Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 - A New Beginning

After a welcome from Ramona and an inspirational meditation from Eddie Conner, Ramona asked new members to introduce themselves and requested updates from those who have had recent successes with the Law of Attraction.

Author Beverly Collins read her poem “Next” which set the theme for the evening’s topic:

2012 – A New Beginning

Every year many people make New Year’s resolutions with every intention of keeping them throughout the year. Ramona asked “It’s been 10 days. How’s it working for you?” Most people have a hard time making and keeping New Year’s resolutions. Tonight’s meeting included discussion of what goes wrong with resolutions and suggestions for alternative ways of making the changes we desire.

We showed an opening video “The Key to Effortless Manifestation.”

In lieu of making traditional resolutions, members have had success with the following techniques:
·         Set up 12 shifts – one per month. Concentrate on shift one the first month and keep it going the second month while you start shift two. Then in month three keep the first two going as you start shift three, etc.
·         Set a theme for the year (rather than specific resolutions such as “I will not…”)
·         Make sure it feels good and will offer a sense of accomplishment.
·         Have a pure intention and focus your attention purely.
·         Use guided, deliberate positive thoughts for what you want.

Making and breaking resolutions can be frustrating because we are trying to better ourselves and traditional methods do not work. How can we change our habits to achieve the results we desire?
·         Marguerite Manning suggests that on our birthdays, for 12 hours before and after our time of birth, we set our intentions for the next year. That is the most powerful time for setting intentions.
·         Make it fun.
·         Writing it down, especially in blue ink, places it into our subconscious.
·         Prepare a vision board for intentions.
·         Envision a blank canvas as a starting place instead of setting goals.
·         Expect wonderful things to happen and they will.
·         Overcome each negative thought with five positive ones.
·         Use affirmations of desired results.
·         Use whatever tools help you send rockets of desire.

Understanding the areas of resistance is a big first step in getting our minds wrapped around the factors that keep us from changing for the better.  Here are some areas of resistance the group provided from their experience:
·         Believing the rules set by others. Many times these rules are “family rules” that go back five generations. We need to assess whether they still pertain to us. 
·         We need to break our habits which are really neural patterns that must be changed.
·         What really stops us is “ourselves.”

The group also provided the following suggestions to break resistant habits:
·         Listen to Abraham meditation CD at bedtime and in the morning. If you go to sleep in the vortex you will wake up in the vortex.
·         Set a pure intention before meditation.
·         Pre-pave our desires.
·         Tell a new story.
·         Use vibratory vocabulary.
·         Do not give attention to the negatives.
·         Simply put your mind at peace; then move up in steps to exuberance.
·         Be hopeful and trust the process.
·         Stop lying to yourself; instead, honor yourself consistently.
·         Giddy, joyful anticipation vibrates out the resistance.
·         Remember your heart has a brain. Feeling our way through things changes old habits.

Remember, there is nothing on our path we cannot change. We choose which thoughts, and therefore “things”, to activate, and which ones to leave dormant. We can feel relaxed, placid, calm, peaceful, steady and thoughtful and still attract greatness.







We will not be able to have the next meeting February 7 as planned as Mike’s surgery date has been changed to February 2. We hope to resume the meetings in late February or early March. Ramona will send out the announcement when we know the schedule.

The closing video was “Laughing.”

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