Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rising Above It - Who Me?

Thank you Eddie Conner for taking notes for this meeting.

Ramona opened the meeting, welcomed guests, and greeted new members.

Eddie Conner led us through a guided meditation to recharge our souls.

There were updates on what members had done since the last meeting.   
  • Two members went on an Abraham “Land Cruise” to Cancun using their personal manifestation “Can do Cancun”.   
  • A make-up artist posted the play money she received at the last meeting with the intention to do make-up for a creature feature and it came true.   
  • Another used his play money with the intention to win the power ball. He won a small prize and used the funds to buy tickets for Mike and Ramona.   
  • A member’s husband created a character for an exhibit in two hours, posted it for sale and received $2000, making the couple realize his work is worth $1000 per hour.   
  • Someone with a family history of back problems had her back go out. With doctors urging surgery, she visited a healer who used healing-sound bowls for only $10 per session, and her back problems disappeared. http://houseofintuitionla.com/our-healers/dom-web-pic-small/ 
  • Searching for a hybrid car with certain attributes, a member finally found the car she wanted. After purchasing it she realized it was the exact year, make, model and color of the car she posted on her vision board five years earlier.   
  • Ramona explained vision boards to the group and how they work. 
  • A member interjected that she uses “word driven vision boards” versus picture-driven, and they work for her. (That is what the author does, too.)  
  • Pinterest is available on the net and is basically a web based vision board.   
  • Another member’s husband wanted to produce and wrote a pilot with a certain actor in mind. He later worked with that actor, became friends, and the actor loves the script. Together they will turn it into an episodic. 
  • Another’s vision board contained a mansion on a hill. Within two years she saw a sign for that mansion with a room for rent. Unable to afford even the rent, a friend is acquiring the property and offering it rent free to her while he is away.

We watched the Abraham video The Fun of Ignoring Reality which explains the vortex of creation. We are vibrational beings first.

Ramona shared an experience she had recently and how she rose above it. She received some disturbing news and while processing that, her mother-in-law, with whom she was close, passed away. This activated the fear even more. She created an acronym for FEAR; Forget Evidence And Remember. Remember what we know – that we are connected to Source; that our thoughts are powerful and can change any situation to good in spite of what others try to tell us.

Remember, if your mind is filled with fear, there’s no room for dreams. So, if you fill your mind with dreams, and there won’t be room for fear.  Ramona also decided to be more joyful and filled with laughter regarding her fears. That is how she rises above it. And isn’t that the purpose of life? To be happy.

Another acronym for FEAR is “Face Everything And Rise”. Or try “Forget Everything And Relax”.

Hearing a noise in her kitchen, a member ran towards the noise with the intention of fighting off the intruder. This gave her confidence when later on her house was broken in on and she stood up to the burglars. To build confidence, a member placed cowbells on every window so she would hear an intruder. Instead of living in terror, she has risen above it and lived fearlessly for forty years.

Ramona asked “What are some things we need to rise above?” Responses include bad past experiences and family history. The best way to erase these memories and rise above them is to “create a new story.” A simple example is someone is driving recklessly and cutting off other cars to get ahead, create a story that relates how they must be having an emergency and need to get to the hospital fast to save a life.

Why do people stay stuck in the negative? Many don’t realize they are in a fear-based negative place. What do we do when someone insists on telling their negative stories? A great technique is to simply say to yourself “Cancel cancel”. That will cancel the effects of the negativity you do not want to hear. Another technique is tapping which neutralizes the negative programming and shifts our energy to the positive. For a good video on the tapping technique, check out this site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfZBHWSbrsg

Abraham talks about telling another story. Instead of retelling the negative feeling story, tell it in a positive way, reliving it in the positive and therefore creating new vibrations about the story.

A member shared that she used to live a lot in her mind. Once she learned about Abraham-Hicks, she realized that she created her own reality. Now she understands why it is not her fault or their fault. It just is. She asks herself “What is the good in this?” When she focuses on this she sees proof of what is working for her.

Louise Hay says yesterday is gone. It’s wasted.

A member shared about a retreat she attends annually in a place that has natural beauty. Whenever it’s hard to turn off her brain about challenging situations in life, she finds a place in nature that helps her rise above “what is.”

A member’s mom wisely reminds her that all her obstacles are rewards in disguise. She suggests stepping outside her current situation and seeing it from your soul’s perspective.

Another member had abandonment issues after being lost on a beach as a child. Years later, standing on a beach, she saw a little girl being swept away by a wave and went into the water and saved the child. This new story has allowed her to rise above her fear of abandonment and now has a new story.

Ramona handed out bottles of bubbles for members to use when they need to rise above something and feel the lightness of bubbles rising above it all.
The closing video was Life Vest.  

Next meeting Tuesday, June 4 at SpiritWorks.

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