Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Ramona welcomed the group and guests, introduced new members and asked people to share successes they’ve experienced since the last meeting.

A big thank you to Beverly Collins, author of Quiet Observations, available on Amazon.com, for her wonderful poetry readings which set the stage beautifully for the evening’s discussion.

What does feeling worthy mean to you? What does it feel like? Pride, exhilaration love, appreciation, self-worth, deserving. These are just some of the good feelings shared.

Do you have people you interact with that make you feel unworthy, that bring you down?  Some responses are: Jealous people can make you second guess yourself; Some religious organizations want you to pay for your sins because you are not worthy; The entertainment and modeling industries can be brutal in the way they say “You are not good enough or pretty enough for the part”; Some people will put you down to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Remember people cannot make you feel bad about yourself without your permission. You are the only one who can deem yourself worthy or unworthy. You are the only one who can love yourself into a state of allowing, or hate yourself into a state of disallowing. Since there is nothing wrong with you, what can we do to remain on the high flying disc of feeling worthy?

When you find yourself in a situation or conversation that is making you feel bad or unworthy, realize you need to pivot out of that feeling into something better. Look for the good in that person. More importantly, look for the good in yourself and change your self-perspective. Change your beliefs by simply saying “It doesn’t serve me any longer.”

There is a very powerful presence in our physical dimension that says “You are not worthy, so you are here to prove yourselves as worthy.” THIS IS NOT TRUE!  You are not here to prove your worthiness. You are already worthy.  You are here to enjoy the experience of joyful expansion, joyful growth.

To feel worthy you must love yourself first. This is a skill learned over time. Do it now; start it now; expand it now. One breath at a time. It’s just you; brilliant, capable, deserving you.  You are worthy.

On a deep level we know our worthiness – but we have practiced levels of what we allow ourselves to receive. We need to get the wobble out of our words and thoughts and be ready to receive only the good. (“Wobble” just means the teeter-totter effect that negative emotions have on our true desires. “I want it but I don’t deserve it, but I want it but I don’t think I can get it, etc.”)

Don’t have “desire remorse”. Think of a time or experience when something manifested in your life and you felt worthy of receiving it. What made you feel worthy? Think that thought to get rid of the wobble.

As humans we have a natural propensity to protect our children. Picture yourself as a child sitting next to you and always take care of that child before taking care of yourself.

If you have an annoying voice in your head sending you bad messages, just “shush” it.

When you wake up you are standing in the spotlight of well-being. That is the best time to recreate the rest of your life. Start by taking a deep breath and showing appreciation for things you have manifested in the past. Realize you deserved them then, and you are worthy to continued positive manifestations.

17 Seconds. If you ever find yourself off-course, remember you have 17 seconds to reverse your course.

Ramona brought out her magic wand and asked each person if they felt worthy and what they wanted to manifest in their lives. You don’t need her magic wand to manifest your desires. Just feel the self-worth, don’t wobble, and ask the Universe for whatever you desire.

The closing video was “Love is Who We Are”.  

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