Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Thank You Eddie Conner for hosting this meeting and providing notes from your presentation.


The group welcomed new and former members. New attendees shared how they learned about Mike and Ramona’s Meet Up gatherings and spoke about what they’d hope to get with the Law of Attraction in Action.

We opened the floor with an intention for the evening, briefly discussed building changes and upcoming policies and members shared.

Eddie gave the gathering a brief “Hello from Mike and Ramona”

Opened with a lighthearted, guided meditation to empower members to release their resistance from the week and to reactive a higher frequency of joy in their minds and bodies.  

The evening opened, revolved and closed around these bullet points from famed author, Sanaya Roman’s book, Living With Joy.
True joy comes from operating with Inner-Directedness and recognizing who you are.

What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do.

The path of joy involves valuing yourself and monitoring where you put your time.

You will have joy only when you focus on having it and settle for nothing less.

When you imagine your future, do not think you will be the same then as you are now.

Are you willing to believe in ideas of abundance, of validating the inner world, and of learning to grow through joy?

Everything that happens is meant to help move you into your greater self.

You can release the past by loving it.

Last but not least, don’t’ take yourself so seriously.

Every situation in your life is a learning experience crated by your soul to teach you how to gain more love and power.

Pay attention to your higher nature, and your lower one will simply wither from lack of attention.

Every single part of you has a gift for you and is there as your friend.

Your attitude determines how you perceive the world and how the world treats you back.

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