Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Ramona opened the meeting with introductions.  Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation.  Thank you Eddie for great meditations and for taking notes of the session.

We viewed a video of Ina and the Alchemists and announced she will be coming back March 29 at 7 PM.  For more information and to sign up go to our Burbank LOA Meetup page.  

We viewed a video from an Abraham Cancun land cruise.  (Since it is a DVD it is not possible to supply a link.)

The opening video was “Abraham-Hicks 68 Seconds of Pure Thought."

Thoughts become beliefs – A belief is only a thought we keep thinking.  We believe that what we think is true.  Source explains, however, the reason we believe our thought is true is only because we have practiced that thought. An example is “I never have enough time.” Using affirmations can shift us from our old beliefs to create better circumstances.  As we think thoughts that feel good to us, we will vibrate that point of attraction.  What we are thinking and what is coming back to us is always a vibrational match.

The good news is if we are not thinking a negative thought, our vibration will automatically rise to it’s natural positive place.  Negative thoughts and emotions always mean the same thing – our thought or behavior is moving in opposition to who we really are and what we really want. Source always see us as 100% perfect; healed, whole and healthy.  So all we really need to do is avoid negative thought.

When we look at something we don’t want, we activate it and the Law of Attraction brings us more like it.  So the only way to deactivate that thought is by activating a new one.  Our choice of action may be limited, but our choice of thought is not. When we change our thought, our reality follows suit.  When things are going well for us, we should focus on the continuation of our well being.  If there are things happening that are not pleasing, we must find a way of taking our attention away from those unwanted things.

The Mastermind Subjects and suggestions from the group:

Unwanted business partner.
(Not contributing to the business as she used to.)
The first step is to raise your vibration.  Stop thinking the old thoughts and replace them with new, happier thoughts and project that feeling forward to the rest of the year.
Focus on the things a great business partner would bring to your life.
Walk away.
Do a 68 second rampage about something you love to shift the old feelings about the business partner.  (Our participant did this about puppies and it changed her perspective.)
Focus on all the things you like about the person to shift your perspective.
Take the business partner out of the equation altogether and solely focus on yourself.
Ignore the negatives and think only the good things about the business partner.

Dating after death of spouse.
(Person is terrified to start dating after the death of spouse 6 years earlier.)
You are portraying an image of not being good enough.  Quit it!  Believe you are good enough because you are. 
Be appreciative and grateful because you are deserving.
Be a love receiver versus love giver.
Ina and the Alchemists told you your deceased husband wants you to be happy.
Your husband is orchestrating this and other relationships so that you will be happy.
Don’t feel pressure.  Be easy.  Take it day by day.  You are in control.
Have fun.  Relax and allow a new person to adore you.
If you decide it is still to soon, you can redirect the energy to feel even better.
Be with him moment by moment.

Looking for a self-supporting position in chosen field of Psychology.
(Highly educated professional, not yet able to be self-supporting)
Stay in touch with your desires on a deeper level 24/7.
Rather than feeling guilt about being supported by family, appreciate it as a gift.
See yourself as the fantastic manifestor that you already are.  Very few people get a Master’s degree!
Make yourself happy every day doing what you love, especially swing dancing.
Be of service doing what you love.  Your desire is to genuinely help others.
Consider starting out in a coffee shop helping others in your chosen field.
Knock on doors to meet people who can help you make the right connections (Networking).
Remember – if you were not worthy, the Universe would not have given you your gift.
Consider teaching at the local community college or other institution.

Play the 68 second game.  Hold yourself in the good feeling space for 68 seconds while reciting your heart’s highest and best desires.


Contact us at info@mikeandramona.com.

Ina and the Alchemists will be with us March 29.  Sign up now.  We must guarantee 30 participants for Ina to make the trip. Sign up on our Burbank LOA Meetup page. 

DVD’s of Ina’s February visit will be available soon.  Pre-order your copy today at Info@mikeandramona.com.

The closing video was Abraham-Hicks: Let People Be Who They Are.  

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