Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Abraham's Time Management 101

Ramona opened the meeting with updates

Eddie Conner provided another on-point meditation via Skype. His meditation included the following expressions developed from the acronym “TIME”:
              1) TIME = Thought I'm Managing Easily
2) TIME = Things I'm Miraculously Elevating
3) TIME = Things I'm Magically Erasing
4) TIME = Time is Magnificent Energy
5) TIME = Thinking Illuminated Miracles Every Day

Ramona presented a mock “To Do” list. Comments included feelings of being overwhelmed, frazzled, energy not flowing evenly, judgment being impaired, even adrenal fatigue. We discussed some traditional time management techniques, such as a “to do” list, priority list, Google calendar, PDA lists, and making a list at night just before going to bed-both daily accomplishments and a list of tomorrow’s tasks. Lists can be micromanaging, exhibit our need for control, and can create pressure to get the job done. We should remember we are human beings, not human doings.

Solutions – Set a schedule, have a prioritized list, pre-pave the day (script how you want it to go), use segment intending, lump errands together. Most important – if we stay connected to Source, issues will tend to solve themselves.

Abraham says we do not need more time. We need less resistance.

To diffuse resistance, use these techniques: be sure to focus; don’t worry about the outcome because it will come; ask “what will take off the pressure I am feeling”; stretch your time; ignore the fear; connect “fun” with the project; meditate; identify your unconscious limiting beliefs; refocus back into the now. Remember resistance is the opposite of allowing

Abraham says we need to manage our energy. Here are some thoughts.

Our power is in the now. We cannot do anything about the past or the future, and time management is attempting to manage the future. Concentrate on the now.

To do lists can make us feel guilty. We need to relax when we need it. Deliberately have fun and deliberately rest when we need it – every day.

We can change our expectations. For example, someone who used to go out looking for new business now sits back and expects it to come, by using the law of attraction.

Do not split energies. Pre-pave it. Before we start a task we should line up with it energetically and picture the task going the way we want it to go.

Abraham has a process for time management they call “The Placemat Process”.  For more information see Jerry’s descriptive video. .  Or to hear Esther explain it to someone in the hot seat, view this video

Ramona read a segment from a famous poem by David Wagoner:
What do you do when you’re lost in the forest?
Stand Still.
The trees ahead, the bushes beside you are not lost. 
Wherever you are is called here.

The point of it is when you’re overwhelmed and lost, stand still.  Abraham recommends stopping, back up to a place where you feel good, then start over from that good feeling place.

Abraham says: Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30% and you will increase your revenues by 100%. And, you will increase your productivity by 10,000%. More fun, less struggle – more results on all fronts.”

Our closing video was Chill Your Way into the Vortex.

Weekly Telephone Meet-up Group

Maria Christina and Carilyn have started a weekly telephone meet up group that meets via conference call every Sunday at 10 AM Pacific time. People from all over the United States have joined the group and call in to discuss the topic of the day. To join, call 209-647-1000. The code to join is 728867#. Then press your “mute” button. If you wish to talk, press *6.

Spotlight on a Member

Yael has been with our group since April and adds so much to each meeting.
She facilitates her own weekly Bliss Group for people who wish to feel good.  It is a group experience in clarifying and focusing on what is blissful in our lives.  All are invited to join.
On December 3rd Yael will be facilitating a Bliss Group Workshop at SpiritWorks from 10AM till 1 PM. For more info see www.meetup.com/blissgroup

The next meeting of the Burbank Law of Attraction Group will be December 13 at 7 PM at SpiritWorks. All are welcome. Bring guests who may benefit from our programs. 

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