Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Ramona opened the meeting with introduction of new members and asking attendees what they have appreciated since their last meeting.
Eddie Conner provided a meditation interspersed with his wonderful humor setting the stage for all of us to be on our high flying discs.
A segment from the latest Abraham Live event was shown and discussed. (Sorry, Live Feed videos are not available on You Tube). It used the term “High Flying Disc” (HFD) so Mike provided the following explanation. Visualize a funnel shaped cloud like a tornado. Then imagine it is made up of discs with the smaller ones at the bottom and increasing in size as we move up the funnel. The small discs at the bottom represent the low feelings we get when we are depressed or ornery or in the company of someone we simply do not like or trust. And yet there is some good in that state of being. As we move up to the next higher disc, imagine that one contains all the good elements from the last disc and some additional good feelings. Then as we move up the funnel of discs, each disc feels better than the previous one until we reach near the top where we find the high flying discs. That is where we want to be as much of the time as possible.
The average person has about 70,000 thoughts every day. The quality of our day can be determined by the vibrational frequency of our thoughts. By maintaining high vibrational thoughts we can facilitate our goal of staying on an HFD.
By simply becoming aware of our most common thoughts we can determine if they are high or low frequency. Some common low frequency thoughts are; 1) I don’t have enough time, 2) How will I get everything done, 3) Past bad memories, and 3) there isn’t enough money. How can we turn these common low frequency thoughts around? Here are some examples of things our group members do to increase their vibrational frequency.
Count your blessings every day – no matter how small. Compliment yourself in the mirror. Develop a series of affirmations to say every day. Laugh more.  Use inner private jokes that make you smile. Go more general in your thoughts. And the best of all, show appreciation for everything.
Thoughts are activated by the attention that is brought to them. The more attention, the more momentum they gain – good or bad. It’s our choice. The better our choices, the higher the disc we choose. By maintaining ourselves on an HFD, the better our lives will be.
When one of our members feels a lack of money, she turns it around by asking herself “Why am I so abundant?” Then she concentrates on all the abundance in her life and makes a list of all the things and thoughts that place her on the HFD. We all have abundance in our lives; find out what it is. Work every angle of a new story to support abundance.
Another member uses this humorous approach. Whenever she finds herself harboring a negative thought she places a face on it. She chose a Golem monster face. Now whenever a negative thought enters her mind she visualizes the Golem monster and recognizes the thought so she can change it to positive.
When we hold a thought for 17 seconds, the power of that thought grows exponentially. If that thought is positive it can cause us to move up to a higher HFD. If it is a low frequency thought, however, it can move us to a lower disc. Remember and be aware that we have 17 seconds to determine if a thought is positive or negative, helping or hurting, and change it if necessary.
One of the points of the Abraham Live video was that the person works with several people who he feels have lower vibrational frequencies. His philosophy is to meet people where they are and bring them to his level. Abraham warned that this seldom works because we cannot change someone else’s vibration. We must maintain our own high frequency and show, through example, that being on an HFD is better than where they are. We need to take care of ourselves first.
A member who raises funds for a charity Children Uniting Nations asked for thoughts on how to increase donations. Suggestions included not talking about what hasn’t been accomplished yet; instead pre-pave what is desired. Speak of what is instead of the absence of it, and don’t keep score too soon. Get into the vision of what’s wanted by seeing each of these kids as having the perfect mentor. Don’t push against it; push it forward.
A member who works in sales asks how to deal with the ebb and flow nature of a commission based job. Listen to Abraham cd’s daily will help. Every day for a week write out everything that feels great and keep reading that list. Change your vocabulary by choosing better words. Change “ebb and flow” to “flow and flow”. Recite an affirmation during the “flow” such as “I want this good feeling energy to go into every area of my life.” When a sale is missed, just say “Some will, some won’t, so what. Next.” Momentum is created by consistency of thought; stay focused on what you do want. Instead of short-changing yourself, amp up, count your successes, and be appreciative of every little win. This is a great feel-good momentum. Think in positive terms such as “I am approaching this sales contact to do some good and connect with others on a powerful level.” No matter what happens you will have been successful.
The key is to pick a process that works for you, then trust it is working so you can create more of what you want. Here are some “one-liner” thoughts to help develop your process:
99% of all manifestations happen before we can see them. Play the “wouldn’t it be wonderful if…” game.
As Abraham says, just expect wonderful things to happen.
E-Squared book by Pam Grout– whatever we focus on expands. It’s called the abracadabra effect.
It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button.
We have to feel it, be inspired and activate it.
Act as if you already live in the world you want to be in.
Wherever I go, whatever I do, I am okay and all is well. Everything is at peace.
Take care of yourself on the HFD and others will support you as will the Universe.
Really see and hear how great others are doing. This altruistic self-love energy benefits others and ourselves.
Meditate early in the day to set your tone. When Yogi’s gathered to meditate in Washington DC the crime rate dropped for 72 hours.
The closing video was Abraham-Hicks Amazing Rampage of Love.
Sue Elliott, creator and editor-in-chief of Law of Attraction magazine, has a holiday gift for all our members. See it at http://www.lovingmyself.com/holidays/.
And remember John Charnay is fundraising for his charity ChildrenUnitingNations.org.  Please remember to include this wonderful organization in your holiday gifting program.
We wish each and every one of you, and all in the Universe, the happiest of holidays and a fantastic new year. Remain in the vortex and sustain that HFD.

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