Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced new members.

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation, “Merge with your Heart, Mind and Soul” available on YouTube.  

After members shared their amazing LOA experiences since last month, we showed a video “Abraham-Hicks 2017 Morning Rampage”, available on YouTube.   This video recaps most of Abraham’s teachings in a rampage format.  The group then shared their thoughts about the messages in the video. 
Trust that you will always have the ability to attract and receive that which you deserve. 
It’s not our job to figure out how the Universe brings our manifestations.  Just have fun, feel joy, and allow the greatness to come.
Dream big and flow huge outrageous energy to your biggest abilities because the Universe will surprise us in the way we receive our manifestations.
Have fun and use your humor to flow energy to your heart’s desire.
Let go, relax and flow energy in a relaxed manner.

The main topic was a mastermind to answer questions from the group.  
The first question was how to deal with personal anxieties and how to flip the switch to feeling good when you’re feeling bad.  
Create a new pattern or set of patterns that support your desired end result.
Place your bare feet in the dirt, sand or grass to ground yourself more solidly back into your inner being.
Bridge your reality from the old into the new.
Be gentle with yourself, pay attention to your lovely, beautiful surroundings.
Focus on what is working.
Let go and allow others to be of service to you.
The answers always reside within ourselves.  When we relax and ask, we will receive.
A great question to ask yourself is “What will make me feel better now.”
Acknowledge that you are doing the best you can, moment by moment.
Recognize your vulnerability, then honor, praise, relish, see, feel, and channel it.
Feeling depressed or anxious does not mean you are “broken”.

The second topic was how to handle a job in crisis management and disaster recovery without taking on the vibration of crises or disasters.
Being prepared for a disaster is a solution-oriented vibration.
Pay attention to your light and the light you share.
Humanity is receiving a service of love from your work.
Remember– nothing is wrong; everything is good; all is well.
Allow the Universe to bring your highest good.
Remember – the better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets.

The final topic was how to tactfully help your boy/girlfriends understand they consume a lot of your time talking about themselves and do not seem to care about what you have to say or feel.
Make a list of everything you liked about the person that made you fall in love with him/her.
Inventory all things that are working in the relationship.
Determine which positive aspects of the person are important to you.
Focus on the things you appreciate about the person.

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