Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Ramona introduced new members and guests and asked for updates since our last meeting. Eddie Conner provided another on-point meditation “Diamonds of Light – Activating the Light and Love”. Eddie has several meditation CD’s available for sale on his website Eddie Conner's Online Store.

A member shared two great books worth reading. “Love Yourself” by Kamal Ravikant and “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail” by Greg Kuhn. Several other members shared how they are doing on the 30-day challenge and how it has changed their lives.

Kathy and Robin were honored by Ramona with “Super Star” awards for attending all meetings since inception of the Burbank Law of Attraction group three years ago.

Activating Love

The most important element required to activate love is to love oneself first, despite what anyone else says or does. If someone treats you badly or is unkind, realize it’s their problem, not yours. Consider this: If someone else’s unkind words or evaluation of you makes you feel bad, then you are considering their opinion more valuable than your own. Ask yourself “Who’s smarter? Them or me?”

The opening video was Love Yourself into Alignment  was on point. If we continually denigrate ourselves and concentrating on our shortfalls, we cannot attract love or abundance into our lives. Here are some suggestions for learning to love ourselves:  mirror work (look at yourself in the mirror and say you love yourself); tell yourself you are willing to love yourself; allow yourself to love yourself; use positive self talk focusing on what’s working; catch yourself when being self-critical; and pay attention to how you feel when on a low disc so you will recognize it sooner next time. Remember, your solar plexus tells you when you are “off”.

When we continually look at our flaws we preclude love from entering. Instead, we stress out and tend to justify ourselves out of habit. It is okay to let yourself off the hook when you realize you are not on a high flying disc. Just recognizing that fact stops the downward spiral and provides a base for upward mobility back towards a higher disc. Decide to be your own best friend because good friends are gentle with you when you need guidance. Decide you are worthy of love and of all great things. Place yourself first. Choose to do what you love to do. Before you know it you will be back on a high flying disc.

What is blocking us from love relationships? Usually it’s past relationships. But, past relationships can be helpful guidance to position yourself for a great future relationship. Remember, you need to know what you do not want in order to know what you do want. Some painful past relationships can help you know what you do not want. 

When you identify attributes of a great relationship in others, say to yourself “That’s got my name on it.” That will help you launch “rockets of desire” needed to attract the right relationship. Remember to stay general in your desires, and be sure you are on a high flying disc when you launch those desires. You will attract whatever your vibration is set to attract. A great way to attract what you desire is to do whatever makes you feel good, state your desire in a general format, and say “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have ______ or something better.”

Activating Abundance

Activating abundance uses the same principles that apply to activating love. It’s all about our frame of mind. When we feel good in general and feel good about something we desire an abundance of, we have set our vibration to match our desires. If we are coming from a place of “lack of”, we are not a match.

It is important to note that when we think of the term “abundance” our thoughts naturally flow toward money. But we can have abundance in all areas of our lives. How do you feel better about abundance when you are coming from a mindset of “lack”? First we must realize the word “abundance” is about how we feel on the inside, not how we look on the outside. 

Some non-financial areas where we can feel abundant are friends, fruit trees on our property, personal talents, health, laughter, pets, and just having a sense of humor. When feeling down, just talk yourself back up, or do whatever makes you feel good so you can appreciate the abundance you have. 

For financial abundance, just have fun with money. Comparing ourselves to a homeless person makes us realize we have abundance in food, shelter and family. Comparing ourselves to those who have more wealth is a good sign we are coming from a feeling of “lack”. So make it fun. If you don’t like your current story, rethink it, rewrite it, restructure it, reformat it. Make it a good one that makes you feel like you are on a high flying disc. Talk yourself up. A fun way to start your new story is “Once upon a time…”

Do you pick up money on the street when you see it? A shopowner places coins out front of her place so passers-by can have the pleasure of finding money. Occasionally, just for giggles, she will glue a coin to the sidewalk and watch people try to pick it up. 

Some other thoughts are to say “Thank you” with the expectation that more will come your way. Find a way to return it for other less fortunate people to find. Place it in a jar in the money gua (Feng Shui) of your home. Place found money in plastic Easter eggs and leave it for kids to find. Allocate $30 of your funds and leave one dollar someplace every day for a month with the intention that someone in need will find it. Sharing what we have with less fortunate people provides a feeling of abundance. Increasing your charitable contributions will also provide you with a good feeling for what your funds will be used for and will provide a feeling of abundance since you have enough to give some away. All these suggestions will help you set your vibration high and a match to the abundance you desire.

The closing video was Grateful – a love song to the world

Next meetup is Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

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