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After introductions of new members and guests, the group welcomed PJ back home after her deportation and spending 266 days with her family in India.  Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation designed to help us release old wounds and triggers.

The opening video was “Deep Wounds and Triggers” available on our YouTube channel, MikeAndRamona.LOA.  Please subscribe so you can watch all our videos and Eddie’s fabulous meditations.

You know how you can be in alignment, and then something happens to trigger an old wound or memory?  Abraham says no deep wounds have to exist when you are under the influence of Source Energy. The answer is to stop thinking about the old wound and especially stop talking about it. The more attention you put towards the old wounds, the more entrenched they become. When you think about an old wound you return to who you were when it happened. That’s not who you are now. Thinking about it makes you try to become the person from the past which separates you from what you’ve become – a more developed being.

Esther tells the story of Jerry’s sweater. He would sit by the fireplace and occasionally a spark would land on his sweater. If he flicked it off quickly the sparks would do no harm. But if the sparks lingered, they would burn a hole in his sweater. Bad memories and wounds are similar. If you allow them to fester, they will “burn a hole”.  If a lot of memories have been burning for a long time, it’s too late to flick them off, but it’s not too late to change them. Remember you are not wearing the same sweater and you don’t have to keep talking about the old wounds. That will keep renewing them and dragging them forward into the now. The vibrational memory of it will fade if you don’t renew it and renew it and renew it. 

Remember that when we hold a thought for as little as sixteen seconds, it can change our thought patterns. And if another thought like it joins in, the thought becomes stronger. If you hold those thoughts for sixty seconds, you can create something active enough that you will attract even more, similar thoughts. You need to decide which thoughts you want to attract and keep – those that burn a hole in your sweater, or new, more pleasing thoughts. The choice is yours. If you focus on the thoughts that feel better, eventually, little by little, those old wounds will fade and disappear and be replaced by your new thoughts. 

Your success depends on what you bring to the table. At your table sits your inner being and Source Energy. Don’t invite anyone else to your table. When something arises think to yourself “What’s the most valuable focus I can have right now?” Then allow yourself to be influenced by Source Energy. You can’t be reborn and start all over, but you can make choices that lean in a better direction…but only if you decide to feel good. You have the right to feel good all the time. So, pay attention to the stories you are telling, the ones that feel good and the ones that don’t; the things you observe that feel good and the ones that don’t; the people you hang around with and the ones that don’t feel good to be around. Those are the distinctions, the choices you and only you can make. Once you start making these distinctions, you can be “born anew”. Your vortex will be the new you.

What about the contrast we were born into? Abraham says these are choices we need to make in life. Doesn’t that sound better than “contrast”? Source asks us “If it doesn’t feel good, can’t you make a choice that feels better?” Do this daily and your thoughts will be better than they were yesterday, and tomorrow they will be better than they were today. Before long, you will be waking up rested and with a happy heart as though you are new to this world. Your vortex will be filled with everything you’ve sorted out. You will know that the Universe has your back and that this pure, positive energy is focused on your behalf. As you do this day after day, you will go out into this world as an up-lifter, find it’s nearly impossible in time to find anything or anyone who can take you from that dominant knowing because that is who you are! And you will know you’ve been successful when you look back on those wounds, and their thoughts don’t drag you back to the person you were when they happened. Your past has morphed into the perspective you now hold.

Here are the main points members took away from the video:
Stop thinking about old thoughts.
Choose happiness.
Utilize your inner guidance.
Choose to be selective and deaf to negative thoughts.
Enjoy feeling good for the joy of it.
Choose good and happy words because they have power.
See things in a more loving way.
Reframe each subject to feel blessed and uplifted.
Remember the Universe has your back.
Make a conscious choice to see, hear and feel the bright side of every subject.
Act as if you are already where you want to be.

Most people habitually look back into the past thinking that will bring them what they want. It doesn’t.  Instead, practice looking forward, counting your blessings and enjoying holding your fabulous heart energy. Other thoughts:
Let go.
Keep score of everything that is working for you.
Remember that only 68 seconds can change a negative thought into a pure positive one.
Segregate your wanted thoughts from your unwanted thoughts.
Take inventory of the gorgeous things that are working for you.
Be decisive on purpose.
Practice deliberate intention.
Be cognizant of what you are bringing to the table hourly, daily, etc.
Use the tools in your LOA toolbox.
Love and support yourself and be your soul’s light.
Let go of the old stories or they will keep repeating.
For each negative thought, think five spiritual truths to uplift yourself.
Choose to lovingly include everyone in life by seeing and hearing them with a happy heart.
Change the word “But” to “And” because it includes what’s desired.
Be focused and on point so you are aligned and engaged.
Ask how you can feel good right here and right now with thoughts that elevate your mind and emotions.
Be mindful of your thoughts and monitor them in a happy joyous manner so you manage your feelings in an honorable way.
Play out your thoughts in a child-like manner – be explorative, innocent, pure and imaginative.

Ramona disclosed some personal history and how she overcame some significant wounds and triggers. She decided her happiness was more important than her being constantly upset with a situation over which she had no control. She chose happier, easier, loving thoughts in a way to let go of the old triggers and heal the old wounds.

There were two love seat sessions in which members disclosed old wounds.  The group helped by spinning the subjects that felt tough or negative into happier more loving ideas and outcomes.

The closing video was about a window washer who brought light into the lives of a few children with cancer. 

Our next meeting will be May 6 entitled "Breaking the Cycle of Financial Worry".

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