Monday, May 6, 2019


After Ramona welcomed new members and guests, we listened to a meditation by The Honest Guys available on YouTube.  

The opening video was “Stop Worrying About Money” by Abraham-Hicks, available on
our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe to our channel so you can see all our videos.

What beliefs do you hold about your financial situation? Are they negative in nature?  What trips us up is the difference between our thought and our feelings.  The emotion follows the thought.  Things can escalate.  Maybe the money that was coming in has stopped.  If it’s been this way for a while, your savings account may be depleted and your credit cards maxed out.  The feelings of tension and worry are what you feel most of the time.  These thoughts and feelings create a momentum that supports more worrisome thoughts.  You lie awake during the night, unable to sleep.  More conditions come up during the day that will match the lower momentum. HOW DO YOU BREAK THIS CYCLE?

First, you have to change the subject to something that feels good.  Acknowledge that you are a vibrational being.  Remember that your Inner Being knows your financial status and knows where you are in terms of your vortex.  It knows your path of least resistance and how to bring you from one to another.

Second, and this may sound odd, but one of our greatest gifts is that we are fickle.  Our inner beings know we can’t focus on one thing all day long, and when things come up that feel good to us, our inner beings help fill that gap with thoughts that match it.  Now that our vibration has shifted, hold on to that better feeling and worrisome thoughts will lessen.  

Abundance comes to you through your vibrational payment(which means your attention to things that feel good) and before you know it you have distracted yourself from what’s bothering you.  Now you are a different person standing in a different place. Your Inner Being knows this and it gets easier to line up with the abundance you seek.

Remember that thoughts become things.  How?  Because the Law of Attraction causes momentum to get strong enough that they actually become a reality.  You have a choice about which thoughts turn into things.  Once you realize that the Universe is yielding to you, you will get those shivers of recognition that you received an impulse and you followed through on it, and you will see your thoughts turn into things.  

Don’t try to do it all at once.  If there are ten subjects and nine of them cause you to worry, focus on the one that feels good.  “Let your cork rise” to the top.  Focus on that thought long enough and pretty soon, by your lack of attention to the others, they will also start floating to the top.

Ramona asked if we realize that we write the script of our lives, or if we are following the script that has been passed on by others.  Think about that, then decide what your NEW SCRIPT is going to be.

Remember this Abraham quote:  “Make peace with outrageous abundance.  You are more likely to have pure vibration and attract more abundance if you leave money out of the equation. But it isn’t because money is the “root of all evil.”  It’s because it messes up your vibration, usually.”

Members added the following thoughts:

Be a“YES SAYER”, not a naysayer.  
Don’t allow your worst enemy to reside between your ears.
Sometimes we are not aware that we are blocking our desires.  Increase the awareness of your thoughts.
Just laugh more.  It increases your frequency and vibration.
Force a laugh if you have to and it will generate into a real laugh.
Remember there are no wrong decisions.  Accept the course you chose.  If it isn’t the correct course, it may still lead you to the right one.
Make the best decision based on what you know at the time. 
The best time to make decisions is when coming from inspired action.
Was your decision wrong? Or was it just a lesson? 
You have to experience what you don’t want to know what you do want. 
Conflict creates clarity.
You have to be ready to receive by maintaining the best vibration.
Filter out the lies you hear and don’t believe them.  Find the truth.
If your feeling is coming from a lie it will feel wrong.
Listen to Abraham CD’s or watch the videos or write affirmations to remove undesirable thoughts from your head.
It’s impossible to not be happy when you skip.  Physical actions can change your momentum.
Appreciation can change your vibration.  Appreciate the good that surrounds you.
Pre-pave the day, week, month, year, and life you want.  Start with the day and extend from there.
Start your day with “This is going to be a great day.”
When you awake you are coming out of non-physical with no worries.  Start your day out positive to set the tone.
You cannot buy happiness with money.  
Do what you need to do, but do not practice “emotional forecasting.”

Before closing, Ramona handed out “Checks from the Universe” that people could fill out with any amount they desired.  It was suggested that the checks be placed where they can be readily seen to raise vibrations.

The closing video was “Beauty in the Ashes” which is about the artist, Shane Grammer, who went to Paradise, California and painted the faces of people who lived in the houses that are now demolished except for chimneys, etc.  

Our next meeting will be on June 3.  And at our July 1 meeting, we will be treated to some David Minkin Magic.  We hope to see you at both meetings.

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