Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Abraham's Emotional Grid

Big Thanks to Eddie Conner for taking the notes for tonight's meeting. 

Opening / Welcome and New Members introduction 

Eddie did a Guided Meditation to activate, brighten and enlighten your Grid.

Ramona opened the meeting by asking Individuals to share their experiences and wins since last months meeting. 

Video: Abraham's 9 minute video about the Grid. some of the highlights were,
            - only use emotions that feel good
            - be general
            - it's not your job to fill in the Grid
            - the Universe will fill in the specifics for you
            - everything we do, think and feel is Grid-Making

Ways to strengthen our grids.
- tell a new story
- feeling eager, satisfaction, happy, sincere and excited. These are examples of creating an emotional grid.

General Grids are best.  An example is to focus on anything that makes you feel good.

Ramona directs the group with "We always have a grid about every subject on the planet" and "What we see, feel, and think builds our Grid whether we know it or not"

Whatever thought we think activates a feeling. These feelings activate our Grids and then our Grid fills itself in with whatever we are vibrating. This vibrational output then aligns us with people, places and situations that harmonize us with whatever we're vibrating. 

One member thinks of this Grid as a Grid-work of light that emanates and vibrates from our thought-feelings and out into the universe.

For weight, a lot of people use a general emotional Grid to feel light and happier in their bodies. As they focus on things that make them feel good, and feel light in their minds and feelings - their bodies get lighter and happier too. Instead of standing on the scale each day or doing diet portions members just start feeling generally good about everything around them, and they lose weight as a result.

Other tips:      - don't feel guilty about anything you eat
                        - give yourself new direction. New intention about how you want to feel in your life.         
                        - pre-pave and intend before you dine.
                        - find someone to co-create your lightness with so you have a vibrational partner to feel good with.

Ramona reminds us that each of us have different beliefs about every subject. She shares a story about a negative person next to her on the airplane while she and Mike
flew back to Burbank for this meeting. She was letting his negativity get under her skin until she focused on how handsome Mike was sitting next to her, doing his Sudoku puzzle.  Ramona realized that she was creating a "Jerk Grid" and made a conscious decision to focus on an "Appreciation Grid." Shortly after she vibrated the irritating passenger out of her
energy field and felt good again.

A member shares, "Everything and anything that comes into my life is to increase my Joy." Coming from this perspective consistently makes her feel good because it helps her see the joy and happiness in everything around her. We vibrate everyone and everything into our lives. There are never coincidences.

Ramona says, "Working with the Grid releases resistance if we stay general." Then asked the group who had a subject matter that felt negative to them.  A member said, "My mother makes me feel negative."

The class discussed how this member could turn her negative feeling grid about her Mom around to something else that felt better. Some of the tips were,
- Send the situation white light for the joy of it
- Visual her mother as whole and healthy by telling herself a new story that felt good to her
- Break up her visitations a little more until she could feel better
- Thank her Mom for being negative, because it helps her daughter set her tone and follow her true calling in life.
- soften old beliefs that no longer serve either of them
- think about moments when Mom was in a good place

The group discusses the fact that it's not about the lady's Mom at all. It's about her vibration. Which lead to a member suggesting to "Celebrate mom's negativity and bless her".

Ramona says, "If we can hold our thoughts purely for 17 seconds we activate our Grids. Then shares that 17 x 4 = 68 seconds.
68 seconds of feeling good without contradicting our feelings is equal to 2,000,000 action hours worth of labor expended.

Mike shares video, "Building Your Emotional Grid" to empower members to building stronger "feel good grids."

The group discusses that there are good grids and there are bad grids. If we focus on negativity for longer than 17 seconds we'll start attracting negative physical experiences. Conversely, as we focus on feel good things for 17 seconds we create a combustion point of energy that instantly activates our inner magnetic, pulling good people, places, and situations to us.

Everyone agrees that emotional bridge building for the joy of it and for the fun of it is the general way to go.

Ramona asks, "What is the Vortex?"

The Vortex is a high-frequency energy center that we enter when we feel goodness to greatness, happy and appreciation and joy. We cannot enter the Vortex if we feel negative emotion, only positive emotions can put us in the Vortex.

Our job is to feel good and to appreciate as much as we can. This activates our "Feel Good Grid" while putting us in the Vortex at the same time.

Mike closes the meeting with a video titled, "Believe in Yourself."

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