Thursday, June 28, 2012

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

The opening meditation was performed by Eddie Conner to release limited beliefs.

Mike and Ramona introduced themselves and welcomed new members.

Mike opened meeting with an Abraham Video The Story Source Wants to Tell.

Ramona asked the group, "What are some self limiting beliefs?"

The group answered with:
Lies we tell ourselves
Old stories that we still believe are true
Thoughts we have that don't feel good
Thoughts making us feel inadequate 

Abraham says, "A belief is a thought that's rehearsed over and over and over again."

Ramona shared her old beliefs about the fear of public speaking. How she felt she didn't have anything of value to offer the group. How watching other speakers made her feel "not good enough" about her own abilities. The group then shared some of the areas where they had self limiting beliefs.

Self Limiting Beliefs start when we're young and over the years they've become deep, seeded subconscious beliefs. They are stories and thoughts we tell ourselves over and over until we manifest the reality of our invisible beliefs. 

A member shared how she often sold herself short because of her personal fear-based beliefs about being of value, or having something to contribute to the entertainment industry. During a recent meeting with a high profile performer this member realized she'd been growing her self esteem little by little. After her meeting she took notes from her agent about how the meeting had gone and this time, instead of only hearing the negative things, the member easily remembered the great parts of the meeting and then did an Avalanche of Appreciation about just how great the meeting really was. This was a tipping point in that she was able to let go of the old limiting beliefs that previously held her down and now, replace them with new truths, new desires about what is working for her today, in the present moment.  

Another member, Sue Elliott, Editor-in-Chief of Law of Attraction Magazine shared her experiences overcoming self-limiting beliefs while establishing her magazine. Be sure to check out the magazine's website and "Like" it on Facebook.
Mike shared pictures of a Bentley and Tiffany boxes with the group.
Ramona asked, "What are some of the beliefs that pop into your mind when you see these extravagant things?" 

Some people said, "Can't afford it. Those things are out of reach for me and hard to get."  Others said, "I appreciate how beautiful the car and jewelry are. It'd feel great to drive the Bentley," and "I can see myself in that picture of abundance."  The group talked about how they'd bridged their old limiting beliefs with feel good beliefs about these topics.

Mike then shared a picture of, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg and Ramona asked, "What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see them?"

Unlimited possibilities.
Creativity with fantastic artistic expression doing what you love. 
Heart felt happiness.  

One actor said, "I didn't get big enough, fast enough to be on Oprah's show."

The group worked together offering up suggestions to help members that felt low-frequency about the pictures, to feel good again with bridging techniques. 

Someone said, "I look at things now as experiments instead of only as success or failures." 

When a reporter asked LeBron James about his team’s failure last year and not making it to the finals, he said, "We didn't fail last year, we were just learning to win."

Spielberg put himself on the Universal Lot in an office and started "acting as if" he were already a power player and making huge blockbuster films. Eventually his pretending and pre-paving led to his world renowned success as an iconic director.

Mike showed beautiful images of couples together and in love with one another. They were smiling, in tune and blissful in their attraction.  Ramona asked, "What feelings does this bring up for you?"

Many people said, "I wish I had that." and "That looks like it feels so nice" while others wanted to hit the lovers with a truck. The group had a blast talking about these lovers and the law of attraction. They said, "What you see in others is who you are."

"I don't have a relationship but I do put myself in their shoes and think, how fun is this."

"When you see people like that, it is there for you to put yourself into their situation," and "The universe is showing me that soon that will be my experience too."

The number one thing everyone agreed on is, "It's not our place to figure out the "how" and "when" of anything. Our job is to "just be" in the flow and generally enjoy everything around us that is working - for the joy of it."

Ramona shared how she had sent out rockets of desire from her first marriage in order to attract and co-create with Mike. 

Someone said, "When we give it up, then we always get it." Meaning, when we give up the need for love or the contradictions for love, then we finally attract it to us easily. 

Mike showed the final set of pictures of super models that were thin and in bikini body shape. Some of the beliefs from these pictures evoked lovely conversations among the members.

Someone shared, how she stopped seeing herself in an unattractive, overweight manner and instead began to truly see herself through the eyes and hearts of her close friends and family members that loved her unconditionally. She stopped using her physical eyes and started allowing the heart and love of her close friends to be how she chose to see herself and she's been happy ever since. 

"When I loose the weight - it always finds its way back to me. That's why, now I donate any extra pounds to the Universe to redistribute into pure, positive energy."

“We're all spiritual beings first and how important it is to see the God in each of us and allow the Universal energy to radiant from everyone we come in contact with.”

A member shared a lightness technique she used to get lighter in her body, mind and spirit. She cut pictures out of magazines of things that "felt light" to her.
Some examples were, children giggling, sun shining, sunsets and ocean waves cast with diamonds of light in them, smiling children, puppies playing and gorgeous pictures of flowers in all colors blooming forth to share their beauty with the world.

Each image she cut out harmonized her with the pure essence of genuine lightness. 

We talked about, not settling or becoming complacent in our jobs. The group shared methods to bring back the passion in our lives and overcome that vanilla sense of numbness with career. 

A member simply said, "Don't settle." 
other suggestions were:

follow your heart
trust your gut and go out on a limb
activate your passion
take your passion and make it happen
figure out what brings you joy again and do that first
find yourself a passion project for the fun of it
get general with your desires, instead of going too specific
Acknowledge "what is working" instead of all the things that are not working

Mike, Ramona and the members shared these and more techniques and methodology to get the Law of Attraction members back into alignment. 

Mike played a short closing Abraham Video Lighten Up

Ramona read a beautiful Abraham quote on having fun. 

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