Sunday, October 20, 2013


1.    Ramona wrote a letter a month before the cruise telling Esther of her appreciation for the upcoming cruise and how Abraham changed her life.
2.     She told Eddie Conner and Mike she was going to meet her on the cruise.
3.    She had a dream where she met and spoke with Esther and had a photo taken.
4.    While flying to meet the cruise ship, Ramona started journaling about how the meeting would happen.
5.    The first day on the ship, during the lifeboat drill, she met the person in the next cabin who works for Esther and tells her he is the audio-video engineer for Abraham-Hicks.
6.    Someone bumped into Ramona and spilled coffee all over Ramona’s name tag. Ramona went to see Sarah, the person who replaced the name tag.
7.    The next two nights, at different restaurants, Sarah and some of the Abraham-Hicks crew are seated at the table next to us.
8.    At the last workshop, Ramona met Barbara, Esther’s right hand person, told her about the two meet-ups, and asked if a photo meeting could be arranged. Barbara said she cannot place appointments on Esther’s calendar, but “it will happen”.
9.    When she boarded the bus for the airport, Ramona noticed the bus next to hers had many of the Abraham-Hicks staff on it.
10.When the bus arrived at the airport, it was parked next to the Abraham-Hicks bus, and Ramona saw Esther get off the bus and head for the terminal.
11.After going through the first security checkpoint Ramona headed for the Delta Sky Priority line and Esther and some of her group were immediately ahead of us. We were called up to the counter next to them.
12.The sweet agent at the counter was asking us how we enjoyed our stay, etc. but could sense Ramona’s anxiety. He asked why and she told him about Esther, so he rushed our check-in process, finishing before Esther’s group. Ramona approached Esther and told her how she had manifested this meeting and asked for a photo. Ramona handed her camera to Esther’s body guard and asked him to take the photo which now appears on both of our meet-up websites.

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