Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Ramona greeted the members and welcomed guests and new members. Participants gave updates and shared the good things they appreciate. So much is going right for so many.

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation setting the stage for the evening’s discussion.

The video was a segment (“Best Times for Creating”) from the DVD entitled “Push the Launch Button” by Esther Hicks (from the Alaskan cruise).

What does “Being on the Current of Well Being” mean to you? Optimism; everything in the proper balance; being in the flow; allowing things to flow; looking for the good; and mining greatness.

When on the current of well-being, everything flows and feels good because we are connected to Source.  Stated another way, we are on a “high flying disc” or “HFD”.  Mike described the HFD concept as follows: Visualize a funnel shaped cloud like a tornado. Then imagine it is made up of discs with the smaller ones at the bottom and increasing in size as we move up the funnel. The small discs at the bottom represent the low feelings we get when we are depressed or in the company of someone we simply do not like or trust. And yet there is some good in that state of being. As we move up to the next higher disc, imagine that one contains all the good from the last disc and some additional good feelings. Then as we move up the funnel of discs, each disc feels better than the previous one until we reach near the top where we find the high flying discs. That is where we want to be as much of the time as possible.

Why are we not always on the current of well-being?  Sometimes it is because we have formed habits, or habitual pathways that are not on the HFD.  Sometimes we find ourselves in the company of someone we do not like, and that brings us down. And sometimes we just spend 17 seconds in the wrong frame of mind.

When you are not on the current of well-being, what can you do to change that? Choose how we look at “ugly” things; don’t reflect on someone else’s ugly comments; don’t reflect on past negative experiences because it just reactivates the negativity; remember there are two sides to every coin – flip the coin to the right side; block people who talk about their negative ailments – and help them by send positive feelings, notes and letters; avoid negative people; you can send love and positive thoughts to strangers anywhere in the world because we are powerful energy; choose a higher position by centering yourself and getting on an HFD; remember your inner critic is there to help you – use it wisely; imagine your higher self in a compassionate way because it feels good; listen to your favorite music; think about nice memories; journal the positive things in life; pre-pave the right outcome beforehand; just “flip the switch”.

Pre-paving the outcome of a future experience can be very effective. Ramona shared the process she used to manifest (pre-pave) a photo with Esther Hicks. It will be the subject of our next email and blog entry. Basically, pre-paving steps can be summarized as follows:

  • Believe it will happen
  • Feel it in your bones
  • Imagine it happening
  • Visualize it happening
  • Feel the joy of it happening

Ramona also suggested when you are asleep, you are naturally on an HFD. Our job is to stay on the highest disc possible. Since birthdays are a day of festivity for Ramona and Mike, they wish each other a “Happy Birthday” every morning – first thing. It keeps them on the HFD they experienced while asleep. And the best part is 364 days of the year they are not a year older!

Abraham provided a wonderful rampage to push to reset button. Ramona shared it with the group. Focus on feeling better and increasing momentum through these statements:

I like the idea of creating my reality.
I like knowing I am Source energy in a physical body.
I like the idea of sorting through ideas.
Some things feel really good.
I like when I am directing my own mind.
I like the clarity that is created.
I like knowing I can catch a steady stream of this.
I am eager for what is coming.
It feels good to direct my mind.
It’s so much fun.
Life feels so good to me.
Contrast doesn’t bother me at all.  All I have to do is line up with a new idea.
I like knowing others are mirrors to me.
I like knowing I don’t have to keep score of my wrongdoing.
I’m getting better at riding the wave.
I adore where I am.

Next month’s meeting will be November 5 at 7PM. The subject will be the new step 4 as recently unveiled by Abraham.

  • Step 1 Ask for it
  •  Step 2 It is given
  • Step 3 Allow it in
  • Step 4 …...See you next month!

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