Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Ramona welcomed members and guests, introduced the new members, and asked for updates since our last meetup. Eddie Conner provided another inspiring meditation to get the group in the mood for “Happy”.

The opening video was “What is Happiness” 

THE GRID was described as our emotional lattice work where emotions fill in your grid based on the frequency of your feelings. You are always programming the matrix that is your energy field all around you. Start with more general good feelings, then fill in with the more specific desires.

THE HIGH FLYING DISC was described by visualizing a funnel cloud and picturing it being comprised of discs starting with the smaller ones at the bottom and getting larger as you ascend the cloud. At the base is the lowest flying disc comprised of feelings of despair and depression.  As you move up to the discs, the bad feelings drop off and are replaced by better feelings. When you feel only these better feelings (happy, thrilled, aligned, excited) you are on a high flying disc. Remember, with a funnel cloud the most destruction happens at the base, in the lowest flying disc.

WOBBLING is the newest term Abraham uses to describe the teeter-totter effect of going from positive to negative to positive, etc. For example, “I want to be happy, but I need money for that.” Or, “I want a relationship, but am I good enough?”

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is as real as the law of gravity and they both work in the same way.

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?  Responses were chocolate, kittens, travel, phenomena, friends, reading, music, nature, laughing, and ah-ha moments. And then asked “What one word describes what you are missing in your life that you think would make you happier?”  Responses included more money, a life partner, a live-in maid, a healthy puppy, world peace, and more time to meditate.

Ever notice how children are always happy? Even those in impoverished areas of Africa play with whatever makeshift toys they have and are happy. How can we be more like children? Responses were by playing, being in the present moment, doing what feels good, relaxation, laughter, and just plain having fun.

THE KEY TO BEING HAPPY IS TO RECOGNIZE OUR SELF-WORTH. Worthiness is our birthright. Overcoming obstacles, resistance and self-doubt can enhance our vibration of worthiness. Esther’s favorite movie is “Groundhog Day” because it emphasizes that we can start over any time we feel the need or desire. 

Every thought, action, person and spirit is a part of our higher self. We need to be more aware of what is going right in our lives. We don’t owe an explanation to anyone – we just need to be in a good feeling place. Remember, never explain yourself: Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you. 

OUR THOUGHTS DETERMINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES. The Universe does not listen to our words, it listens to our vibration. If we pre-pave our paths, set the tone, choose to feel good and visualize goodness, the Universe will provide numerous paths for every idea and thought we have. How do we get to the point where we allow this? By being happy, noticing good things, counting our blessings, playing, and being grateful for all we have.

FIND SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Think about it and soon other things that make us happy will start flowing into our lives. Don’t focus on the conditions. Focus on fun, happy and clarity. Do not let happiness be conditional on the outcome. Be happy that you can leave conditions out of your ease and flow. Acknowledge that you are part of the same energy that created the world.

LEARN TO BE SATISFIED WITH WHAT IS. Abraham says “Have a sincere desire and expectation that it will unfold just for you. Don’t make statistics a part of your life unless you like those statistics.” Use more emotion and less thought. 

DON’T PARTICIPATE IN “WOE IS ME” STORIES. When someone says “If you think that was bad, wait till you hear this” it can only lead those who participate into a downward spiral from higher flying discs to lower. When someone tries to get you into a “woe is me” discussion, do not participate, and get out of it within 17 seconds. 

Ramona asked the group to try an experiment. For a day, an hour, or even 10 minutes, speak only of things that are good. Do not say anything negative. It may be quiet around you at first, but those around you will eventually get the message.

The next meet up will be Tuesday, August 26.

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