Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Do You Choose to Think?

Recap - The evening’s meeting centered on the topic of choosing our words carefully so that we are sure we are attracting what we truly want. We always get what we ask for. Making sure our request is clear is of utmost importance.

Ramona introduced Eddie Conner who provided an inspiring meditation.

We viewed an Abraham video on “Thoughts”.  Abraham’s “17 second” rule was discussed. When we maintain a pure positive thought for 17 uninterrupted seconds, it is equivalent to spending 2000 action hours. There is an excellent description of this rule at 17 Seconds Explained.

The group participated in an exercise analyzing some statements and determining why we might think we are attracting one thing, but have actually asked for something different. Revised statements were suggested and discussed. The goal was to revise them further to make sure we get what we are asking for. Many wonderful suggestions were made.

Original statement: I am trying to lose weight again.
Revised statement: I am grateful and thankful for my perfect weight.

Original statement: All the good ones are taken already.
Revised statement: My life is filled with many great people.

Original statement: That driver is texting instead of paying attention.
Revised statement: I pay attention to my own safe driving.

We closed with another Abraham video The Best Meditation Ever.

Ramona recommended a book on the importance of having a balanced brain. It is an inspirational true story about a scientist who had a stroke at age 37 and learned to use her right brain. The title is "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph D.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1.

Don’t forget that Eddie Conner is conducting a three-hour class “OMG! How Did I Attract THIS!” at SpiritWorks on Saturday, November 5 starting at 10AM. Sign up through our Meet Up site.

Member in the Spotlight - Beverly Collins
At one of our first meetings Beverly expressed her desire to stand in front of a large audience motivating them. Well guess what happens when we have a pure desire and ask the Universe!

Beverly Collins was honored by having one of her poems chosen in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Pacific-Asia Museum. She read her poem at the event held on October 1. Her book, "Quiet Observations" is available on Amazon.com.  What is Beverly's philosophy?   "I like to share how magically one thing leads to another. It is so important to trust that we are never alone in our lives. We get so much from not pushing for anything. Our true treasure is found simply by tapping into flow. Peace be still."

Congratulations, Beverly. You are on your path to realizing your manifestation.

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