Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Having Fun With Money-Who Me? With Eddie Conner

Ramona opened the meeting with introduction of new members and guests, followed by an amazing meditation by Eddie Conner where we visualized having $10,000 in cash drop into our hands.

A very good book on money was recommended - Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi. 

One of our dear members, Michele, would love some healing energy sent to her from our group. Please send some as you read this and whenever you think of it, please.

Ramona reported that she, Eddie and Mike just experienced a new hands-on reprogramming technique developed by two of our Michigan members.  They have adapted Dr. Morter’s B.E.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Techniqueinto a personalized reprogramming session to get rid of bad memories and experiences that have plagued and limited us, sometimes without our own realization.

Ramona read a message from a member who traveled to Argentina and is enjoying the trip he attracted using the Law of Attraction.

The opening video was Rampage of Money by Abraham Hicks. 

Question: How many of us have had money issues?  Doesn’t the word Money have a negative connotation? Mostly the negative feelings we have with money come from our childhood due to insufficiency expressed by our parents.

One member shared she does not use the word “money”. She focuses on the energy flow instead. She asks herself some questions, like “What can I do today to start the energy flowing?” Or “How can I flow my energy to get my juices flowing that day.” When the energy moves, the money and prosperity flow to her.  This process creates “circulation.”

Another spoke about how he shares his personal value by helping others. He was able to attract new friends and his love frequency led him to producing films. Doing what he loves brings financial freedom.

Ramona shared how on a meeting day she is usually running around in a hectic manner making sure everything will be perfect. Instead, today she allowed more time to connect to the flow and her demeanor is much calmer. (And the meeting was still perfect!)

Another shared the excitement she felt when she received an unexpected check.

When thinking about prosperity, think about the abundance you have in your life. You have good friends, air, a roof over your head, plenty of blue sky, water, food. Thinking about abundance attracts more abundance to us.

A member shared that she gives an affirmation card to her clients, many of whom have reported the effects of reduced stress, letting go, and having their lives turn around.

Another member shared that he had a chance encounter with a young lady who had just been scammed by what she thought was a friend and was experiencing the worst day of her life. He helped her with some of the principles of the Law of Attraction and how their meeting was created by cosmic synchronicity. By the end of their visit she commented that he had changed her life and that day went from the worst to the best day of her life.

A film maker, whose name means “Goddess of Wealth”, had her film selected for showing at the Cannes film festival, but cannot afford the airfare, hotel and other costs associated with attending. Her dad connected her with someone who was so moved by the member’s honor and the quality of the film that she is sponsoring the member’s trip to Cannes. The film is titled “725” and is about human trafficking. Congratulations to our Goddess of Wealth.

Two members talked about how tired they were from overworking and decided to attend a concert. Someone gave them free tickets, so they had extra cash for parking, drinks and a dinner. After the concert, while walking back to their car, they found exactly the amount of cash they had spent, so their evening was free. But wait, there’s more. While driving out of the lot they saw even more money in the street, stopped, and picked it up. The evening not only relaxed the couple, but also paid off!

When her script consulting job dried up, a member jumped full-time into a topic she loves, Akashic Records. She sent out her request to the Universe: “Bring me my new awareness of income.” She instantly built her past life work with Akashic Records into a great business because she “made the request.”

Eddie did a reading for a member telling him that a small bit part was coming his way and, even though it didn’t appear to be worth his while, it would lead to bigger opportunities. When the small part came, he at first declined it, but was given another opportunity and, remembering Eddie’s words, he took it. The producer of that show liked his bit performance and offered him a million dollar opportunity on another show. The member not only got the big opportunity, but also learned “self trust”.

On her 60th birthday, a member told everyone she was getting a Jaguar. She absolutely believed she was getting one. She didn’t know how: just knew it would happen. Then her husband surprised her with a new Jaguar, which was quite out of character for him.

Question: What are you going to do to raise your prosperity consciousness? What’s stopping you from attracting prosperity?

·         I will walk with the truth that “I am a star” and let myself go along with the bigger greatness and swim in this prosperity consciousness.
·         Keep dreaming and not get angry when things don’t go my way.
·         Have more fun and the money will flow.
·         Let go of all the worries.
·         Going to a Def Leppard concert.
·         Going to see Beyonce.
·         When you know the money is coming and not stressing over it,, the money will come faster.
·         Especially when you appreciate it.

A member whose child is an actor shared how she decided “If they can do it, so can I.” She produced and filmed a short for entry into film festivals. She created a way to do what she and her son love to do and has opened the door for opportunities to flow in.

The closing video was Money is Coming to Me, a music video by our friend Karen Drucker.  

The meeting concluded with Eddie Conner performing “Hot Seat” Readings for two lucky members of our group.

For those who wanted to buy some of Eddie's products and didn't get a chance to, Here is the Link to his online store.

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