Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ramona welcomed all the new members and guests.

Eddie Conner provided another inspiring and motivational meditation.

Ramona asked for updates from members and guests. There are a lot of great things happening among the members.

Barbara Schiffman has a new ebook available on Amazon.com. It’s called "Living in Balance for Boomers: Secrets to Making the Most of the Second Half of Life." It helps tune your body, mind, heart and soul using the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) as life balance metaphors and energy tools. The direct link to it on Amazon (where purchase price is currently only $3.99!) is: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006IKEJWG.

The opening video was “You Are So Close”.

The evening’s topic was Mastermind where attendees ask any question they have on their minds and the group provides answers from their experience. Questiones raised and answers provided were:

How do you clarify or focus on what you want? Is there a process for doing it well?
·         Don’t focus on the use of processes – go directly to what you want and concentrate your thoughts on that. For example, if you want a day spa, think about how lovely and luxurious you will feel being pampered.
·         Remember there is a difference between owning a spa and attending one.

How can the Law of Attraction be used to fight or counteract procrastination?
·         Fighting procrastination merely raises resistance levels. Enjoy it instead by doing something else. That could take the guilt away from it.
·         Find a different word to describe the project you wish to procrastinate. For example, one member uses the term “nourish” to describe actions she would rather put off but cannot. So instead she will go to work to nourish her clients, or nourish her house by cleaning it.
·         Accept that there is no “must’ or “should”. Wait for when the job has to be done to do it. Every time the Universe procrastinates it is because it’s not time for it to be done yet. Its time will come.
·         Find a new word for procrastination that feels good to you.

How do you deal with negative people?
·         Look for any redeeming qualities in that person.
·         Vibrate that you like them as a person.
·         Shift your expectation of them from the negative to the positive. Think about positive things they did in the past.
·         Prepare yourself for your next meeting with them.
·         Expect to have a good time creating and communicating without concern for the end result.
·         Maintain a high vibration and make them rise to your level. Never drop to theirs.

From childhood memories we sometimes feel we are not good enough, we expect rejection and feel we cannot get anything right. How can we change that?
·         Let go of the rejection
·         Focus on what you want.
·         Visualize the success you want and deserve.

How can I stop seeing the absence of what I want to manifest?
·         Visualize it being done.
·         Visualize it as a film being played before you.

When having trouble focusing on exactly what you need, what can you do?
·         You do not need to know exactly what the end result will be.
·         Just enjoy the process.
·         Your vibration will let you know the next step.
·         Just let go.
·         Remember there are no mistakes. Everything will just line up as it should.

The closing video was “Get Happy

Ramona closed the meeting with affirmations for 2012. As a group we all repeated the following affirmations.
·         In 2012, I am surrounded by loving, caring people in my life.
·         In 2012, every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.
·         In 2012, I am successful in whatever I do.
·         In 202, I am a wonderful being. There is nothing I cannot achieve.


May everyone enjoy the best holiday season and see you in the new year.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

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