Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Abraham has taught that there are three steps to achieving whatever you want to be, do or have. Now a fourth step is has been introduced to make the process even easier and more successful – establishing and maintaining a steady connection (or being on the high flying disc).
Ramona opened the meeting welcoming guests and asking members to update the group on whatever they have asked for and now appreciate. Lizette Stone shared that her new children’s book, A Wishing Will, is now available on Amazon.com

Eddie Conner is in North Carolina. He has provided a recorded meditation designed to open our minds to this new fourth step.

The three steps as taught by Abraham are:
1.     Ask for it.
2.     The Universe makes it available to us.
3.     We allow it to happen.

The fourth step is to do whatever we need to do to get ourselves on a High Flying Disc (HFD) and stay there. We must practice feeling good because for so long we have practiced not feeling good and accepted it. We need to change our feelings and the momentum of those feelings toward feeling good. After about 30 days we will be more used to being on an HFD than not, and it will become easier to deflect contrast or anything that hits us from a place that formerly could have knocked us off our HFD. Stated more simply, step 4 is “get on an HFD and stay there”.

In the opening video, Abraham-Hicks Amazing New Process, a young man (“You are good; you are really, really good”) is excited because he wrote a letter to Abraham asking for what he wanted, and did so as if he already received his requests and was basking in the enjoyment of having them. Since writing the letter (it was never mailed – just written and held) he has received every one of his desires. In his explanation, he used some words that had negative connotations. Abraham explained that since his vibration was so high, the Universe understood that these “negative” words were merely for show, to make a point, and it didn’t matter since he was on a high flying disc and maintaining his position there. Anything that is a vibrational match to where you are will be manifested because alignment brings clarity. The key is to think it, write it and feel it as if it has already happened, all while on an HFD.

The young man asked “What’s next?” Abraham answered that alignment is a state of feeling good because it brings clarity. And the clarity provides you with sustained actualization of being in a place that does not have split energies. In other words, the fourth step – getting on an HFD and staying there.

Abraham explains that Esther has become what she calls a vibrational snob. She has maintained herself on an HFD so long that when something occurs that formerly would have upset her vibrational frequency, she is no longer affected by it. 

When we are asleep we are without contrast and awake on an HFD. The key is to maintain that feeling throughout the day, and to do that for at least 30 days. Ramona shared that every morning when they awake, Mike and Ramona wish each other a happy birthday and have fun doing it. Since birthdays are a celebration, that good morning wish places them on an HFD. 

Practice getting on the HFD early in the day and staying there. After a while you will become stable on the HFD. The contrast AND the answer to it will come to you almost simultaneously. Contrast is good because it is closely followed by the answer which is really what we are looking for. When we know the answer will be coming soon, contrast doesn’t affect us as it used to and we stop slipping from our HFD’s. That is step 4 – getting on an HFD and staying there.

During this process, if something happens to knock you off your HFD, find something that will get you back on as quickly as possible. First, breathe deeply. Start journaling the good things that happen to you. Review the journal frequently. Keep photos of loved ones, especially children or grandchildren. If you like music, listen to your favorite songs. Meditate. Don’t take everything personal – remember that comments from others are their comments, not yours to own. (In your mind send the comment back to them with love and light). Take a walk. Go outside and enjoy nature. The key is to practice staying on the HFD and get the momentum going in the right direction.

Ramona closed the meeting with a video Some Laughs in Asheville.  

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, December 10

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