Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Thank you Eddie Conner for taking notes.
Ramona opened the meeting, welcomed guests, greeted new members and asked what members did with the bubbles passed out at the last meeting.
Eddie Conner led us through a guided meditation to recharge our souls.

Updates from members:

  • Our makeup artist reported that after taking classes and gaining the required experience, she attained Journeyman status. Congratulations.

  •  Barbara Schiffman teaches a “Daily OM” tele-conference and decided she needed to take a leap of faith and do something out of the ordinary, so she went zip lining. What could be next for Barbara?  Check out Barbara’s Conference Information

  •  One of our film makers had her movie selected for the Cannes film festival. She was able to find a sponsor and had her trip paid for. And her film “725” received rave reviews. Congratulations.

  •  A member with a 17 year old son pre-intends miracles (we’ve all been there). This new methodology gives the power back to her and changed her perspective.

  • Another member’s husband gave her $500 as a result of her suggestion last month. She created a connection with another woman because she followed her heart.

  •  Tracey Jacobs was acknowledged for her expertise in conducting estate sales and for her honesty and work ethic.

  • Ramona shared that Mike has a new GIST and, while he will be OK, chemo starts Monday and we are not sure exactly what is in store. In the meantime, Eddie Conner will take over the meetups until we are able to return.
We showed the Abraham video Rampage of Invincibility.

What does “Invincible” mean? Too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Some comments and discussions were:
  • A member learned to flip houses and has done quite well in a relatively short time. This allows her to see the world in a broader perspective.

  • Why is it so much easier to feel this invincibility in a work situation than in the more important part of our lives? We need to carry over the feeling of invincibility to other areas of our lives to spread joy and happiness to others.

  • What was the last thing you did to have fun and feel invincible that was not work related?

  • Our makeup artist stepped into her vortex by entering a makeup competition (doing what she loves) and was awarded second place.

  • How does invincibility make you feel? Invigorated – Electric.

  • A member had to learn to drive in the LA traffic, took the driving test and flunked.  By relaxing and telling herself she knew how to drive, she retook the test and passed.

  • Sometimes we need small failures in life to realize what is important.

  • An artist says his art takes him to a higher creative process. So he “draws” upon his art energy to feel invincible in other areas of his life.

  • Visualization can reactivate your creativity during your full time job.
  • A retired nurse feels most invincible when helping others. Example was given with an elderly couple she helps in her neighborhood. She helps them and it uplifts her to do so.

  • Sharing positive things with others can make you feel invincible.
  • Getting outside into nature (kayaking, zip-lining, walking on the beach) can lift us up and amplify our true essence.

  • An opera singer who tired of being told what to do and how to do it by the conductor, tried alternative forms of music. She found Jazz gave her the freedom of expression she desired and made her feel invincible. An open mike evening led to a showcase and she is now pursuing a solo career and finding “her own voice”.

  • After planning a family trip, a member’s husband broke his leg which put the trip in question. The member pre-paved the result and stayed on point so she could accomplish the trip. Everything worked out as if in a miracle setting.

  • What stops us from feeling invincible? FEAR.  A member overcomes fear by telling herself “Nothing can get in the way of what I want to accomplish”. This causes her to focus on a positive vibration.

  • Abraham says “Don’t try to figure out how it’s going to go. Just stay in the flow”. We have unlimited pure positive energy waiting to be of service. We just have to ask for it so our non-physical self can empower us.
  • Don’t channel huge bounds of energy to the wrong arena.

  • Tune to your inner guidance system to flip your fear.

  • Watch out for these feelings that deflect invincibility – Insecurity, self criticism, focusing on what’s not working.

  • Sometimes people get stuck in their subconscious mind. There are so many outside resources available to pull us out of our old stuff. We just need to identify them and use them.

  • Feeling bad is not a bad thing. Negative emotions are merely a sign we are off balance.

  • Even Louise Hay experiences pain from her childhood. When she does, she needs to clear it. We need to do the same.

  • If need be, switch by doing little steps one movement at a time to flip back to the feeling of invincibility.

  • The best book to explain the Law of Attraction is “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Chapter 22 contains the emotional guidance system chart which can help us move up the scale one step at a time.

Ramona closed the meeting with the following quote from Abraham:

Can you understand how much well-being is flowing to you? Do you understand how much orchestration of circumstances and events on your behalf is available to you? Do you understand how adored you are? Do you understand how the creation of this planet, creation of this universe, fits together for the perfection of your experience? Do you understand how beloved you are, how blessed you are, how adored you are, and what an integral part of this creative process you are?                                                                                                                      ---Abraham

Next meetup will be July 16, 2013 hosted by Eddie Conner.

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