Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Ramona welcomed new members and guests. EddieConner delighted us with a guided meditation he called “Magical Mystical Journey to Eternal Love.”

The sharing of manifestations using the law of attraction was phenomenal. Some of the items shared were; a leading role in a movie, books published, pilots booked, series booked, name up in lights on Broadway, Emmys, job offers and several more. 

The evening video was Abraham-Hicks - Magic Wand, 2 of 2. Click here to see the video.  

The evening’s topic was How the Law of Attraction feels Magical, especially when we consciously manifest our desires. We awake each morning on a High Flying Disc (HFD), but our initial thoughts set the stage for how we feel the whole day. Ramona and Mike start each morning by wishing each other a “Happy Birthday” which is an event to celebrate. By wishing each other Happy Birthday, the stage and their minds are set for a day of celebration.

With our mindsets on an HFD, the next step is to ask for what we want. Of course we have all heard the expression “Be careful what you wish for because your wish may come true.” 

Mike and Ramona are looking for a different home in Burbank. The search has been difficult because the homes are old, most need a lot of updating. They set their intention to find a house with remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, wood floors, fruit trees in the back yard, and a couple other items. The next home they saw had all those things, exactly. However, the plumbing and electrical had not been touched in years, the wood floors needed work, the home was badly in need of cleaning and painting, some light fixtures were broken or missing.  Nevertheless, they thanked the Universe for bringing them exactly what they manifested. Now they are launching rockets of pure, clear, positive energy with a more general, all-encompassing statement of desire.

Abraham-Hicks’ book “Ask and It Is Given” discusses the use of a magical creation box. It is simply a box you like. On it write “Whatever is contained in this box—IS!” Then collect photos, pictures, sayings of whatever you want to manifest. As you place these items in the box say “Whatever is contained in this box—IS!”  Eddie Conner told how he used a magical creation box to manifest his first trip to Machu Picchu. 

Remember, you have to look for the magic. Smiling begets more manifestations than frowning. Doubt waters down our desires. To pivot from the frown or doubt, find something that makes you smile. It can be blue skies, grandchildren, a fond memory, even a good joke. Now you are on your way.

Don’t let others bother you or get into your head. It’s counter-productive to your goals and provides them with “free rent” in your head.  Mentally imagine a “No Vacancy” sign on your forehead when others try to derail your efforts.

Your heart has an electromagnetic field that extends about ten feet out and can influence others.  Use it to block the “free rent” and to maneuver others into providing you with what you need.

It is okay to involve someone else in your intention. That is merely a part of the co-creative process.

In summary, to enjoy the magical feelings of HFD manifestations coming true, you must first be in a good place, carefully request what you want, feel it, emote it, believe you will get it, activate it, and push it until it appears.

The evening concluded with a fantastic performance by David Minkin who showed us why people like Johnny Depp say "That's the greatest thing I've ever seen. Really... that was staggering!" You can see for yourself by going to one of his performances.

Join us for a special performance on April 5. David has offered our group a discounted fee for his April 5 performance. Click this link and enter the promo code “LOA” to obtain the special discounted price.

We promise you will love David and his performance. You can’t help seeing his performance and ending up on a high flying disc.

The next meeting of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group is April 8.

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