Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The meeting started with a video entitled “Sivan Garr Presents - I Love You”.  

Ramona asked the new members to introduce themselves, followed by a guided meditation by Eddie Conner – “To Open Your Heart”.

Ramona asked the group to share updates and wins since their last meeting.

We showed an Abraham video “Tuned into Love”.  Ramona started the discussion with the statement “All of us are here to learn from one another – we are all co-creating together.” In that light, what do we think of when we say the word “Love”? Answers included happiness, fulfillment, relatives like a special grandmother, visitations from loved ones who have passed, and a sharing of hearts, kindness, acceptance, and appreciation.

Why do some people feel negative about love? Because some people just don’t feel love, are incapable of love, perhaps because they have not experienced it or had a bad experience with it – giving love but having it betrayed. Sometimes when we don’t see or feel love reflected back to us we begin to feel unlovable.

What stops us from feeling love? Fear.  What is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real.

One of our members shared a life-changing illustration of a person apparently trapped behind two bars. But with one step to the right or left, that person can be free.

Our brain may see many repeat patterns from lifetime to lifetime. How can we replace these patterns with something better? One suggestion was to replace the old patterns with new affirmations. Also try mirror work as suggested by Louise Hay. What matters most is what we are feeling inside when we generate new thoughts. If we feel down, it is unlikely our new thoughts will be uplifting. So get happy and stay happy. Do what you enjoy doing that makes you feel good.

A member shared that she asks the Universe for evidence that she is loveable. She started with subtle, simple pieces of proof that she is loveable. Examples are that clerks and strangers she encounters acknowledge her and are nice to her. That provides the feeling that love exists and it made her feel loved.

Another member plays the “A to Z” game, where on her way to work she finds a positive adjective to describe herself that begins with an “A”, then a “B”, etc. She arrives at work high because she set the tone for loving herself first and the world follows her frequency.

How do we deal with people in our lives who are hard to love? We should forgive them, read the “Four Agreements”, don’t take it personally, send them love because they need it more than we do, put your ego aside and take a second look, be more generous with your perspectives, make up a back story that describes why that person is the way he or she is and that changes our outlook on him or her for the better. Remember that judging others disconnects us from Source. Everyone has an issue. If we can learn to love and especially to love ourselves, we can learn to love others which will free ourselves to be trusting and happy.

What happens when we have an encounter with someone who treats us poorly or cuts us off in traffic, etc.? Remember that person is giving you an opportunity to show a part of yourself. If you cry out an expletive, that is a negative reflection of yourself. Whatever you think becomes present in your body. So, ground yourself, remain in the present, and be an observer of their ill behavior while sprinkling them with sparkles of love. This will serve to anchor yourself in more love, whether the other person sees it or not.

Ramona shared an Abraham quote about limitations. “Just stop arguing for your limitations. We encourage you to think about the good that happened to you yesterday and amplify that good feeling.

Mike shared an experience he had with someone at work who did and said things behind his back, and would not admit to it when asked. The image of the things he said and did behind his back stuck in Mike’s mind and haunted his existence. It kept him awake at night and seemed to fill every waking moment. He tried a “Higher-self Conversation” with his adversary.

In a mode similar to meditation, he said “This is Mike's higher self. I want to have a conversation with your higher self. We were friends and worked well together for many years. Then something happened. I don't understand what it was. If I did something to wrong you I am truly sorry. And, I forgive you for your actions against me. What you did, however, has affected our relationship.  I truly wish it hadn’t.

"I sense that you are still sending negative energy to me. I have decided that whatever negative energy you send my way I will say “No, thank you” and return to you. I truly hope you will stop sending negative thoughts and start sending positive energy. I will send high frequency thoughts to you. Any positive energy you send me I will double and return to you. It will be better for both of us."

Another member suggests that you address the other person in a very direct manner and tell him or her to only focus on what is wanted – love and self-appreciation.

Ramona wrapped up the meeting with the following affirmation we all repeated:
I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
I deserve love and I accept it now.
I attract only loving, healthy relationships into my life.
All my relationships are healthy, healed and whole and I now experience an abundance of love within my life.

Then everyone shared one thing we love about ourselves.

Next meeting is March 19, 7PM at SpiritWorks.

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