Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Our meeting on “Enhancing Relationships” started with an inspiring meditation by Eddie Conner available on YouTube.   

The evening’s discussion centered around an Abraham-Hicks video entitled “Best Advice on Relationships”, also available on YouTube.  The main theme is that people who irritate us are our greatest co-creators because they help us grow.  Chances are we liked or even loved this person at one time.  Now when we think about them, which we do a lot, they irritate us.  The more trouble they cause, the more it helps us realize what we don’t want and we subconsciously request an improvement.  Each time we think about them we are placing our version of them into our vibrational escrow.  They are actually harassing us into expansion.  If it were not for the contrast this person has caused, we would not have expanded. There will be a time when we let go of the struggle and allow ourselves to be who they helped us become.  Then you can say that experience really was good for me. Better yet, if we can look back in the midst of contrast and feel that way, it will serve us even better.  

Members enhanced the discussion with their thoughts:
We are responsible for how we feel, nobody else is.  It always comes back to taking responsibility for our feelings.
We are in charge of our own vibration.
How we feel about people determines what we get from them.
We are all growing together. It’s important to allow that natural expansion to evolve within.
Thanks for letting me grow.
We create versions of others for our personal vibrational escrow.
Don’t make up stuff about other people because they will mirror your beliefs back to you.
Always hold pure happy thoughts for the joy of it.
See yourself as unconditional love.  See yourself as easily as you see others.
Remember “I do me; you do you”.
Ramona gave the group one of her “Points of Enlightenment”.   Moment by moment we should ask ourselves “Is this a satisfying thought that will help us expand?”

The first “Love Seat” person asked for group guidance on a relationship issue.  Here are some of the helpful comments:
Remember some of the positive points that attracted you to that person and hold those thoughts in your mind as you interact.
Appreciate the good things that person does.
Retain positive images of that person.
Stay in the present moment.
Remain in the present with yourself and others.
Have fun with them.

The second “Love Seat” person asked for help with a parental relationship.  Here are the group's comments:
Find one thing about your parent that makes YOU feel better.
Love them as a parent but forgive them as a human.
Remember people who hurt will hurt other people.  Maybe your parent is hurting.
First, cut the psychic cord at his solar plexus.  This will start separating your emotions and beliefs about him.
Approach your parent with memories of what worked from your youth.
Write a letter to your parent’s soul and higher self; then release your parent in love.
Clean up your vibration first by taking care of yourself first.
Feel free to put distance between you and your parent.
Keep your heart open so you and your loved one feel the connection.
Appreciation is really the key.

The closing video was “President Austin” available on YouTube.  

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