with the Law of Attraction.

Eddie Conner led the group in a guided meditation.

We held a mastermind in which several people explained an issue they were dealing with and asked he group for suggestions. 

The first member feels she is doing too much and starts a lot of projects but never seems to have the time to complete them. During moments of overwhelment (not able to keep up with the stream of thought) back off, relax; listen to your inner self to be and feel more productive by being in the flow; act on the inspiration the moment it comes; make appreciation lists to keep yourself in a self-love and self-kindness groove.

Another member has been an employee most of his life and now is an entrepreneur and having trouble with the transition. It was suggested he recognize that he took direction all his life; now he must learn to not wait for direction, but to act. A sense of direction may be found by making three lists: the top 20 things he is passionate about and loves to do just because he loves to do it; the top 20 things that made him a phenomenal person; and the top 20 accomplishments in his work history of which he is most proud. Then highlight the top three on each list and determine how those nine items can be combined to make him the leader we all know he is. Another suggestion was to read books by other entrepreneurs that he appreciates to gain vibrational harmony with other great leaders.

Ramona shared how she recently used a focus wheel to move from feelings of inadequacy as a facilitator through being just adequate to realizing she is a great facilitator. The focus wheel can turn low outdated beliefs into high frequency truths.

The opening video was “Abraham-Hicks Clarity, Gratitude,Changing Life and More."  It was shown as an example of the next, new segment of the meeting where people can volunteer to sit in our newly created “In the Vortex and Higher Chair” (thank you PJ for the design)  (referred to by Abraham as the “Love Chair”).  The purpose is to provide a rampage of thoughts and feelings that make you feel good. It can be your pet, a vacation, a memory, a laugh – any thought or moment that made you feel good and takes you to a higher vibration.

Here are some of the rampages:

Relaxed, fun, happy, calm, balanced, good, all is well, smiles, tingly, friendship, Christmas.

Fairies, unicorns, kids, crystals, laughter, ice cream, more ice cream, clouds, elves, fancy jewelry, hobbit houses, magic.

Grateful, this chair, friendship, happy husband, Mike and Ramona, two more Abraham cruises, clarity, eagerness for life, eagerness for the future, alive in the here and now.

Excitement, resonating with Source, alignment, loving moment by moment experiences, seeing the big picture, pure vibrations, love in my heart, helping others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if… we had more money, we loved one another unconditionally, we had perfect health, we only looked for good things, we focused on solutions, and we had a great day every day.

I have the number one book on Amazon. I have the number one best seller on the NY Times best seller list. I am being interviewed by Oprah on her show. My goal is to make kids read more. I make more money than I can spend. I have the number one book in the world. I have the number one movie based on my book. I appreciate everyone in the room.

I am grateful that I am always in the vortex. I am happy for others’ successes. I am naturally in the vortex. 

I love my life. I love my business. I love myself. I love my flow in life. I love my whole self. I love being happy. I love having fun. I love my daughter’s connection to her brilliant source energy and I want more, more, more.

I am grateful and happy for my music career and wonderful life. I love being on the awards nominating committee. I love performers. I love healers. I love my successful production company and that it’ll be a part of the awards ceremony.

I love the leading edge, the power of intention. I just love, love, love.

I love the journey of the law of attraction. I am happy to accept myself because I am awesome. I make my days happier. I’m a better person today than I’ve ever been because of law of attraction. I am easily living my miraculous experience as a co-creator, co-learner, as a lover and as a passionate being. I love my journey because it is the fun part.

I am grateful for my bow tie, my facial hair, my suit. I am grateful to be evolving, for my life coach, for personal mastery, for learning my lessons, for food, fun, family, clarity, connection and letting go of things that no longer serve me. I am grateful every day for myself because I am (expletive deleted) awesome.

I love being in the loveseat, my friends, myself, these teachings, connection to Source, contrast, minding my own business, tucking myself into bed, my job, being in the vortex, this group and its joy, Mike and Ramona, giggling, appreciation, pivoting, focusing energy, rich relationships, my kittens, critters of the world, and this new experience.

I love my life, traveling, seeing new cultures, seeing all of you at these meetings, and holidays.
The closing video was Abraham Life is Good. 

Our next get together will be the Holiday Meeting with Appetizer and Dessert Pot Luck on Tuesday December 16.

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